Top 15 Fancy Dress Party Themes That Are Still in Fashion Today

We know that a theme can make or break a party. We also know how hard it can be to come up with creative, sophisticated and fun party themes that break the mould of a typical fancy dress theme party. That’s why we’ve put in the hard work of scouring trends until we compiled a list of the top 15 fancy dress party themes that will transform your next party.

Don’t wait any longer to get inspired—check out the list of the top fancy dress party themes now!

1. Black & White Attire Party

As suggested in the name, at this type of party, the theme is focused on black and white. Guests should be instructed to wear either black or white attire and all the party decorations should also be black and white.

Make sure to extend your theme to the party decorations.

2. Murder Mystery Party

This particular dress party requires more work from the host, as your party actually serves as a game where guests try to find out who “committed the murder.” Guests should be instructed to dress up as their given character and the decorations should be relevant to the murder mystery’s theme (e.g., 1920s murder or futuristic murder).

3. Saints and Sinners Party

Turn up the heat and intrigue by throwing a classy and sexy Saints and Sinners party. Instruct guests to come dressed in angelic or devilish outfits and serve foods and drinks that fit the theme.

4. Celebrity Party

Just because A-list celebrities themselves won’t be in attendance at your party, that doesn’t mean that you can’t throw a celebrity-themed party. Have guests dress up as their favourite or look-a-like celebrity and you’ll be well on your way to hosting a star-studded party.

5. Garden Party

What’s classier than an English garden party? Next to nothing. Aim to throw this party in the spring or summer to take advantage of the stunning foliage. Plan to serve finger foods and small bites to keep the event light and classy.

Home-made garden games are a must for this theme.

6. Great Gatsby Party

If you’re looking for an iconic party theme that your guests will get excited about as soon as they open their invitation, consider throwing a Great Gatsby party. Guests will love the chance to dress as if they were going to one of Jay Gatsby’s extravagant parties.

7. Flower Power Party

If there’s any excuse to pull out the tie-dye shirts, embroidered jeans and flower crowns, a Flower Power party is it. Invite guests to dress to the occasion and embrace the peace.

8. James Bond Party

Everyone loves 007, so why not throw a party based on that theme. Invite guests to dress up as a character from one of their favourite scenes in the James Bond movies.

“Shaken, not stirred”

9. Casino Party

If you’re looking for a party that boasts an endless design and activity opportunity, a Casino Royale party is just that. Invite guests to dress their best, serve swanky cocktails and roll out a poker table to set the mood.

10. Pirate Party

Ahoy, mateys. Invite your guests to drink the rum and set sail to find the treasure of a good time. From pirate eye patches to fake peg legs, your guests will have a blast getting into character.

11. High Tea Party

If you’re searching for a classy party to throw for your girlfriends or your family, consider throwing a high tea party. Serve tea sandwiches, lemon cookies and hot tea to complete the mood.

12. Around the World Party

What better way to embrace different cultures than to throw an “Around the World” party? Ask guests to pick a country to represent and to bring a dish to pass to really get into the spirit.

13. 90s Party

Invite your guests to a blast from the past party by throwing an epic 90s party. Play old school hip hop and pop songs and invite guests to dress to a theme to get the night off to a great start.

Please ensure your party is totally radical.

14. Masquerade Party

Hide your identity and embrace a night of mystique by throwing a sexy and alluring masquerade party. Invite guests to design their own masks or provide ones for them to make sure everyone’s dressed up.

15. Holiday Party

Everyone has a no. 1 holiday, so why wait until that actual day to celebrate it? Throw a holiday party to give your friends and family a chance to celebrate their favourite day twice in one year.

Now that you’ve read up on some intriguing and fun party themes, it’s time to have fun. Start planning for your next party today!

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