10 Fun-Filled Ideas to Make Your Little One’s Party Unforgettable with Toddler Party Hire

Last Updated on May 12, 2023 by Project Party

If you’re planning a toddler party and want to make sure it goes off without a hitch, one of the best ways is to hire some fun activities for your little toddler guests.

Top Toddler Party Hire Ideas to Make Your Event Memorable!

Hiring items for toddler parties can be tricky though – there are so many options out there! To help you narrow down what toddler party hire items would work best for your event, we’ve put together this listicle of top ideas. 

From bouncy castles and slides to interactive games and creative activities, these toddler party hire ideas will ensure your toddler’s special day is full of laughter and smiles. 

So read on to learn more about our favourite toddler party hire items!

1. Bouncy Castle – Perfect for toddler parties and great fun

Throwing a party for your adorable little toddler can be an overwhelming task. But one thing that always promises to make it a memorable event is a bouncy castle! 

Hiring a bouncy castle for your little one’s special day will provide endless fun and entertainment, adding a lively touch to the party atmosphere. 

Are they safe for toddlers? The answer is yes! Bouncy castles designed for toddlers are built with safety in mind. They feature low walls and soft edging to prevent accidents and injuries. 

Plus, it’s a fantastic opportunity to encourage social interactions and strengthen friendships among the tiny partygoers. Not only will your toddler and their friends have the time of their lives. You can relish in the joyous laughter and cherish the memories of watching your little one and their friends bound about in pure delight!

Bouncy castle is a popular toddler party hire piece of equipment
A bouncy castle designed for toddlers typically has lower walls, a smaller size, and softer materials, catering to their safety and enjoyment during playtime.

2. Soft Play Area – Toddler party hire that provides a safe area to play with soft shapes, balls, and slides

Are you are looking for a toddler party hire that offers something a bit more than just a bouncy castle? Then why not consider renting a soft play area? 

Keeping the safety of the tiny tots in mind, this toddler-friendly play area is designed with soft shapes and balls which make sure your toddler’s special day is as safe as possible. As a bonus, the toddler’s soft play area includes slides and tunnels for even more fun and exciting activities!

Soft Play Areas provide an ideal toddler party hire item as they are a great way to keep toddlers entertained and active. It is also an excellent opportunity to help toddlers develop their physical skills, agility and coordination. 

With exciting slides, tunnels and shapes to explore, children can use their imagination as they move around the soft play area. Creating unforgettable memories in the process.

3. Ball Pit – Enclosed space full of colourful balls that toddlers will love

Want your little ones to have a one-of-a-kind toddler party? Rent a ball pit for their special day! 

Ball pits are enclosed spaces full of colourful balls, providing little ones with endless amounts of fun and entertainment. Plus, these inflatable spaces are designed with safety in mind – so your toddlers can enjoy the soft and colourful balls without fear of getting hurt.

It’s no secret toddlers love playing with colourful objects, and a ball pit is just the perfect spot to let their imaginations run wild! As they dive in and out of the vibrant balls, they will develop fine motor skills while having fun at the same time. 

And if you want to make the ball pit experience even more unique and special, you could consider adding a few toys or floats for an extra layer of excitement!

Ball pit inside for a toddler's birthday
Ball pits for toddlers are not only fun, but they also promote sensory development and hand-eye coordination, making them a great addition to any play area or party.

4. Face Painting Station – Get creative with face painting designs for the little ones

Face painting is a great way to add an extra touch of fun and creativity to your toddler’s party. This activity not only encourages imagination and self-expression but also helps children bond with each other. They can also show off their creative face paint designs! 

Plus, it’s an excellent way to keep toddlers entertained for hours on end. Leaving them with unforgettable memories of their special day.

When you rent face painting supplies for your toddler party, make sure the products you use are specifically designed for children and are non-toxic. Additionally, try to include a variety of colours and stencils.  That way they can get creative with their designs! 

With an array of colourful paints and designs to choose from, toddlers will be sure to have a blast while getting their faces painted.

5. Arts & Crafts Table – All the toddler party hire materials needed for toddler-friendly crafts activities

Arts and crafts activities are the perfect way to keep tiny tots engaged and having fun. Not only do these activities help promote creativity, they also help toddlers develop their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. 

It’s also a great way for toddlers to express themselves through art and create something special with their own hands.

For a toddler party, you will want to make sure the arts and crafts activities are specifically designed for kids. This means checking all the materials and helping them so they don’t get frustrated or overwhelmed. 

