Sweet Tooth: 15 Best Dessert Trucks Across Australia

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Welcome, sweet-toothed adventurers! Prepare to embark on a delicious journey with our delightful dessert truck. We’re more than just a business on wheels; we’re a mobile haven of delights, bringing irresistible treats to every corner of the city.

Let us entice you with our ever-changing menu of homemade goodies, each more tantalising than the last. Whether you’re a fan of classic sweet treats or eager to try new exotic desserts, our dessert truck is sure to satisfy your sugary cravings. Step right up and join us on this delectable journey!

Sweetening Your Event: Why a Dessert Truck is the Perfect Addition

A dessert truck is more than just a mobile confectionery; it’s an element that can elevate your event to new, delicious heights. Whether it’s a birthday party, corporate event, or wedding, here are five reasons why a dessert truck is a perfect choice for catering:

  • Unique Experience: A dessert truck creates a memorable and fun experience for your guests. It offers an unconventional catering method that adds a touch of whimsy and nostalgia to your event.
  • Variety of Options: Dessert trucks offer a wide range of sweet treats, from ice creams and pastries to gourmet desserts. This diversity ensures all guests, even those with specific dietary preferences, can indulge in something delicious.
  • Affordability: Compared to traditional catering services, dessert trucks can be a more cost-effective option. They provide delicious treats without the need for expensive venue facilities or serving staff.
  • Mobility: The mobility of a dessert truck allows it to be set up at any location. This convenience makes it an excellent choice for outdoor events or venues with limited kitchen space.
  • Crowd-Puller: Dessert trucks are not just about the food; they’re also an attraction. Their unique charm can draw crowds, create a lively atmosphere, and provide photo opportunities for guests.

In conclusion, a dessert truck is a versatile, affordable, and delightful addition to any event. It provides a unique experience, a variety of dessert options, and the convenience of mobility, making it a crowd-pleasing choice for your next party, event, or wedding.

Exploring the Best Dessert Trucks in Australia – A Guide

1. Dessert Wunderland (VIC)

Dessert Wunderland, a Melbourne-based dessert truck, is renowned for its mouth-watering and visually appealing range of desserts. Specializing in crepes, waffles, churros, doughnut fries, cheesecake, gelato, and unique bubble waffles and churro bites, this mobile catering service is a hit at corporate events and festivals across Australia.

Their desserts are not only delectable but also perfectly Instagrammable! The team at Dessert Wunderland is dedicated to serving tantalizing desserts that will leave you craving for more.

The Dessert Wunderland truck serving customers
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2. BUBBO Dessert (QLD)

BUBBO Dessert, Australia’s first and exclusive bubble waffle dessert shop, offers creatively topped Hong Kong-style bubble waffles. Toppings range from ice cream and fruit to chocolate, providing a unique and delicious experience.

BUBBO Dessert’s goal is to introduce Australians to the authentic street food culture of Hong Kong, sharing their passion for this iconic snack. Their innovative approach to dessert has earned them a spot among the top dessert-style trucks in Australia.

The Bubbo Dessert truck open for business
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3. Chruby’s Dutch Pancakes (NSW)

Meet Chruby’s Dutch Pancakes, a standout mobile food trailer in Australia renowned for its delectable treats. Specialising in mouth-watering Dutch Pancakes and homemade fudge in an array of ever-changing flavours, this dessert truck is a crowd-pleaser at any event.

Their mission? To deliver a dual delight of perfect pancakes and fantastic fudge, ensuring every occasion becomes a gastronomic celebration. With Chruby’s, attendees are guaranteed a memorable experience that tantalizes their taste buds with the best of both worlds.

Chruby's Dutch Pancakes are a favourite
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4. Let’z Waffle (QLD)

Introducing Let’z Waffle, a leading dessert-style food truck in Australia, fondly referred to as the ‘home of pancakes with abs’. This family-run business takes pride in serving crispy, unique waffles that defy traditional norms. All their waffles are handcrafted and topped with your favourite natural ingredients, sourced locally for freshness and quality.

They even go the extra mile to prepare their sauces from scratch! So, if you’re on the hunt for an unrivalled waffle experience, Let’z Waffle offers a plateful of deliciousness that’s hard to resist.

The Let'z Waffle dessert truck under lights
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5. Van Dough (SA)

Presenting Van Dough, a premier dessert truck in Australia, catering to events of all magnitudes. Their menu extends beyond the ordinary, offering hot doughnuts, refreshing milkshakes, and aromatic coffee. With their distinctive food van and doughnut tables/walls, they add a unique touch to any event, regardless of its size.

Driven by a passion for delivering top-notch catering services, Van Dough aims to make each event memorable. Entrust your catering needs to Van Dough, sit back, and savour your special occasion while they handle the culinary details.

The team ready for customers at the Van Dough truck
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6. Think! Catering (NSW)

Introducing Think! Catering and their standout dessert truck called the ‘Dessert Dealer’ in Australia’s food scene. They offer freshly made doughnuts in a variety of unique flavours such as Nutty Nutella, Biscoff, Strawberry Ice, and the soon-to-be-launched Pistachio & Rose, and Matcha Green tea. They’re also serving up limited-time Glowing Strawberry Ice Mini’s.

Their specialty lies in their Hong Kong-style bubble waffles, perfectly crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside, and paired with your favourite gelato. Topped with your choice of drizzles and toppings, these bubble waffles are a treat any time of day. Current flavours include O.G Bubble Waffle, Nutella + Strawberry, Oreo + Dulche De Leche, and Milky Mango.

