How to Make a Flower Crown in 10 Easy Steps

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Have you ever looked at pictures of Coachella and thought to yourself, “Gee, I really wish I could be there…but I don’t want to spend $600 on a ticket”? Well, have we got news for you! With this handy guide, you can create your very own DIY flower crown and have the Coachella experience right in your own home.

If you’re looking for a fun and easy summer craft, look no further than the flower crown! Flower crowns have been worn for centuries by members of different cultures for a variety of occasions. Today, they are commonly seen at festivals, Day of the Dead celebrations and boho-style weddings. But you don’t need a special occasion to wear a flower crown – you can rock one any day of the week! They are also super easy to make.

How to Make a Flower Crown: A Fun and Easy Summer Activity

All you need is some colourful flowers and some wire or ribbon. Simply arrange the flowers however you like and tie them in place. And voila – you have a beautiful flower crown! So next time you’re looking for a fun summer activity, grab some friends and whip up some flower crowns. You’ll be sure to turn heads wherever you go! To get started you’ll need:

  • flowers (duh)
  • wire or floral tape
  • scissors, and
  • a friend (optional).

For flowers, we recommend flowers that are small and delicate such as baby’s breath, daisies, or roses. You can also use artificial flowers if you don’t have access to real ones. You’ll want to consider the time of year and the different types of flowers that may be in season.

Now let’s get to crafting! Here are the 9 easy steps to make your own flower crown:

How to make a flower crown pinks
When choosing flowers for your flower crown, it’s important to consider how you can match or compliment your outfit, whether it’s a dress, a top, or even a swimsuit.

1. Preparation – Gathering Your Materials for Making a Flower Crown

The first step to making a beautiful flower crown is to gather all the necessary materials, including flowers, wire or floral tape, scissors, and any additional decorations you may want to add. This is an essential step, so be sure to have everything you need before you begin.

When choosing flowers for your flower crown, consider the colours and styles that will best match and compliment your outfit. Opt for small, delicate flowers such as baby’s breath, daisies, or roses. You can also use artificial flowers if you don’t have access to real ones. Make sure to take into account the time of year and which flowers are in season.

Once you have all your materials, find a comfortable place to work. We recommend sitting or lying down on a soft surface like a bed or couch to make the process more comfortable and enjoyable. With all your materials at the ready, you’re now ready to begin creating your beautiful flower crown.

2. Making the Base for Your Flower Crown

The next step to creating a gorgeous flower crown is to make the base, which will serve as the foundation for your design. You can use either a wire or ribbon to make the base, depending on your preference.

To start, shape your wire or ribbon into a circle that fits around your head. Keep in mind the size of your head and any hairstyles you may have, so that the base fits comfortably. If you’re using wire, you can wrap it around itself to secure the ends together. If you’re using ribbon, you can tie the ends in a knot or bow.

It’s important to create a sturdy and comfortable base, as you’ll be attaching the flowers to it. Take your time to ensure that the wire or ribbon is shaped correctly and fits snugly on your head. You can even test it out by trying it on before moving on to the next step.

With your base complete, you’re now ready to add your beautiful flowers and create a stunning flower crown that you can wear with pride.

3. Selecting and Arranging Your Flowers for Your Flower Crown

Now that you have your base ready, it’s time to gather a variety of beautiful flowers to create your stunning flower crown. When selecting flowers for your crown, consider the colour palette and create an arrangement that you love. While you can use any type of flower, smaller, delicate flowers tend to work best on flower crowns. Baby’s breath, daisies, and roses are all popular choices. However, larger flowers like carnations and peonies can also make a statement, as seen in Day of the Dead headpieces.

When choosing flowers, consider the theme of the event or wedding you’re attending or the look you’re going for. Popular colours and patterns of flowers include traditional pastels, bright tropical colours, and bold monochromatic colour schemes. Once you have your flowers, lay them out before attaching them to the base. This will give you an idea of how the final product will look before fully committing. You can also add additional foliage such as eucalyptus or baby’s breath to give your flower crown more texture and depth.

As you arrange your flowers, be sure to vary the sizes and colours to create a balanced and visually appealing look. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your arrangements, but don’t get too frustrated if it doesn’t come out perfectly the first time. Remember, the beauty of a flower crown lies in its natural and organic appearance.

With these tips in mind, you’re now ready to create a stunning flower crown that will add a touch of beauty and elegance to any occasion.

4. Trimming and Placing Your Flowers on Your Flower Crown

Now that you’ve gathered your flowers and arranged them to your liking, it’s time to trim them down to size and attach them to the base wire or ribbon.

Depending on the type of flower and stem length, cut the stems down to about two inches in length. This will make it easier for you to attach them to the base. As you trim the flowers, consider how you want to lay them out on your crown. Do you want a more clustered look, or do you prefer a more evenly distributed arrangement?

