11 Best Custom Cupcakes in Sydney for Your Next Event

Last Updated on December 20, 2022 by Project Party

Are you looking for an elegant treat to add a fun and delicious touch to your next event? Cupcakes have become a popular must-have dessert at all kinds of festive occasions, from corporate events to baby showers. Sydney offers an array of custom cupcakes that are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth, so if you’re planning your next party or celebration around these delectable little treats then check out our list of the 11 best custom cupcake destinations in Sydney today!

Here are 11 of the cupcake bakers in Sydney that we highly recommend for your next event!

1. The Classic Cupcake Co

Welcome to The Classic Cupcake Co., located in Sydney, the cupcake store provides an alluring atmosphere with delicious treats and a cupcake-filled viewing gallery. When you walk in, you can watch fondant being shaped and cupcakes sprinkled to perfection from behind the large glass counter.

Their staff are on hand to help you make your cupcake decisions as you make your way around the white-tiered cake stands. It’s an opportunity like no other – so come by, pick up a cupcake or two, and be part of the cupcake theatre at The Classic Cupcake Co.!

The Classic Cupcake Co Valentine's cupcakes
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2. Luxe Treats & Co.

If you’re looking to add a little sweetness to your life, look no further than Luxe Treats & Co.! They understand desserts are a necessity, not a luxury, so they take pride in creating cupcakes in Sydney that are full of flavour.

Enjoy cupcake classics like vanilla bliss and strawberry swirl cupcakes or get creative with one of our unique recipes! No matter the occasion – whether it’s a birthday party, wedding, or just a way to treat yourself – they’ll bring a smile to your face and give you that guilt-free indulgence you’ve been craving. Get in touch and tantalize your taste buds with some of the best cupcakes in town!

Luxe Treats & Co cupcakes
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3. With Love, She Bakes

With Love, She Bakes offers cupcakes in Sydney – as well as vegan and nut-free options – that are sure to bring a little “homemade happiness” to your day! Their cupcakes are made from scratch, delivered freshly to your door, and all their goods are gluten-free.

They have expanded their delivery range around the Northern Beaches of Sydney and out of our Manly kitchen allowing them to provide cupcake heaven to a wider array of customers. If you have any special orders or requests, simply contact them and we will endeavour to make them come true and bring you even more cupcake love!

With Love She Bakes choc cupcakes
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4. Cake’s By Jas

Cake’s By Jas has been delighting tastebuds with her beautiful creations for over 25 years. With an extensive range of cupcakes in Sydney, custom cakes, cookies, European cakes and desserts – you can rest assured that Jas will make your special occasion even more special with her delicious, creative and visually stunning treats.

Whether it be cupcakes for a birthday party or an intricate cake design for a wedding, Cake’s By Jas takes pride in creating delectable confections that are both artfully crafted and unbelievably tasty. For any event that requires something sweet and special, look no further than Cake’s By Jas!

Cake's by Jas Harry Potter
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5. Cakes By GeeGee

At Cakes By GeeGee, we know that cupcakes make moments special! Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, engagement or employee milestone, cupcakes can make it even more special. Located in Sydney, they specialize in making custom cupcakes using only the highest quality ingredients. Their cakes are designed to be both delicious and beautiful, taking any event to the next level.

They understand how important it is to make your special event even more memorable – so let them take care of your cupcake needs! With their amazing designs and delicious flavours, there’s something for everyone at Cakes By GeeGee. Dare to have something delicious today!

Cakes By Geegee cupcakes
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6. The CakeKeeper

Are you looking for cupcakes in Sydney that are not only delicious but also make the perfect gift? Look no further than The Cake Keeper! Whether you’re planning a special celebration, sending your love from afar or thanking someone for their kindness, an edible bouquet from The Cake Keeper is the best way to show them you care. With gorgeous cupcakes, cookies and chocolates available you always know what’s in store when you shop with us. Hurry and get your sweet gift today!

The CakeKeeper bouquets
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7. Pinch of Cake

At Pinch of Cake, cupcakes in Sydney are their specialty! They understand that dessert can often be stressful to make or buy, but they’re on a mission to make it easier (and more delicious) for their customers. Their team of experienced bakers are passionate about creating custom treats for all kinds of occasions – from birthday parties to corporate events. No matter what you’re celebrating, they’ll work with you to create something unique and delicious for your special occasion.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch now and let them help make sweet memories last!

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8. Icing on the Cake By Gay

Looking for cupcakes in Sydney? Icing on the Cake by Gay is here to make your sweetest dreams come true!

With over 30 years of experience and a commitment towards making sure their customers walk away with smiles on their faces, they are the best go-to for custom cakes, cupcakes and desserts – catered for all events! Whether it is a birthday party or a baby shower, Gay has something special that’s tailored just for you; a sprinkle of joy in each delectable bite! So make your event even more special with Icing on the Cake today.

Icing On The Cake By Gay 80th cupcakes
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9. Devom Eggless Cakes

At DevOm Eggless Cakes, they are passionate about making cupcakes in Sydney that everyone can enjoy. We know that food allergy and other dietary restrictions can make it difficult for many people to find a delicious cupcake! That’s why all of their cupcakes are totally eggless and vegetarian-friendly so that everyone can indulge in a delectable dessert without any worry.

All of our cupcakes are freshly prepared after receiving your order, so be sure to give them at least 24 hours notice whenever you place an order. Come treat yourself to some absolutely scrumptious cupcakes today!

DevOm Eggless Cakes Minion cupcakes
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Danielle, otherwise known as Dunnzii in the ‘inner west baker’ world, specialises in cupcakes in Sydney that are both aesthetically pleasing and tailored to your price range. Not only will you have cupcakes custom-made with colours, sizes, and decorations suitable for any occasion, but it’s delivered with a side of humour!

Anything from bar/bat-mitzvahs to birthdays – let them know your cupcake needs and we’ll whisk away creating something special for you. So go on – why not give them a try…Sydney Cake-Hero is here at the rescue!

SOSOBAKED swirler cupcakes
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11. Meli Ann Designs

Are you looking for cupcakes in Sydney to wow guests at your next celebration? Look no further than Meli-Ann Designs! Passionate baker, Meli-Ann works tirelessly to create unique cupcake designs specially tailored to your budget. Whether you’re searching for cupcakes, cake pops, tarts or high tea delights, her sweet treats are sure to be the talk of your event – both for their stunning appearance and incredibly delicious taste.

Don’t miss out on creating exquisite cupcakes for your special occasion – get in touch with Meli-Ann today and let’s make those sweet wishes come true!

Meli-Ann Designs cupcakes
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Cupcakes Are a Popular Dessert That Can Be Found at Various Sydney Destinations

Sydney’s best cupcakes will make your next event a hit. No matter what the occasion, these custom cakes are sure to please. Give one of these bakeries a call today and let them help you create the perfect sweet treat for your upcoming celebration.