Some easy craft supplies for toddlers could include colourful markers, crayons, construction paper, and paint. Then they can get creative with their own designs. 

Having these supplies available for your toddler party will make a fun and exciting atmosphere!

Toddler party hire a painting table with art supplies
When considering art and craft for a toddler, it is important to choose materials that are safe, non-toxic, and age-appropriate, as well as the level of messiness you can cope with.

6. Music & Dancing Corner – A corner where kids can dance along to their favourite tunes

We all know toddlers love to boogie down and let loose! To add an extra layer of fun to your toddler party, why not set up a music and dancing corner for the little ones? 

This is their perfect opportunity to have a blast as they sing, dance and jump around to their favourite tunes. Plus, it’s a great way to get toddlers involved in physical activity and help them build their coordination.

When setting up your music corner make sure you have selected age-appropriate songs for them to dance along to. 

Additionally, provide a few instruments such as drums or tambourines so they can enjoy making their own music as well. With the right songs and instruments, your toddler party is sure to be a hit!

7. Popcorn Maker – Make it easy to whip up some delicious popcorn treats in no time with this toddler party hire

What’s a party without some yummy treats? Popcorn is so popular among toddlers and can be whipped up in minutes. 

If you want to make it easy to prepare popcorn for your toddler’s party then why not rent a popcorn maker for the day? This will give you the ability to quickly whip up delicious treats they will all love!

To make it even more fun, why not give them some small bowls and bags to get creative with their popcorn treats? 

This could include adding sprinkles or other toppings of their choice. Having this activity available at your toddler party is sure to be a hit!

8. Magic Show – a magic show will guarantee to have the toddlers mesmerized with wonder

Hiring a magician for your toddler’s party is the perfect way to keep everyone entertained. Whether it’s pulling a rabbit out of a hat or performing card tricks, children love watching magical acts! 

This activity will have the toddlers mesmerized with wonder and give them some special memories they will cherish for years to come.

When hiring a magician for your toddler party make sure the show is specifically designed for tiny tots. This means it should be simple enough for toddlers to understand and full of fun and engaging activities. 

With a magic show at your toddler party, you guarantee everyone will have fun!

Magician entertaining a crowd of kids
Toddlers may have limited attention spans, but they can still enjoy a magic show if the tricks are simple, colourful, and interactive, and are presented by an engaging performer.

9. Portable Movie Screen – Watch toddler-friendly movies outdoors on a portable movie screen

Looking to add a unique activity to your toddler party? Why not consider renting a portable movie screen?

This is the perfect opportunity for toddlers to enjoy some quality time outdoors – watching their favourite films! 

Make sure you select movies designed for toddlers so they can understand and follow along. Also, give them plenty of cushions and blankets to get comfortable on.

Having a portable movie screen at your toddler party is the perfect way to have some fun in the sun! Not only will this activity create amazing memories. It also gives toddlers an opportunity to learn through films. 

All-in-all it’s a great way to keep everyone entertained at your toddler party.

10. Character Entertainers for Hire – Add that extra special touch with fun characters and games

Wanting to add a special touch to your toddler party? Why not hire some character entertainers for the day? 

This gives little ones a chance to get up close and personal with their favourite characters. Not only will this provide them with plenty of photo opportunities, it can also act as an educational tool. They can learn important lessons through the characters!

The character entertainers can host a range of fun and interactive games for toddlers. These can include musical statues, scavenger hunts or even a dance-off! 

With a character entertainer, you can guarantee all the toddlers will have plenty of fun at your toddler party.

Planning a Toddler Party? Make Sure to Look into Toddler Party Hire for Fun and Memorable Activities!

Looking to add some extra fun and entertainment to your toddler party? Be sure to look into renting a popcorn maker, hiring a magician or character entertainer, or setting up a portable movie screen. 

These are amazing activities to guarantee plenty of fun and excitement for the kid’s big day. And don’t forget to look at toddler party hire for all the other essential items you might need. Such as tables and chairs, decorations or activities. With a bit of planning and organisation, your toddler party is sure to be a success!

Of course, if you don’t have the time to organise it all yourself you can always look into hiring a professional event planner to take the stress off your hands. They can help you plan the perfect toddler party everyone is sure to enjoy!

By taking care of all the details and making sure everyone has a great time, you can make sure your little one’s special day is truly magical. 

So why not give it a go and start planning the perfect toddler party today?