12 Top-Rated Apps for Creating Amazing Wedding Websites

Last Updated on May 12, 2023 by Project Party

For couples planning their dream wedding, there have never been more options to choose from when creating the perfect website. From straightforward builds to highly-customisable designs, these top-rated apps will make your special day stand out.

With the help of these easy-to-use apps, creating a stunning website is no longer just a task for tech-savvy web designers – anyone can create a professional-looking site with just a few clicks.

Top 5 Reasons Why Creating a Wedding Website is So Popular

Creating a beautiful and memorable wedding website is becoming increasingly popular for couples who want to share their special day with family and friends near and far. Here are five top reasons why creating a website is becoming a common theme:

  1. Convenience – A wedding website allows couples and their families to communicate quickly and easily with each other, share important information such as dates, locations, and registry details and get essential RSVP notices.
  2. Organisation – With a wedding website, guests can quickly access all the pertinent information they need in one place without looking through any physical materials or asking the couple or family members questions.
  3. Sharing Your Story – Wedding websites allow couples to show off their personality by adding photos, colours and stories that help tell the tale of their relationship leading up to the big day.
  4. Multi-Platform Accessibility – Wedding websites are accessible from any device (phone, tablet or computer), so guests can stay connected no matter where they are or what platform they’re using.
  5. Memory Keeping – After the big day, the photos, videos and stories captured on the wedding website will remain a wonderful memento for family and friends alike for years.

Make Your Wedding Unforgettable With a Stunning Wedding Website

Here are our picks for the best wedding website builders that make it easy to create a beautiful and memorable site for your special day:

Say I Do

Congratulations, lovebirds! You’re planning your big day and seeking help to make everything run smoothly. That’s where Say I Do comes in!

Say I Do is undoubtedly one of the best websites offering custom wedding websites and digital RSVP management services. This website grants you everything you need to plan, organise and achieve your wedding goals, and you can get started for free or with an affordable package option.

Key Features

Sayi.do is adorned with several incredible features, such as:

  • Guest list management.
  • Custom wedding website creation.
  • Save-the-dates.
  • RSVP reminders.
  • Gift registry.
  • Digital RSVP management.
  • Online wedding invitations.

You can also add dietary requirements and song requests to the RSVP.

Save the date for the big date
Wedding websites can be a great way to provide save-the-dates to guests, with the added benefit of being environmentally friendly and saving on paper waste.


To help you manage your wedding in a stress-free way, Sayi.do has four monthly pricing plans for you to choose from, which include:

  • Basic – Free but with only four key features to enjoy.
  • Standard – $70 AUD – 7 features.
  • Premium – $98 AUD – 11 features.
  • Platinum – $125 AUD – 13 features – unlimited in almost every way.

The Knot

The Knot is one of the top multi-platform wedding resources in the country, alongside Sayi.do and Zola. They provide a comprehensive planning experience that seamlessly combines everything from discovering inspiration and local vendors to organising and overseeing guest experiences, wedding registries, and other essential details.

Key Features

  • Wedding planning tools such as a budget planner, guest list manager, and customisable wedding website builder.
  • Vendor directory.
  • Wedding day timeline.
  • Registry services.
  • Inspiration galleries showcasing real weddings, style shoots, and DIY ideas.
  • Mobile app for accessing wedding planning tools and resources on the go.


The Knot offers free wedding website creation, but paid services are provided as separate one-time services, unlike Say I Do.

Easy Weddings

Easy Weddings is another comprehensive online platform that provides various wedding planning resources and services. It has a user-friendly interface that offers a wealth of information and tools to help couples plan their special day.


  • A virtual wedding to-do list.
  • Guest list.
  • Budget calculator.
  • Gifting registry.
  • Seating planner.
  • RSVP tracker.
  • A countdown to your wedding day.

Furthermore, the Easy Weddings App is also available. It can help you manage your wedding to-do list, monitor your guest list, save inspirational wedding ideas, calculate and track your budget, and take their wedding style questionnaire.

Wedding websites to assist with seating
Wedding websites can be invaluable when it comes to the daunting task of seating allocation, helping to keep everything organized and ensuring that guests have an enjoyable and comfortable experience.


Their wedding pricing starts from $5,000, but since their offer custom services, the pricing will vary.


Minted is another free and paid wedding website with personalised designs to match invitations and stationery. Their goal is to help you create a cohesive look and feel for your wedding celebration that will turn it into a memorable experience.

Key Features

  • Online RSVPs.
  • Gift registries.
  • Address collection tools.
  • Maps and directions.


Minted.com offers free customisable wedding templates, but their paid options cost $270. Upgrading your custom URL costs $15, and booking an appointment costs &49.

Squarespace Wedding Websites

Squarespace is a web builder platform that allows couples to create personalised websites for their wedding. This platform offers a convenient and customisable solution for couples to communicate with their guests and share important details about their wedding celebrations.

