10 Best Balloons Suppliers in Perth for Your Next Event

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Balloons are the go-to party decor because they can be shaped and arranged in a myriad of ways. They bring colour and joy to any venue and when they pop, they startle people which is always a bit of fun.

Balloons are amazing and will add a special touch to your event every single time.

If you’re looking to decorate your home, office, or event venue with balloons, there are many party shops in Perth that would be more than happy to bring your ideas to life.

Check out our list below for the best Balloons Suppliers in Perth this event season:

1. Party Frenzy

Party Frenzy is a family-owned and operated business with a passion for parties.

The stylists at Party Frenzy are known to take balloon artistry to the next level. They use their skills to design and create eye-catching arrangements and decors that light up small and large venues.

To make things better, Party Frenzy is committed to providing environmental-friendly balloon decorations. They can craft anything from walls and columns to arches and bespoke sculptures.

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2. Uplifting Balloons Perth

No concept is too complicated or too simple for the artists at Uplifting Balloons Perth.

Dedicated to creating unique, custom-made balloon garlands, bouquets, and helium bunches, Uplifting Balloons Perth can bring that special touch of magic to your event.

Operating throughout Perth, the experts at Uplifting Balloons Perth can deliver and install balloon formations at any location of your choice. All that is required from you is to sit back and have fun during your party.

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3. Popi Posi

Make your special occasion even more special with the help of Popi Posi.

Popi Posi does more than design and fabricate stylish balloon garlands. They also specialise in the making of colourful and fantastic flower walls and backdrops, as well as everlasting bouquets and floral arrangements.

Whether you’re getting married or celebrating your birthday, the stylists at Popi Posi are prepared to come and decorate your venue to your specific requirements.

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4. Favor Lane Party

Favor Lane Party is a top boutique specialising in elegant and contemporary event and party supplies.

Customers can choose balloons of many colours, shapes, and sizes for the creation of their garlands, mosaics, bouquets, and other decorative features.

Favor Lane Party has the skills and expertise to craft amazing and unique balloon arrangements.

Known to have something for everyone, the products and decors offered by Favou Lane Party are suitable for all kinds of occasions.

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5. The Balloon Fairy

When looking for bespoke balloon formations, don’t hesitate to contact The Balloon Fairy.

Offering a wide selection of designs and items, The Balloon Fairy can fabricate balloon arrangements suitable for gifts, birthdays, weddings, engagements, and other any type of party.

The artists at The Balloon Fairy can create balloon arches, columns, packages, and garlands in different styles, meaning they can match easily the theme of your event.

You won’t regret giving your business to The Balloon Fairy because they will turn your vision into reality.

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6. Sylk Balloons

Sylk Balloons is a balloon paradise in Perth that can effectively address all of your demands.

Specialising in balloon garlands, backdrops, mosaics, numbers, letters, and fillable balloon boxes, Sylk Balloons can meticulously decorate your home, office, or venue to create a magical world full of joy and happiness.

Besides providing balloon formations, Sylk Balloons can also offer their customers white square plinths, cake stands, and personalised vinyl. Everything you need is a phone call away!

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7. Elevated Balloons

Elevated Balloons was born to create unique and sublime balloon designs that make events truly memorable.

The artists at Elevated Balloons are known to bring fun and creativity to all types of celebrations.

Using different techniques, Elevated Balloons provides Perth residents and businesses with bespoke balloon styling one event at a time.

From corporate gatherings to baby showers to birthdays, Elevated Balloons can make sure your party stands out by fabricating stunning decorations.

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8. Stylish Soirees Perth

Award-winning balloon boutique Stylish Soirees Perth can give parties and events the oomph they need.

Stylish Soirees Perth is an expert in balloon artistry and creates exquisite garlands, backdrops, and dessert tables.

Also, specialising in event styling and party planning, Stylish Soirees Perth can make sure your celebrations go smoothly from start to finish.

If you wish to invite your guests to a fun and picture-perfect event, Stylish Soirees Perth is the partner you want by your side.

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9. Glitznglam Balloons Perth

Glitznglam Balloons Perth is the go-to party decorator when looking for chic and unique balloon arrangements.

At Glitznglam Balloons Perth, you can have garlands, arches, columns, and other decorative features made from balloons of different sizes, shapes, and colours.

Working with Glitznglam Balloons Perth is easy because the staff can bring to life even the most elaborate ideas.

By giving your business to Glitznglam Balloons Perth, you’ll have peace of mind that your venue will be stylish yet fun from top to bottom.

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10. Balloons Wishery

Creating beauty is Balloons Wishery’s primary mission.

At Balloons Wishery, you will work with a team of talented balloon stylists who can create showstopper garlands, columns, arches, and other balloon formations.

Welcoming your guests into a picturesque and elegant venue is very easy with Balloons Wishery as your decorator.

In Balloons Wishery, you will find more than a balloon supplier. You will discover a reliable partner who will walk the extra mile to make your party perfect.

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Choosing the right balloon supplier can make the difference between organising a boring event and hosting a fun, memorable party. Make sure you achieve the latter by giving your business to the best supplier to create works of art.

Check out all the balloon suppliers available in Sydney to cater your event.

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