When placing the flowers on the base, start by attaching them at the front of the crown and work towards the back. Consider how the flowers will sit against your hair and whether they will be visible from different angles. If you’re wearing your hair up, you might want to consider flowers that are more evenly distributed for a crisp, polished look.

As you work, step back occasionally to examine the overall look of your flower crown. Make adjustments as needed to ensure that your flowers are evenly spaced and that the design is balanced and visually appealing.

How to make a flower crown daisies
Whether you’re dressing up for a formal event or going for a more casual look, flower crowns add a touch of natural beauty and elegance to any outfit.

5. Wire and Tape

Once you have your flowers laid out, start wiring and taping them to the base. You can either use floral wire or floral tape for this process. If you are using wire, make sure to wrap the wire around each of the stems and then secure it to your base. If you are using tape, cut a small piece of tape and press it firmly against the stem until it sticks.

Some important considerations are:

  • to use an alternating wiring/taping technique so that the wire and tape are not visible on the flower crown
  • to ensure flowers don’t fall off easily and last long so can also glue the flower crown
  • layering the flowers will also make the flower crown look more full and ornate, and
  • consider weight and comfort to make sure the flower crown is not too heavy or bulky.

6. Securing Your Flower Crown

Now that you’ve attached all your flowers to the base, it’s time to secure your flower crown in place. You can do this by twisting the wire around itself or using a small piece of tape to keep everything in place.

It’s essential to make sure your flower crown is secure so that it stays in place throughout the day or event. Test the fit and shape of your crown by moving your head around and making adjustments as needed.

If you’re planning on wearing your flower crown for an extended period, consider using bobby pins to hold it securely to your hair. This will prevent it from slipping or falling off as you move around. With your flower crown now secured, you’re ready to show off your beautiful creation and enjoy all the compliments that come with it!

7. Adding the Final Details to Your Flower Crown

Now that you’ve attached all your flowers and secured your flower crown in place, it’s time to add the finishing touches that will make your creation truly unique.

Start by finding a ribbon or fabric that you love and tie it around the base of the crown in a pattern of your choice. This will add a pop of colour and texture to your flower crown and help to keep everything in place. You can also use beads, feathers, or any other decorations to add your personal touch to the crown.

In addition to these decorations, consider adding some greenery like eucalyptus or ivy to your flower crown. This will add a natural touch and bring a sense of balance and harmony to the overall design.

As you add the final details, step back and examine your flower crown to ensure that everything is in place and looks just how you want it. Make any adjustments as needed and don’t be afraid to get creative with your choices.

Step 8: Styling

Once your flower crown is ready, it’s time to style your hair. Make sure the crown fits securely and comfortably on your head. To make sure it stays put, use bobby pins to secure the crown in place.

How to make a flower crown Day of the Dead
Flowers, especially marigolds, hold significant symbolic meaning during the Day of the Dead celebration in Mexican culture.

9. Securing Your Flower Crown with Hairspray

After you have finished adding all the final details to your flower crown, give it a light mist of hairspray to help keep everything in place throughout the day. This will help secure the flowers and other decorations and prevent them from coming loose.

Hold the hairspray about six inches away from the crown and give it a quick spritz. Be careful not to overspray, as this can make your crown look heavy and weigh down your hair.

And there you have it! You have successfully created your own stunning flower crown. Now it’s time to enjoy wearing it and showing off your beautiful creation to the world!

Step 10: Picture Time

Put on your crown and take lots of pictures! Now that you’ve completed your masterpiece, it’s time to show it off to the world! Put on your crown and take as many pictures as you want—you deserve it! If possible, try to find a sunny spot outdoors for the best lighting. But wherever you choose to take your photos, make sure you have fun and enjoy your creation!

How to Make a Flower Crown: A DIY Guide for Creating Your Own Stunning Accessory

Making a DIY flower crown at home is a fun and easy way to add a touch of natural beauty and elegance to any outfit. With just a few simple steps, you can create your own stunning accessory that’s perfect for weddings, festivals, or everyday wear.

In just 9 simple steps, you’ll be on your way to achieving Coachella vibes without spending any money (besides what you spent on flowers). Gather some friends, cut some flowers, and get started today! Not only is making your own flower crown a great way to save money, but it’s also a fun activity to do with friends or family. As you gather your flowers and start arranging them, you’ll feel a sense of creativity and joy that’s hard to find elsewhere.

And the best part? The end result of your DIY flower crown will be sure to have you feeling extra special and beautiful on any occasion. Whether you’re wearing it to a wedding, music festival, or just for fun, your flower crown is sure to turn heads and make you feel confident and stylish.

So why not give it a try? With this simple guide, you have everything you need to create your own stunning flower crown at home. Happy crafting!