7 Essential Wedding Candy Bar Supplies to Go From DIY to Pro

Want to make sure that your wedding candy bar isn’t just a lolly table? We’ve found the key wedding candy bar supplies that you will need to get!

While there are a slew of fantastically impressive providers of wedding candy bar supplies across the country, there is another option. Speaking from experience, making your own candy bar can be enjoyable and a cost-saver. But, while eating lollies is enjoyable for all, being a creative visual designer of sugary goods may not come as easily.

Here are the fundamental ingredients to make sure your candy bar is legit:

1. Candy (Wedding Candy Bar Supply #1)

Trust me, if your candy bar doesn’t have candy there will be issues. An obvious inclusion in this list, but there are a few things to consider when selecting your lollies.

Choose a colour palette for your candy and be consistent with your overall decorating theme when selecting your wedding candy bar supplies. White is a popular palette (obviously) where you’d get milk bottles and white chocolate buttons to offset against brighter candies. Depending on your commitment, you could also consider just picking out all the white jelly beans.

Also, you should think of the types of guests you will have (younger guests?), the stages of your nights (easily grabbed on the way to the DF?) and variety (donuts aren’t technically candy, but hey, we all love them). Crucially, make sure your favourites are ready-to-go as well.



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2. Jars

The saying goes that ‘you eat with your eyes’. Candy bars are popular because they make for a striking display and set the tone for your night: fun!

Of course, I’m sure you have a friend with a ton of vintage jars boxed up which are ideal. If you need to purchase jars it’s not really about the size but more about the variety of shapes.

Pro Tip: as a bit of fun, put a table prize on correctly choosing the right amount of smarties in a particular jar at the start of the night. It will encourage repeat visits!

3. Scoops and tongs

Please ensure that all kids (and Uncle Dave!) keep their sticky hands out of the candy jars. Tongs will help with this but they’ll also limit the amount of candy taken, based on the kids skills and patience.

Proper metallic scoops are the ultimate in wedding candy bar supplies, but you’ll struggle to fund a use for them once the night’s over. Those small tongs you got from K-Mart will work just as well and look great.

4. Display boxes

The idea with boxes is to create a series of steps on the table (not up to the table for your vertically challenged friends) to give it more impact from a distance. Picture a wonderful waterfall of candy. You want to entice your guests. Everyone has a particular lolly that they feel quite passionate about—love or hate—and it’s good to get the debate going in your wedding groups.

A lovely, rustic old wooden box is easy to find and fit into a lot of wedding themes and locations. Rustic doesn’t fit with your theme? No worries—any sort of stable box covered with a tablecloth in your theme is suitable.

5. Doggy bags

Some brown paper bags to use as doggy bags are crucial wedding candy bar supplies for two reasons. Firstly, you’re sure to have a lot of candy that you need to be eaten, so get it flowing from the bar to their tables with a bag they can fill. Secondly, you’ve got a lot of candy (can’t stress this enough) and you don’t want to be taking all that candy home again! So, make sure everyone fills a bag before they leave.

6. Signs

This can be a super fun ‘crafternoon’ experience for you and the team before the wedding.

There is lots of inspiration you can find on Pinterest. Fitting it in with your other wedding stationery will ensure the job is done right by your wedding team. Think of a cute bit of beautiful paper with hand written notes, held on a piece of string or a small stand.

Want to step it up a notch? You could give each piece of candy new names to shout out some of the dear people who have helped you along them way. Thanks, ‘Sally’s Sour Worms’.

7. Decorations

What’s the point of this list? It’s to get you to think of the wedding candy bar as less of a catering supply and more of a key decoration on your big night.

Just like the gift registry, photo booth, table settings and so on, the candy bar needs to fit in with your overall theme and should be decorated as such. It’s going to be there all night and will feature in a lot of photos. So, make sure it’s something that you would like your wedding to be remembered by.

Your chance to make your own mark

Let’s face it; organising a wedding can be an absolute monster of a task. Anything, and everything, that you can offload will make the experience more enjoyable for all. There are a lot of amazing caterers and companies that can get you all the wedding candy bar supplies you’ll need.

Want a top-notch candy bar? Browse Food, Drinks and Desserts suppliers in your area now.