4 Kids Birthday Party Themes That Stand Any Test of Time

First things first. You’ve committed to the party, so for your sanity it’s important you know when it’s starting and most importantly when it’s finishing. You won’t need mums, dads, and in-laws pushing those boundaries after 50 red frogs have gone missing. You certainly don’t want to be brewing cups of tea for Aunties hours after the last kids have gone home. Sayonara Shirley. While kids party trends can change faster than they can change their knickers, here’s a few blockbuster kids birthday party themes that we think stand any test of time.

If all else fails, turn everything into a donut.

  1. Pony Party

There is no doubt in our mind that every girl goes through a stage of everything wanting to scream PONY!

Let’s thank every pony lord that ever lived, you can have a party packed with them. Including hired help with BYO ponies that include pony games and pony rides. The basics like helium balloons and a pony shaped piñata will be great frills, but nothing will beat the IRL pony strutting off the back of the trailer. Let’s see how far you can go with this benchmark for kids birthday party themes. Pony cake, ponytails, pony rides, pin the tail on the pony?

For extra fun, (and super cute photos) make it a dress up party. Ain’t nothing sweeter than seeing a tribe of little ones dressed to the hilt in cowboy boots, jodhpurs and other farmyard paraphernalia.

  1. Glow in the Dark

Spare no expense and grab the attention of all the wildlings with this idea. For extra brownie points turn it into a slumber party with midnight snacks and literally light up their taste buds with glow in the dark drinks!

Did you know that the active ingredient in tonic water – Quinine – is actually a fluorescent substance? Well blow us down, now mum and dad can kick back after the cake is cut with a G&T while the kids are entertained with glow in the dark jelly cups (with a dash of tonic in the mix to bring out their glow). Rumour has it that anything with B2 vitamins will also glow in the dark. So not only is your kids party the coolest on the block, but healthy to boot!

Glow sticks, stickers and neon lights will turn any old bedroom into a twilight zone that has kids talking about it for weeks afterwards. If you need any more help turning your house into a new dimension you can also swap your ordinary household light bulbs for black light ones. These days most party elements are also made in a glow in the dark version if you look hard enough. It might take a bit of extra DIY, but trust us, it will be worth it. The party will look sensational and you’ll be the proudest parents on the party block.

  1. Just Add Water

For the Summer months nothing beats a pool party. For some reason giving kids water to play with is like giving a football team a case of beer; they’ll go a little nuts. If you don’t have a pool don’t despair, hit the beach, get out of the house, or hire some space at the local pool. We’ve got some fun for everyone that’ll keep ya’ll cool.

Kids go wild for a DIY Slip n slide with water and soap suds. You can add extra water value with a water pinata, water pistols and water bomb games.

Don’t forget the sunscreen station. You don’t want parents reprimanding you for their pink faced kids.

  1. DIY Eco Party Chic

Back in the 90’s if your mum didn’t buy you the prettiest party bags or plastic plates you were probably ousted for one reason or another.

For the sustainable parent in you, there are plenty of DIY trends that mean you can make a good impression while leaving a light footprint on the earth. A little more time and fun together getting organised while saving money on single-use throw away items. These days the Internet can help us manufacture anything in our own home from slime to snow cones. Make your own pom poms to decorate and some flags or bunting out of old glad rags. If you’re still seeking some bling it’s easy enough to find earth friendly items such as biodegradable confetti, beeswax birthday candles and edible glitter.

These days, kids are rallying for climate change and boycotting McDonalds, so we’re predicting eco parties are only minutes away from being oh so chic.