How to Celebrate a Milestone Birthday (That You Don’t Want to Celebrate)

It’s an unfortunate truth—you’re not getting any younger, BUT it’s no excuse to not live the best version of you and celebrate with a kick-ass milestone birthday party. The ending of a decade is really just 10 more years of character, wit and charm in our books.

Considering you are here on this blog—it’s safe to assume you have little clue where to start as far as milestone birthday party activities are concerned, be it 30, 40, 50 or more. With a nod to your past 10 years of existence, take full advantage of the opportunity to party people. Plus, who doesn’t love a day of friends, family, and lots—perhaps even too much, food, drinks and fun.

Here are some kick-ass milestone birthday themes and ideas that will make it a party to remember:

Wonderland Theme

Saying goodbye to your 20s? Time to unleash your magic card or perhaps that youngster still within you, and have a night of mystery, intrigue and fun. Whether it’s masks, magicians and musicians – or clowns, photos booths, jumping castles and artists. Creating a theme that you love, based on your favourite movie, hobbies or time in history, is a great way to celebrate your individuality.

Here are a few ideas to get you rolling:

  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Burlesque
  • Masked ball
  • Ancient Egypt
  • 70s fashion
  • Gothic.

Get creative and unleash a party that is a literal blast to your past.

Remember, none of us was born to be average. We are born to be awesome and make the most out of life. So, on that note, cultivate some courage and create a night (or day) to remember! After all, this is your very last day of a decade of your life—meaning it’s a perfect excuse to get all frothy on life, eat too much food, dance like a fool and celebrate YOU!. ‘Cause, well, you deserve it.

40 and Fabulous

You’re 40, you’re freaking fabulous, and you’re fresh out of ideas about what to do?

We have your back with this next theme. Show your guests a day and night of wholesome pleasure in a hired venue, be it a beautiful garden dressed up with on fleek fairy lights and florals or on a luxury cruise liner equipped with a top-notch caterer and corks popping. Fill that place with everything that screams you. Have on-hand a photographer or photo booth to capture it all.

While no one EVER regrets a party might regret the aftermath of the next day. You might feel a tad sorry for yourself, but, what you will regret is letting fear stop you from gathering your nearest and dearest. Don’t let the worry of not pulling off the perfect shindig fit, for the coming of a new decade, that everyone will love, stop you.

Plus, partying not at your house means you don’t have to worry about the clean-up…

Golden Theme

Just about to hit the golden half a century? Congrats! You deserve to be celebrated in class and style. A golden-themed birthday party with delicious catered food and a Pinterest ready, golden decorated venue. Why not ask everyone to bring their fav memories of you in pictures and stories, get all nostalgic about the last few decades and ready to charge on with what’s ahead.

It’s time to create some memories!

Your milestone birthday is coming up, whether you’re ready or not. So, it’s time to let go of any worries and jump into some iconic and creative event planning. Call up your closest friends and family and ask them to join in! Make a night of it.

Ready to Make a Party to Remember, for Your Milestone Birthday?

Adulting can be hard but think of it this way. Every decade is the beginning of a new life, a new era of self. This, my friend, makes it all the more reason to commemorate your journey and give your loved ones an excuse to party (or get a night off from the kids).

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