10 Essential DIY Wedding Candy Bar Supplies to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Last Updated on November 13, 2023 by Project Party

Are you on the hunt for ways to make your DIY wedding candy buffet more than just an ordinary dessert table? Look no further! This blog post will guide you through the seven essential supplies needed to create an unforgettable DIY wedding candy bar.

Despite the abundance of professional suppliers offering wedding candy bar materials, crafting your own candy bar can be both an enjoyable and budget-friendly endeavour. While everyone loves indulging in sweet treats, designing a visually appealing and mouth-watering array of confections might not come naturally. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

A Sweet Trip Down Memory Lane: The History of DIY Wedding Candy Buffets

The tradition of having sweets at wedding celebrations has a long and delightful history. This concept traces back to 16th century England, where wedding favours, often including candies, were a significant part of marital rites. Initially, these favours were elegantly crafted love knots made from lace and ribbons, symbolizing the union of two hearts.

As time progressed, this tradition evolved and took on a more modern form. By the dawn of the 21st century, DIY wedding candy buffets had become a popular trend in wedding receptions. These candy buffets serve multiple purposes. Not only do they offer guests a wide variety of sweet delights, but they also provide an opportunity for the couple to add a personal touch to their celebration. Customized labels or tags on candy jars can convey a heartfelt thank you message to the guests or share a sweet anecdote about the couple.

DIY wedding candy buffets bring an element of fun and interactivity to the reception. They allow guests to pick their favourite treats and even carry some home as a keepsake of the event. Furthermore, these buffets can be tailored to match the theme of the wedding, enhancing the overall aesthetic and ambience of the reception.

A beautiful candy buffet at a wedding
Candy buffets at weddings add a sweet and visually appealing element to the reception, offering guests a fun, interactive experience and a delightful variety of treats to enjoy.

Added a Sweet Twist to Your Wedding with a DIY Wedding Candy Buffet

Are you on board? Here are the fundamental ingredients to make sure your candy bar is legit:

1. The Candy Collection: Choosing the Perfect Sweets for Your DIY Wedding Candy Bar

Creating a DIY wedding candy bar involves careful selection of the candy. It’s important to choose a variety of sweets that cater to different tastes and age groups. Consider the colour scheme of your wedding when selecting candies as they can also serve as decorative elements. Include classics like jelly beans, M&Ms, and gummy bears, but also consider some unique options like artisan chocolates or personalized candy wrappers. Don’t forget to incorporate candies that hold special meaning to you and your partner. You can source these candies from local confectioneries, bulk candy stores, or online retailers. If you’re feeling particularly crafty, you could even make some homemade treats.

2. Jar Jamboree: Showcasing Your Sweet Treats in Style

Jars play a crucial role in presenting your DIY wedding candy bar. Glass jars are a popular choice due to their versatility and the sophisticated touch they add to the display. They come in various shapes and sizes which allow you to create visual interest by varying the heights and widths of your candy display. You can source jars from friends, or thrift stores, or purchase them online. When arranging them on your candy buffet, place taller jars at the back and smaller ones in front to ensure all types of candy are clearly visible.

3. Scoop and Serve: Keeping Your DIY Wedding Candy Bar Hygienic and Tidy

To keep your DIY wedding candy bar clean and orderly, scoops and tongs are a must-have. These tools not only ensure hygiene but also help guests serve themselves without making a mess. Metallic scoops can add an elegant touch to your display while plastic tongs are a budget-friendly option. Each jar should have its own scoop or pair of tongs to avoid cross-contamination between different types of candy. These can be sourced from party supply stores or online.

4. Boxed Beauty: Adding Depth and Interest to Your Display

To add depth and interest to your DIY wedding candy bar, consider using display boxes. They can elevate certain jars, creating a tiered effect that is visually appealing. The boxes you choose should complement the overall theme of your wedding. For example, rustic wooden crates would be perfect for a barn wedding, while sleek acrylic boxes would fit a modern theme. These boxes can be sourced from craft stores, thrift shops, or online retailers.

