Your Top Googled Wedding Gift Etiquette FAQS, Answered

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If you’re attending a wedding, it’s crucial to be mindful of wedding gift etiquette. Several factors can influence your gift choice, including your relationship with the couple, your budget, and whether the couple has a gift registry or prefer cash gifts. For close family or friends, it may be appropriate to splurge on a pricier gift. However, if you’re on a tight budget or not as close to the couple, there are still numerous thoughtful gift options to consider.

Consulting the couple’s gift registry is an excellent starting point since it provides an idea of their preferences. Alternatively, classic wedding presents like plush towels or premium bed linens are always appreciated. Above all, whatever gift you select, ensure that it stems from a place of sincerity and heartfelt appreciation.

However, that doesn’t make it a simple decision at all and if you’re reading this, chances are you’ve been invited to a wedding and are now wondering what the best gift to give the happy couple is. You’re not alone; this is one of the most common questions people have when it comes to weddings so see below our answers to some frequently asked questions about wedding gifts that other guests are asking.

The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Wedding Gift Etiquette

Here are the most common questions that friends, family and other guests ask about wedding gifts, along with our recommendations on what to expect to meet expectations.

What is etiquette for a wedding gift?

Though wedding gift etiquette may seem like a minefield of social faux pas, there are some tried and true guidelines to follow. Firstly, it is generally considered proper for guests to give a gift to the newlyweds; this helps the couple to start their life together with a nest egg. Secondly, when it comes to deciding how much to spend, a good rule of thumb is $100-$300; this allows guests to find a gift that is both meaningful and affordable.

Finally, it is important to remember that the wedding gift is not about impressing the bride and groom – rather, it is a gesture of love and support to wish them well in their marriage. With these guidelines in mind, wedding guests can rest assured that they are following proper etiquette – and giving the happy couple a wonderful start to their new life together.

Googled wedding gifts sign
When buying a wedding gift, it’s important to consider the appropriate etiquette, such as the couple’s gift registry, your relationship with them, and the nature of the celebration.

What is best gift for a wedding?

The best gift for a wedding depends on your relationship with the couple and your budget. If you are close friends or family of the couple, you may want to splurge on a more expensive gift. If you are not as close to the couple, or if you are on a tight budget, there are still plenty of wonderful gift options available. The couple’s gift registry can be a great place to start, as it will give you an idea of what they need and want.

Additionally, personalised gifts with the couple’s names or similar are a nice way to remember the night in years to come!

How much should I give for wedding gift?

As a general guide though, it is appropriate to spend around $100-$300 on a wedding gift if you are not close family or friends of the couple. If you are closer to the couple, you may want to spend more.

When it comes to wedding gift etiquette, some follow a suggested rule of covering the cost of oneself for the reception by spending a similar amount on the gift, usually around the average cost per head. For instance, if the reception cost is $100 per head, then spending around $100 on the gift would be appropriate, although it’s not necessary to know the exact amount.

Do you give money or a gift at a wedding?

When it comes to wedding gift etiquette, it’s perfectly acceptable to give either money or a physical gift. Money is appreciated since it allows couples to put it towards something they need or desire. However, when offering money, it’s customary to enclose it in an envelope. If you prefer giving a gift, that’s also acceptable. The couple’s gift registry can be helpful since it provides insight into their preferences and needs.

In some cases, the invitations will state the couple’s preference. For example, it might say “Your presence at our wedding is gift enough” or “No gifts, please”. In these cases, you should obviously follow the couple’s wishes. And, a lot of weddings these days will have a wishing well set up where you can leave a card with money to contribute regardless of what is stated on the invitations.

Googled wedding gifts money
Giving money as a wedding gift is becoming increasingly common, as it provides flexibility for the couple to use the funds for their honeymoon or priorities in their new life together.

What percent of wedding guests give gifts?

When it comes to wedding gifts, there is no hard and fast rule about what percentage of guests will give a gift. This varies depending on the couple’s relationship with their guests. Generally speaking, around 60-75% of guests will give a wedding gift. However, this is obviously not set in stone and some couples may have a higher percentage of guests who give gifts while others may have a lower percentage.

When it comes to wedding gift etiquette, guests’ decision to give a gift is significantly influenced by their relationship with the couple. Close friends and family members may feel more compelled to offer a gift, while less familiar guests may choose not to. Ultimately, it’s up to each individual guest to decide whether or not to give a wedding gift, depending on their preference and connection to the couple.

When considering gift-giving at a wedding, it’s important to account for the location of the wedding and whether guests are expected to pay for travel and accommodations. If a significant number of guests have to travel long distances and incur significant expenses on transportation, hotels, and meals, the couple may opt not to require wedding gifts. In such cases, the presence of guests at the wedding is viewed as a generous enough gift. Additionally, if the couple instead requests presents, guests may consider buying something practical, lightweight, or easily transferable, especially if they have to fly or drive long distances to attend the wedding.

A stack of wedding presents
At a wedding, gift-giving is a customary practice that showcases appreciation and support for the couple as they embark on their new life together.

Is it rude to not give a wedding gift?

If you are able to attend the wedding, it is customary to give a gift. However, if you are unable to attend the wedding for whatever reason, it is perfectly acceptable not to give a gift. The couple will understand that you could not make it and will not be offended.

What is the best gift for a newly married couple?

Newlyweds often have a lot on their plate as they start their lives together. From setting up a new home to planning a wedding, they have enough to worry about without having to think about what gifts to ask for. That’s why many friends and family members choose to give the gift of household items. Bed linen, towels, and kitchenware are all useful items that the couple is likely to need. However, if you’re looking for something a little more personal, you could consider giving them a gift voucher for a romantic weekend away or a nice dinner at a restaurant. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s something that will help them relax and enjoy this special time in their lives.

Is it OK to give a gift card for a wedding?

When it comes to wedding gift etiquette, gift cards make great presents. They’re not only perfectly acceptable but they’re also appreciated by couples as they can use the money towards something they really need or want. If you choose to give a gift card, it’s customary to place it in a card or envelope. Don’t forget to include a personal message expressing your happiness for the couple!

A gift card boxed for a wedding
Gift cards are a convenient and practical option for wedding gifts.

What do you write in a wedding card for money?

If you are giving money as a wedding gift, it is customary to write a personal message on the card letting the couple know how happy you are for them. You could also include a short note about how you hope they enjoy spending the money on whatever they choose. For example, “Best wishes on your new life together. I hope you enjoy spending the money on whatever you choose.”

Wedding Gift Etiquette: Tips and Ideas for Finding the Perfect Gift

In our experience, if you are attending a wedding we would advise:

  • Follow the requests of the couple if stated on the invitation e.g. “No gifts, please.”
  • If you are unable to attend the wedding, it is not necessary to give a gift.
  • A gift card is an acceptable gift if you are unsure of what to get the couple.
  • Talk to other guests about what they are giving as a gift to get some ideas.
  • Remember, it is the thought that counts so don’t stress too much about finding the perfect gift!

Wishing you all the best in your search for the perfect wedding gift!