You can't go wrong with the Dessert Dealer!
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7. Food Family Passion (VIC)

Meet Food Family Passion, a charming dessert truck in Australia, known for its barista-crafted hot and iced drinks and fresh sweet waffles. This snack van is not just a mobile coffee and dessert bar but also specializes in catering private functions and special events. Stationed on Cumberland Road near the District Bottle Store, they serve a delightful mix of North American street food and scrumptious sweet delicacies, making it a must-visit on your food truck trail.

The Food Family Passion truck is open for coffee and waffles
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8. Torch Me Crème Brûlée (NSW)

Torch Me Crème Brûlée, a dessert truck in Sydney, specializes in crafting flavoured crème brûlées. They are a staple at markets and festivals, delighting attendees with their unique takes on this classic dessert. Beyond these events, Torch Me Crème Brûlée also extends its services to cater for parties and special occasions, making them a versatile choice for those seeking an exceptional dessert experience. Their offerings truly set them apart in the bustling Australian dessert truck scene.

The team at the Torch Me Crème Brûlée dessert truck
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9. Yiayias Honey Balls (NSW)

Yiayias Honey Balls, a Sydney-based food truck, offers traditional Greek loukoumades (donut balls), crafted from a cherished family recipe. These sweet, fluffy, and crunchy delights provide an authentic Greek taste experience.

Find them at various locations in Sydney, serving up these freshly made treats, crispy on the outside and soft within. For a taste of Greece at your next event, consider Yiayias Honey Balls for catering – they’re sure to sweeten the occasion.

The busy Yiayias Honey Balls truck
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10. Sweet Formosa (ACT)

Sweet Formosa, a mobile coffee van in Australia, is a dream come true for sweet-toothed enthusiasts. Founders Jamie from Taiwan and Thierry from Portugal bring their unique dessert perspectives to the country.

They specialize in crafting authentic Pastéis de Nata, a traditional Portuguese tart, alongside other delightful cakes. Freshly brewed coffee and tea are also served to complement these treats. To discover Sweet Formosa’s next stop, follow their social media handles and experience their unique sweetness.

Coffee and sweets, what more could you want? Check out Sweet Formosa
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11. Oh Waffles (QLD)

Oh Waffles, a renowned food and dessert truck, specializes in serving delectable waffles. Committed to crafting the crispiest and fluffiest waffles, they believe their offerings are suitable for any occasion.

Their menu features freshly made Scandinavian waffles, eye-catching Bubble Waffles, and the well-known Belgian Liege waffles. They can also cater to gluten-free and vegan requests. Ideal for festivals, parties, and events, Oh Waffles is your go-to for unforgettable sweet treats.

Choices galore at the Oh Waffles dessert truck
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12. Honey Puff Lads (SA)

Honey Puff Lads, a popular dessert truck in Australia, specializes in Greek/Eastern Mediterranean street food, “loukoumades”. These bite-sized delights offer a crispy exterior and spongy interior, coated in golden honey syrup.

Toppings include cinnamon, crushed pistachios, and fan-favourite Nutella. Committed to quality, Honey Puff Lads uses locally sourced South Australian honey, flour, and other ingredients to guarantee the freshest taste. For an indulgent treat, Honey Puff Lads is a must-visit.

The team love what they do at Honey Puff Lad
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13. Poffertjes King (QLD)

Meet Poffertjes King, a renowned food truck in Gold Coast, QLD, known for its mini Dutch pancakes. These fluffy delights served with a variety of toppings like ice cream, cream, chocolate, maple syrup, and strawberries, cater to both vegetarians and vegans.

Ideal for events, parties, or gatherings, Poffertjes King is dedicated to delivering top-quality food and beverages that leave a memorable impression. Don’t miss the chance to experience their authentic Dutch Pancakes.

A lovely summer afternoon at Poffertjes King truck
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14. The Brûlée Cart (VIC)

Established in Melbourne in 2013 by brothers Jack and Bart, The Brûlée Cart fills a niche for crème brûlée on the go. Leveraging their experience from a Belgian Waffle Van, they crowdfunded their first cart and now offer wedding catering.

Their expansion includes a custom tricycle, “the Crèmecycle,” and an upcoming second cart. Catering to both public and private events, they deliver to cafes and restaurants throughout Melbourne, with prominent clients like The Bank of Melbourne and Monash University.

The gorgeous The Brûlée Cart between trucks
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15. Doin’ Donuts (QLD)

Brisbane’s Doin’ Donuts is an extraordinary food truck dedicated to creating the city’s finest donuts. Their mission is to provide a distinctive and delightful donut experience, aiming to captivate the taste buds of all their customers. They envision forming a ‘Doin’ Donuts’ community where everyone can unite over their shared love for these delicious treats. This commitment to quality and community makes Doin’ Donuts a standout in Australia’s dessert truck scene.

Who doesn't love a donut? Check out Doin' Donuts for your hit
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Wrapping up on Wheels: The Sweet Success of Dessert Trucks

As we roll to the end of this sweet journey, it’s clear that dessert trucks offer much more than just confections on the go. They are a testament to innovation, bringing the joy of delectable desserts to various corners of Australia and creating a unique experience for dessert enthusiasts.

From providing a diverse range of treats to keep your taste buds entertained, to offering a cost-effective and fun solution for event catering, dessert trucks check all the boxes. So, the next time you see a dessert truck, we urge you to step right up, not just for the enticing treats, but to be part of a delightful culinary adventure on wheels. Sweet travels, everyone!