5. Bagging the Sweets: Ensuring No Candy Goes to Waste

Providing paper bags at your DIY wedding candy bar allows guests to take home some sweet treats, ensuring that no candy goes to waste. This is also a nice way for guests to remember the event. Opt for bags that match your wedding colours and consider adding a personalized touch. This could be a thank you note, your wedding date, or even your monogram. These bags can be purchased in bulk from party supply stores or online.

Brown paper bags filled with candy
Providing paper bags for guests at a candy buffet enhances the experience, allowing them to select and take home their favourite sweets, but it’s important to not go overboard to ensure a balanced distribution for everyone.

6. Signs of Sweetness: Guiding Your Guests at the DIY Wedding Candy Bar

Adding signs to your DIY wedding candy bar can make it easier for guests to navigate and add a fun, personalized touch. Signs can indicate what each jar contains, remind guests to use the scoops, suggest popular candy combinations, or even share a sweet message or quote. You can create your own signs using materials from a craft store or order custom ones online.

7. Decorative Delights: Making Your DIY Wedding Candy Bar Stand Out

Decorations are a crucial element of your DIY wedding candy bar. They help tie the candy bar to the overall wedding theme and create a visually pleasing setup. Consider using balloons, banners, fairy lights, or floral arrangements. You could also use items that match your wedding theme, such as seashells for a beach wedding or pinecones for a winter wedding. Source your decorations from craft stores, online, or even use natural elements from your own backyard.

8. Snap and Savor: Creating Photo Opportunities at Your Candy Bar

Your DIY wedding candy bar can serve dual purposes by also acting as a photo spot. By adding props or a backdrop that matches your wedding theme, guests can take memorable pictures while enjoying the sweet treats. This adds a fun activity to your reception and makes your candy bar more interactive. You can create a backdrop using fabric, lights, or themed decorations. Props could include funny signs, oversized glasses, or themed accessories.

9. Label Love: Keeping Your Candy Buffet Organized and Allergy-Friendly

Labels are an important addition to any DIY wedding candy bar. They help guests identify the different types of candies and are especially important for those with dietary restrictions or allergies. Labels can also contribute to the overall aesthetic of the candy bar. You can create labels yourself using card stock and markers, or you can order custom ones online. Make sure the font is large and clear enough to read, and that the style fits in with your wedding theme.

10. Light Up Your Love: Enhancing Your DIY Wedding Candy Bar with Lighting

Lighting can significantly enhance the look of your DIY wedding candy bar. Fairy lights or small LED lights can make your candy bar stand out and add a magical touch, especially if the wedding is in the evening. You can string lights around the table, wrap them around jars, or even incorporate them into your backdrop. Lighting not only highlights the candy bar but also creates a warm, inviting ambience that attracts guests. These lights can be found in home decor stores or online.

A mason jar filled with fairy lights
The rustic charm of mason jars coupled with the whimsical glow of fairy lights creates an enchanting and cozy atmosphere, making them a popular choice for weddings.

Creating a Sweet Memory: Your DIY Wedding Candy Bar Journey

Let’s not sugarcoat it; planning a wedding can sometimes feel like a Herculean task. With countless details to manage, any opportunity to delegate tasks can make the entire process smoother and more enjoyable. There’s no shortage of excellent caterers and companies ready to supply all your wedding candy buffet needs.

However, crafting your own DIY wedding candy bar offers a unique opportunity to inject your personal touch into your special day. It’s more than just arranging candies on a table; it’s about creating a sweet memory that will linger in the minds of your guests long after they’ve savoured the last bite.

By taking on this creative project, you’re not only potentially saving on costs but also adding an element of fun and personalization. You get to decide the variety of sweets, the arrangement, and even the theme of your candy bar. This freedom allows you to design a candy bar that perfectly aligns with your wedding aesthetics and personal taste.

In a nutshell, a DIY wedding candy bar is more than just a dessert station. It’s a reflection of your style, your love story, and your commitment to making your wedding day a memorable one. So, go ahead and make your mark. Embrace the sweetness of the journey and the joy of creating something uniquely yours.