Simple Flower Decorations: 6 Ways to Incorporate Florals at Your Event

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From baby showers to bachelorette parties, there’s no occasion that couldn’t be made even better with simple flower decorations. Not only do they add a pop of colour and a touch of elegance, but flowers and plants can also help set the mood and create a more inviting atmosphere. If you’re looking for inspiration on how to incorporate simple flower decorations into your next event, read on for seven creative ideas.

Create a Memorable Event with Simple Flower Decorations!

Florals and greenery are an incredibly popular choice for event décor and can be used to create stunning and simple flower decorations. When decorating with florals, you can start by considering the atmosphere of your event space – is it casual or formal? Once you know how formal you’d like your floral decorations to be, you can brainstorm ideas of how you’d like to incorporate them. There are so many simple flower decorations that can make a lasting impression such as wreaths, centrepieces, bouquets, hanging installations, and more! With some creativity and planning, creating beautiful floral decorations for your event can be easy and fun.

1. Flower Crowns

Themed parties are always more fun when guests can dress up, and flower crowns are the perfect way to get everyone into the spirit! Whether you DIY your own using fresh or faux flowers, or order them pre-made from a florist, they’ll add a touch of whimsy to any party. Not only are they great for photo ops, but they’ll also help your guests feel like they’re part of the celebration. And what’s better than celebrating with your besties? So if you’re looking for a fun and unique way to add some flair to your next party, consider incorporating flower crowns!

Flower crowns are popular at events and parties like:

  • Hen’s or bachelorette parties – a nice bonding activity or a way for the person of honour to stand out.
  • Summer parties – perfect for a garden party or picnic or other events outdoors that are rustic in style.
  • Festival-themed events – add some bohemian flair to any festival, carnival or bohemian-themed party.
Simple flower decorations for bridal parties include flower crowns
Simple flower decorations are the perfect way to add a touch of elegance and beauty to bridal parties – flower crowns are a popular choice

2. Floral Table Runners

If you’re looking for a more subtle way to incorporate flowers into your event decor, try using floral table runners down the centre of your tables. This is a great way to add a pop of colour and some extra dimension to your decor without going overboard. Plus, it’s an easy way to incorporate flowers into any event, whether it’s formal or casual. Floral table runners are also a great way to add a personal touch to your event. You can choose table runners that match the overall theme of your event, or you can choose table runners that reflect your own personal style. Either way, they’ll definitely add a touch of elegance to your event.

Floral table runners are popular at events and parties like:

  • Weddings – a classic way to incorporate flowers into your wedding decor and you can activate this yourself with a little help from friends or family.
  • Dinner parties – add an extra touch of luxury and refinement to any dinner party by breaking up the table with a pop of colour.
  • Picnics – blend your setting into the natural surroundings by choosing a floral table runner that complements the colours of nature.

3. Wreaths

Wreaths are not just for Christmas anymore! You can use wreaths to create beautiful and simple flower decorations for any event, from birthdays to baby showers. If you’re feeling crafty, why not make your own wreath with fresh or faux flowers? Wreaths come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so there’s one out there that’s ideal for your space. With a few simple flower decorations, you can easily upgrade the look and feel of your event!

Wreaths are popular at events and parties like:

  • Baby showers – welcome the new arrival with a wreath on the front door and continue the theme inside with wreaths hanging from the ceiling or on the walls.
  • Boho-themed parties – match with dream catchers and macrame wall hangings for a truly bohemian feel.
  • Summer BBQs – use a wreath as a centrepiece on your food table or as part of your outdoor decor.
Wreaths are a simple way to incorporate greenery into all kinds of events
Incorporating simple flower decorations and greenery into your festive season decor is a great way to add a splash of colour and warmth – wreaths are a popular choice!

4. Flower Walls

If you really want to go all out with the floral decorations, why not try creating a flower wall? This is a popular choice for photo backdrops at weddings and other formal events, but it would also look stunning as part of the backdrop for your dessert table or gift table. If you don’t have time (or the budget) to build an entire wall covered in flowers, you can hire a flower wall for your event. This is a great option if you want the wow factor without all the hassle.

Flower walls are popular at events and parties like:

  • Weddings – use as a backdrop for your ceremony, reception or photo booth to capture some beautiful memories.
  • Formal parties – create a stunning backdrop for your dessert table or gift table or at your entrance to make a grand entrance.
  • Product launches – add some extra flair to your product launch with a flower wall as your backdrop.
A flower wall for capturing special moments at events
Hiring a flower wall is the perfect way to use simple flower decorations to capture those special moments and make them even more memorable!

5 . Mason Jars Filled With Herbs or Wildflowers

Mason jars are always popular because they’re so versatile—and they look adorable when filled with fresh herbs or wildflowers! Since they come in all different sizes, Mason jars are perfect for everything from small centrepieces to large bouquets. And if you’re feeling extra creative, you could even decorate the outside of the jars with ribbon or twine before adding the flowers inside. Get jar collecting now for your big event!

Mason jars are popular at events and parties like:

  • Rustic weddings – use as centrepieces or fill with wildflowers for any weddings that are rustic or country-themed.
  • Garden parties – use Mason jars as vases to display your beautiful blooms and match them with hanging lights or lanterns for a magical garden party atmosphere.
  • Outdoor engagement parties – fill Mason jars with fairy lights or LED candles and place them around your outdoor event space for a romantic and enchanting setting.
Simple flower decorations mason jar
Mason jars decorated with pretty flowers are a great way to create stunning, simple flower decorations for any occasion!

6. Garlands

From Christmas to weddings, the garland is a versatile decoration that can be used for all sorts of events. It is easy to string along mantles and banisters, drapes over doorways or windows, or use as part of your table centrepiece decorations. Garland is an easy way to add some extra pizzazz to any event space without spending a lot of money. For Christmas, try using a garland made of leaves, berries and pine cones. For a wedding, use a garland made of flowers and ribbons. And for any other event, get creative with your colours and materials. Garland is a great way to add some extra flair to your event space without breaking the bank.

Garland is popular at events and parties like:

  • Christmas parties – use garlands made of leaves, berries and pine cones to get into the holiday spirit.
  • Floral weddings – use garland made of flowers and ribbons to decorate your ceremony or reception space.
  • Corporate events – perfect for styling entrances, windows or mantles for maximum visual impact for guests.

Quick Tips for Stepping Up Your Simple Flower Decorations for Your Big Event

Here are 3 expert tips to help you step up your simple flower decorations for your big event:

  1. Mix and match different sizes, shapes, and colours of flowers to create a unique look. No two floral designs should be the same!
  2. Use lots of greenery in your arrangements to add texture and fullness to your décor.
  3. Get creative with hanging installations – think beyond garlands and create something extraordinary!

Turn Your Event into a Spectacular Scene with Simple Flower Decorations!

Incorporating simple flower decorations into your next event is a great way to enhance the decor and wow your guests! Whether you choose to add table runners, garlands, or flower walls, there are plenty of creative ways to spruce up your event while sticking to a budget. Be sure to consider mason jars as well – they make the perfect vase for adding pretty florals and herbs alike! With simple flower decorations, it’s easy to take any event up a notch or two!

What’s your favourite way to incorporate flowers into your event décor? Let us know in the comments below!