10 Best Kids Cake Suppliers in Sydney for Your Next Event

Last Updated on September 1, 2022 by Project Party

Imagine a children’s birthday party without cake. It’s not a happy picture is it?

There’s something magical about cakes that makes kids smile from ear to ear. After all, who wouldn’t like to end a gathering with a tasty piece of sugary, fruity, and chocolaty dessert?

Sydney is home to some of the finest cake makers in Australia, which is why parents can easily find a way to surprise their children with a perfect cake that is decorated to the ideal theme.

Check out our list below for the best Kids Cakes Suppliers in Sydney this event season.

1. Cake Make

Sahar Kayvan is the talented cake maker behind Cake Make, one of Sydney’s most prominent bakeries

Committed to creating colourful, fun, and tasty treats, Sahar uses the finest ingredients to make child-friendly cakes suitable for all kinds of special occasions.

At Cake Make, customers can choose from a myriad of cakes that can be decorated with different characters, mythical creatures, robots, etc. Sahar can truly bring your ideas to life.

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2. Cake’s and Cookie’s Town

Cake’s and Cookie’s Town is a well-known bakery managed by a sister duo that specialises in cakes, cookies, and cupcakes.

Using quality ingredients and innovative techniques the cake makers at Cake’s and Cookie’s Town can create delicious desserts that are perfect for birthdays, family reunions, school functions, and other gatherings involving children.

From large and tall cakes to crunchy cookies, the sisters at Cake’s and Cookie’s Town will be more than happy to help you surprise your kids.

Cookies And Cake Town Kinder cake
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3. A & J Smash Cake

Delivering throughout Sydney, A & J Smash Cake is a bakery that always has something for any kind of children’s event.

The bakers at A & J Smash Cake are experts in creating ultra-delicious custom chocolate smash treats filled with countless sweets and goodies.

It’s safe to say that kids of all ages love the desserts offered by A & J Smash Cake because they are fun, tasty, and always have a hidden surprise.

A&J Smash Cakes emoji
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4. RISO Cakes & Desserts

RISO Cakes & Desserts can turn even the most extravagant ideas into reality.

The cake makers and decorators at RISO Cakes & Desserts specialise in creating unique, custom 100% handmade gluten-free cakes and desserts.

The treats offered by RISO Cakes & Desserts are perfect for all types of kids’ gatherings and can be customised to blend flawlessly with the party’s theme.

Known for their excellent customer service, RISO Cakes & Desserts will not hesitate to walk the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction and the happiness of your children.

Riso Cakes & Desserts pikachu
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5. Sugar & Glazed

Few bakeries in Sydney can rival Sugar & Glazed when it comes to the making of bespoke buttercream cakes and custom baked goods.

Sugar & Glazed is a home-based bakery that specialises in customised desserts. Each cake design is unique and carefully created to match the individual preferences of every customer.

Besides baking cakes, Sugar & Glazed can also make cupcakes, macarons, and sugar cookies that are to die for.

Sugar & Glazed offers a little bliss with every bite!

Sugar & Glazed troll cake
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6. Smash That Cake

Smash That Cake offers a wide variety of products that are waiting to be smashed.

Each chocolate dome, heart, or shape is stuffed with goodies and lollies that children of all ages will enjoy after destroying the cake.

The bakers at Smash That Cake can take children’s events to the next level by providing appetizing desserts that are sweet and savoury.

The cakes offered by Smash That Cake are a massive HIT with every customer.

Smash That Cake baby shark
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7. Icing on the Cake by Gay

Icing on the Cake by Gay has been serving customers in Sydney for 30+ years.

Whether your child has a birthday or you wish to surprise them for their good grades, Icing on the Cake by Gay will happily prepare a delicious treat that your kid will thoroughly enjoy.

The bakers at Icing on the Cake by Gay can bring a touch of joy, sweetness, and magic to your special occasion.

Icing On The Cake By Gay Hulk
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8. All Occasion Cakes

The artists at All Occasion Cakes are always ready to create cakes for children’s events.

All Occasion Cakes offers treats made with the finest ingredients, care, and attention to detail.

Each cake is passionately handcrafted to perfection because All Occasion Cakes takes honour in being part of their customers’ celebrations.

Clients can pick from a plethora of flavours, colours, and toppers to create the best possible cake for their kids’ special moments.

All Occasions Cake race car
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9. Gorg Cake Designs

Gorg Cake Designs is the go-to bakery in Sydney when it comes to colourful, fun, and stylish cakes suitable for children’s events.

The experts at Gorg Cake Designs can make anything from cupcakes and cookies to delicious cakesicles to traditional cakes and smash cakes.

The “WOW” effect is easily achievable when you choose Gorg Cake Designs with the creation of your kids’ cake.

Make your special occasion even more magical with the aid of Gorg Cake Designs.

Gorg Cake Designs swirls
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10. Cakess Queen

Owned by Emily, a talented and creative cake maker in Sydney, Cakess Queen specialises in personalised sweets and cakes.

Emily combines different techniques and ingredients to create eye-catching and appetizing cakes that are the perfect finish for any children’s event.

Using her experts eye for detail, Emily can bake cakes and sweets of any size, design, colour, and flavour.

Giving your business to Cakess Queen is a great decision because Emily’s cakes will leave you in awe.

Cakess Queen donuts
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Every kid deserves their special cake for their special day. Getting a personalised treat with their favourite characters will surely help your children remember their birthdays and milestones for a very long time.

Fortunately, you won’t have to look long to find a capable cake maker as Sydney has plenty of them.

Check out all the kids cakes suppliers available in Sydney to cater your event.