Squarespace is known for its user-friendly interface, with no need for technical knowledge to create professional-looking websites. Additionally, Squarespace websites are optimised for mobile devices, making it easy for guests to access important information from anywhere.

Key features

It comes with a wide range of customisable wedding website templates with built-in features, such as:

  • RSVP forms.
  • Registry pages.
  • Google Maps.
  • photo galleries, and more.


Squarespace has a 14-day trial; after that, you can opt for any of these plans:

  • Personal ($16 per month).
  • Business ($23 per month).
  • Basic Commerce ($27 per month).
  • Advanced Commerce ($49 per month).

Wix Wedding Websites

Just like Squarespace, Wix is another well-known and commonly used web builder. This builder is feature-rich, advanced and, more importantly, easy to use. With it, you can use the drag-and-drop feature to create a beautiful website for your memorable occasion.

Key Features

  • Contact forms.
  • Customisable RSVP forms.
  • Communication forum for guests.
  • Google Maps widget showing the direction of your venue.


Wix’s pricing start at $4/month to $24/month.


Planning a wedding can be a hassle, but Wedsites.com is here to help you create a stress-free, fun experience!

Wedsites provides all the tools you need to manage your wedding planning tasks and keep everything organised in one place. From thousands of attractive design options to easy-to-use dashboards, you can create a personalised wedding website that reflects your style.

Key Features

  • Site builder.
  • Timeline of events.
  • Countdown.
  • Gift registry.
  • Multilingual.
  • Live stream your wedding and more.


They have three pricing plans:

  • Lite – Free.
  • Standard – $99.
  • Pro – $199.


Initially created by its founder for his sister, Joy is a free wedding website builder you can also use. Despite being free, Joy offers many features to help you create a beautiful all-inclusive website. The templates are easy to use and design but may lack personalisation options.

Key Features

  • Planning dashboard.
  • Unlimited guests.
  • Digital invites and RSVP.
  • Wedding website.
  • Mobile app.
  • All-in-one registry.
  • Unlimited photo storage.


$0 per month.

Couple at a wedding being photographed
Wedding websites can provide an easy and secure platform for storing photos taken on the day, allowing guests to share and download their favourite memories while keeping everything organized in one convenient location.


Get ready to create a wedding website that’s as unique as you are with Zola! This amazing free builder offers over 100 stunning designs to choose from, so you can build a website that perfectly reflects your personality and style.

Key Features

  • Guest list.
  • Registry.
  • Budget calculator.
  • Album.
  • Venue vendors.


Zola is free; however, you may have to pay for some domains you want to use.

Riley & Grey

Riley & Grey is a high-end wedding website and invitation company perfect for design-forward couples. With their luxurious and stylish offerings, you can effortlessly create a stunning wedding website that showcases your story and style.

Plus, their smart features make it easy to take care of your guests and breeze through wedding planning without any stress. So if you’re looking for a top-of-the-line wedding website and invitation provider, look no further than Riley & Grey!

Key Features

  • Customisable templates.
  • RSVPs.
  • Invitation forms.
  • Example websites for inspiration.
  • Countries for cultural wedding setup.


This luxury platform features pricing plans:

  • A $35 Monthly plan.
  • A $240 Yearly Plan.

Bliss & Bone

Bliss & Bone is another one-stop shop for custom wedding websites, paperless invites, and online cards. They offer a wide range of unique and modern designs you can easily customise using their wedding website builder. With thousands of choices, you can create a personalised wedding website that truly reflects your style.

And the best part? You can test drive it for seven days for free!

Key Features

  • Wedding websites.
  • Wedding invitations (online and printed invitations).
  • Save the dates.
  • Wedding menus.
  • Rehearsal dinner invitations.


You can start with a 7-day trial, after which you can switch to pricing plan options that start at $40.

A menu at a floral themed wedding
Wedding websites can be an excellent way to share menus with guests, ensuring that everyone knows what delicious dishes they can expect and can plan their meal choices in advance – beef or chicken, the choice is yours!

Appy Couple

Appy Couple is the best platform for the best mobile wedding apps and websites for a convenient way to share all the essential details and photos with your wedding guests.
They provide a dynamic platform that consolidates all your wedding-sharing needs into one place, making it easier for your guests to stay updated.

Key Features

  • Address collections.
  • Multilingual capability.
  • Guestbook.
  • Countdown.
  • Customised guest access.
  • Photo sharing.
  • Privacy options, and more.


You will get unlimited access and complements for just $12 a month or $49 per year.

Make Your Special Day Memorable with the Best Wedding Website Builders Today!

Creating a wedding website is an excellent way to connect with friends and family near and far and share important information about your special day. With the help of the best wedding website builders available today, you can create a stunning site that reflects your unique style while providing convenient access for all guests.

Whether you choose one of these top-rated sites or choose a custom design option, creating a beautiful website for your big day will ensure it’s remembered fondly by everyone who celebrates alongside you!