8 Steps to Hosting an Unforgettable Girls Night in Party

Let’s face it, girls’ nights out get old fast. You go out to the same bars, spend too much money, drink a little too much and then have to find your way home. It’s great every now and again, but a girls night in sounds like a better kind of fun! Relieve the fun you had when you were young at your slumber parties.

Not sure where to start? No worries. We’ve thought it all out for you. Here are the eight steps you need to take to throw an unforgettable girls night in party:

Set a Theme

Who doesn’t love a themed party?

Your girls will totally get into dressing up and having a themed girls night in. A few pointers, though, don’t make your theme night totally obscure. Do something simple so it’s easy to participate. Some ideas include tropical night, college night, pretty in pink, pyjama night—the list could go on!

Make sure to keep the spirit going by planning your whole night around the theme. Don’t make the mistake of setting a theme and then not following through. A party to remember is one that has a distinct theme that is present throughout the whole night.

Don’t Forget About Menu Planning

While it’s memorable to not have great food, you don’t want to leave a bad taste in your guests’ mouths. Menu planning should be on the front of your mind once you decide to set a party date. Your themed night should be apparent in your menu.

So, if you choose tropical night, make sure you have plenty of tropical themed goodies like tropical fruit, tacos, salsas, etc. If you choose college night, make sure to have pizza, chips, jello shots and all the fun things while in school.

Make sure to keep your crowd in mind. If your friends aren’t the meal type but like to snack, make sure to have a lot of small portions. If your friends love sweets, make sure to have plenty of desserts.

Spend Time Setting up the Room

Yes, you could all easily just lay around on your couch but you want to make sure this night is different. Move it away from the usual catch up by putting some effort into it, buddy.

I suggest making it as cozy as possible. Some nice blankets and cushions will not break the bank but will make sure everyone feels comfortable. Additionally–with your theme in mindset up the room with a few simple but nice touches such as candles.

And, be sure to de-clutter the room. Make your girls night in space a sanctuary.

Entertain Like a Pro

This next step is crucial for succeeding with your girls night in.

How many times have you all sat around and discussed what you should watch? And then, painfully, shuffle around the offerings on Netflix? It not only kills a good mood but it wastes so much decent party time. I implore you to decide on what you are going to watch well before anyone comes over.

This is good advice generally for the whole night. You know what you should watch and what people should be doing so make sure you lead the direct the night like a pro. Have a plan, some confidence and a schedule for the activities so that no one gets bored.

If you have friends scrolling through social media then you’ve failed.

Mix up Some Cocktails

No party is complete without having a full bar. In fact, your bar menu is just as important as your food menu. This is where you can get really fun with your theme. For example, a pretty in pink night could mean a lot of fun pink boozy drinks, while a tropical night could call for Pina Coladas and Bahama mamas.

Also, make sure you pre-empt the party-goers that there will be drinks for all attendees and anyone is welcome to crash at your house if needed. I’m not saying that your party needs to have alcohol to be fun (ahem) but setting expectations will set the night apart and get people amped.

Have Games Ready to Go

A party is only as fun as its games. Make sure to have plenty of activities planned for your girls night in. You could order some fun board games on the internet or even bring out the schoolgirl games you used to play like truth or dare.

Consider Having a Sleepover

It’s likely that your guests will be consuming a lot of tasty, boozy beverages at your girls night in party. In lieu of making sure they have safe rides home, throw an overnight girls night in a slumber party. You’ll feel the nostalgia of your schoolgirl days and all your friends will safely sleep off the fun they’ve had!

Make Sure Everyone Can Talk (No Ranting)

While you should have a soundtrack for the night you need to make sure it is played at a level so that everyone can still talk. You will also want to make sure that everyone has their chance to speak so, as some of my friends call it, designate part of the night for ‘circle time’ so everyone can feel valued.

And, please, please, please do not get on any high horses and go on a rant. Try to keep both the alcohol (and emotions) in check. You want the night to be remembered and not the drunken antics.

Saying that maybe some drunken antics will ensure a memorable night…

The Key to an Unforgettable Girls Night in Is a Plan

There is a fine line between a bleh girls night in and an unforgettable girls night in. To make sure your night is more of the latter then you’ll need to put some effort into it. You’ll need a plan, you’ll need an environment and you’ll need a very good attitude and you’ll have a fantastic time.

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