10 Birthday Party Planning Apps To Make Planning Simple

Parties are the best. No matter how much effort or hard work someone puts into planning or attending a birthday party, it’s always worth the effort. 


Today is the era of technology, and party planning is no different. Your phone can now plan an entire party for you, everything you need can be found just at the click of a button with many party planning apps to choose from. 


When it comes to throwing a lavish and memorable birthday party, there’s so many places to start. Lots of things need to be bought and many tasks need to be done during the planning phase.


Party planning apps are easily accessible on Android and iOS devices. They maintain track of tasks and deadlines for planning an event on time. 


But the best birthday party planning apps for your party aren’t just for helping you organise. They also cater for your music to keep the party rocking. Some will also serve you the best decorative inspiration to create memorable events. All of them will help you create a killer party.


However, finding the best planner app is also a difficult task. So, today we’re helping out with our list of the best free party planning apps. Here is the list of the top birthday party planning apps.


Here’s the 10 best party planning apps to plan an epic party super easy.


#1 Event planner 

While getting invited to big parties is everyone’s favorite thing, planning a Birthday party can be difficult. Event Planner is one of the best party planning apps to make the job much easier. 


The app helps you manage many of the common items for your party. It includes:


  • ToDo and Budget Management
  • Keeps track of your guest list
  • Your to-do list
  • Financial planning


It also creates PDFs of guest, budget, and menu lists to share with friends, family, and co-planners and save them on your hard drive. 

This app is available for both Android and iOS devices, and it is free to download. 


Some people hire party planners to make party throwing a breeze, while others believe in DIY parties. 


The choice is yours. In any case, these party planning apps will help you out with everything.


#2 Spotify 

Without music, a big party doesn’t last long. Music at parties puts people at ease and helps to relax them. 


Spotify (iOS or Android download) is the number 1 music streaming service option, with over 50 million tracks accessible. Consider your guests’ tastes and make, or find, a playlist of music that will keep the mood high.


Spotify is free to use if you are happy with some quiet advertisements. You can decide the soundtrack for your party and get things going.


#3 Planning Pod

Planning Pod is an excellent party planning app for any amateur or professional event planner. The app helps with everything, from budgeting to inviting guests, all managed in one place. 


Planning Pod may be your dream assistant if you constantly organize significant events, or are looking to start a small business too. Some of the functionality it includes is:


  • Timetables,
  • Budgets
  • To-do lists
  • Calendars, etc.


You can also organize seating, register guests, and create event websites.


#4 Pro Party Planner 

This is a great application that is regularly included in the best party planner apps lists. It helps organize meetings, trade exhibits, celebrations, and charity events. 


The Pro Party Planner application was developed for expert event planners. However, it was quickly adopted among beginners for its easy-to-use interface. You can do everything including: 


  • Create a budget and a list of guests
  • Send invitations
  • Plan arrangements for seats
  • Build to-do lists and shopping lists
  • Allocate individual tasks to friends
  • Track progress, and more.


#5 Pinterest 

It’s not easy to plan a party that is totally unique. So why not get as many ideas as you can from Pinterest (download for iOS or Android)? Browse on Pinterest to discover hundreds of pages with event ideas if you have a sense of what party theme you want.


If you are planning a low-key party, you can look for “basic party ideas” or look for a more advanced event. You can also look for “fancy party ideas.” 


Use the search box to find theme ideas, decorations, flower arrangements. Anything you could imagine to inspire your event.


#6 Planner Pro 

Planner Pro is a fully functional party activity planning app. It allows you to organize a party and plays an essential part in your day-to-day activities. 


Planner syncs with your Google calendar and the existing events and adds, deletes, or adjusts events as desired. It has manual time slots with remainder and checkboxes. 


Easily among the best free party planning apps right now it’s worth checking out.


#7 Instagram

No party can be complete without the perfect way to capture it. And Instagram is one of the best ways to create lasting memories.


Instagram is not just for sharing photos though. It’s camera and built in features and filters are some of the best available, and they’re totally free. This makes it one of the best apps for party planning and events.


Create amazing photos quickly and add the perfect filter to mark the occasion. Tag your friends in the photos and create memories in real time.


You can even setup a hashtag for your wedding or event so guests can tag their photos and collect all the memories in one place,


#8 Party & Event Planner Lite

Party and Event Planner Lite is a great tool for scheduling modest personal parties and small corporate gatherings. Party & Event Planner Lite helps you:


  • Draw cost list
  • Organize a to-do list
  • Generate a list of guests


There is an integrated function to calculate the amount of alcohol needed, which is very useful and we found it to be really accurate. You can plan one or more parties and choose your catering effortlessly and efficiently through the app. 


Based on the celebration date specified, your customized countdown will be compiled automatically to help you.


#9 Any.do 

Any.do is a simple party and event planning application for generating and implementing your planning and tasks. The app has many capabilities built in and will help your event run with maximum efficiency. You can simply add new tasks to be completed on a specific day and place a “check” as soon as they are done. 


Moreover, you may split jobs into subtasks. The app syncs with most calendar/mail apps. So, you can effectively manage everything from a single place on the go.


#10 Menulog

You can’t throw a party without food. And having the best restaurants at the click of a button is a huge benefit of the technological age. 


Menulog brings the catering to you. Whether you’re planning a small gathering of friends for a dinner party and you don’t trust yourself to cook for yourself. Or if its large corporate event, Menulog can handle your order and delivery without a problem


If it’s something bigger, think a wedding or conference, then a professional caterer might be the best option. 


Bottom line of Party Planning Apps

Thanks to the advent of internet-connected smartphones and tablets, it’s never been easier to plan an amazing and unique birthday party yourself. 


When it comes to choosing a decent date and time, sending invitations and updates, and planning your party, you can rely on apps to help you.


Check them out and give them a go next time you’re planning a party. If you’re looking to avoid the hassle of planning your own party then checkout the best party planners near you on Project Party.