Building a Party Planning Website for your Business

Last Updated on October 22, 2022 by Project Party

In this day and age, it is more important than ever to have a party-planning website to showcase your business to the world. 

Are you thinking it costs too much or that you need someone to do it for you? In essence, it is a simple process that can cost as much or as little as you can afford. 

There are a lot of platforms such as WordPress and Wix you can use to create your website for next to nothing. They have a huge choice of templates you can use to develop your party planning website online. 

You need an online presence to advertise your services. How else are people going to know what your business has to offer? 

It also gives you a good platform to develop your brand that makes your business easily recognisable.

Create a Party Planning Website to Reflect your Brand

Your party planning business needs a strong, recognisable brand. Why? It helps you stand out from competitors and presents you as unique. And once you create your brand, use it consistently across all social media platforms and printed media.

Consider the following when creating your brand:

  • Do you have a business logo? If not, then it’s time to get one. 
  • What colours suit your business? A bright, bold colour scheme or pale pastel shades?
  • Now consider the font you want to use. Do you want to keep it simple? Or do you want to use a unique font?
  • Photographs and graphics must reflect your business and the brand you want to create. Make sure they are of high quality.

If you don’t have the skills or creativity to build your branding yourself, reach out to a skilled freelancer instead. Sites like Freelancer and Upwork can help you find someone with the talent to bring your business to life.

Essential Pages for Party Planning Websites

Once you select a template, you need to decide what pages to create. In the beginning, you need at least four pages:

  • Home
  • About 
  • Services
  • Contact.

The first three pages will be of most interest to visitors. So make sure you take the time to write good content and use awesome photos so people cannot resist going to your contact page.

Creating a Party Planning Website Home Page

To create the best party planning website, your home page needs to attract a reader’s interest. You only have a mere few seconds before they hit the back button.

Here are eight essential elements you should have on your home page.

  • Business logo

Display your business logo prominently on the website. Usually at the top of the page in the header so it is in the same position on every page. 

Your website represents your business brand and what you stand for, and so should your logo.

  • Navigation Menu 

Making it simple for visitors to navigate your website is essential. So a simple, easy-to-locate navigation menu makes your website super functional. 

Ensure the menu items accurately capture the information on each page.

  • A Great Headline 

Start the page off right with a great headline that captures the essence of your business. A good headline paints an accurate picture in a few words. 

Consider carefully what you want your first message to your visitors to be. Follow the headline with a subheading and a few lines of text that is concise and conveys a strong message.

  • Calls to Action

The whole point of your website is to encourage visitors to take action. You want them to further explore your party planning site. 

Link calls to action to more information, your services and contact information.

  • Add Testimonials

Add business testimonials to your website. This helps build trust and establishes expertise. But when you first start your party planning business you may not have any feedback. 

So make sure you ask all your clients to complete reviews and add them down the track.

  • Inspirational Photos

As we all know great photos are inspirational. And people are visual. Add high-quality photos of the events you have already held. 

Photos help visitors imagine the results you can achieve for their party. It also helps establish business integrity and credibility. 

  • Written Content

It is important to use a language your target audience can relate to. Keep written content simple and easy to read. You are creating a party planning website so avoid using industry jargon as it can turn people away. 

It is about engaging with your visitors consistently to convince them they will benefit from using your services.

  • Footer Content

A footer that contains essential information is a powerful tool. Here there should be contact information, important links and social media icons so they can discover more on your socials.

Party Planning Website About Page

Your about page is the opportunity to engage visitors. So it is super important to tell your personal story. People like to do business with like-minded people they connect with. 

When you don’t know what to say, ask yourself the following two questions:

  1. What made you get into party planning.
  2. What is your passion?

Also, include a photo of you. People love learning about the person behind the website. It will help you build trust as well.

Make sure you talk about your party planning experience and the areas you specialise in. Also, let people know the type of parties you love to help plan.

Party Planning Website Services Page

A good services page has to have a balance between encouraging people to use your services and giving information. If you give long explanations about your services it will read like a low-grade encyclopedia. But being obvious about selling your services will make you seem like a used car salesman. 

So what to do? How do you create a services page to engage your target audience?

Should you have a single page that has an overview of your services or individual pages for each service? Honestly, you really need both. 

The single overview page is great for introducing your services and then linking each service to its own page. The service overview page allows people to quickly scan what you offer. 

And when you link to individual services, it allows them to get a more in-depth insight into what each service offers.

Party Planning Website Contact Page

Keep your contact page brief and to the point. All it really needs is a call to action and your contact details. 

Make sure you add a phone number and email address. Even set up a contact form to make it easy for people to touch base with you. 

Publish your Party Planning Website

Once you are happy with your website it is time to publish it. This is easy when using a platform like WordPress, Weebly or Wix.

Now you need to shout it out from the rooftops. Promote it so you start getting noticed. 

List your party planning website on platforms like Project Party and social media pages to start getting attention.

And soon you should be attracting a target audience you can convert into clients.