12 Best Food Trucks in Melbourne to Cater Your Next Event

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These days, food trucks are popping up everywhere, from outdoor events to music festivals all over Australia. We’ve compiled a list of the best food trucks in Melbourne to bring you top-notch catering for any special occasion. Parked up at your favourite sites across the city, these food trucks offer delicious and convenient options for your culinary needs.

Plus, many of these food trucks are run by experienced chefs who decided to take their talents on the open road after leaving their top kitchen gigs! From mouth-watering tacos to irresistible burgers and everything in between, food trucks can provide an unforgettable dining experience with a casual vibe that’s perfect for weddings, parties, or other events. No matter what type of cuisine you crave, there’s sure to be something delicious waiting in one of Melbourne’s many food trucks.

Check out our list below for the best food trucks in Melbourne this event season:

1. Happy Camper Pizza

Happy Camper Pizza provides an unforgettable pizza experience like no other! Their 1960s vintage trucks and caravans with wood-fired pizza ovens make pizza that tastes Bellissimo and is sure to leave a lasting impression on your guests. With their family-run business based in Melbourne, they launched in 2013 and quickly became one of Melbourne’s favourite food truck spots. They offer catering for events of all sizes with their traditional wood-fired Italian classics like Margarita and Capricciosa, as well as some unique recipes like Smoked Salmon.

And to top it all off, Happy Camper Pizza has something for everyone, including gluten-free, vegetarian or vegan options and even dessert pizzas if you have a sweet tooth – making them the perfect choice for catering any event involving food trucks in Melbourne.

Happy Camper Pizza food truck in Melbourne
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2.Dessert Wunderland

Dessert Wunderland, a dessert catering van based in Melbourne, is your go-to for a sweet tooth fix. They offer an array of mouth-watering desserts such as crepes, waffles, churro bites, bubble waffles, churros, donut fries, cheesecake and gelato. In addition to being delicious, their desserts are not only delicious but also Instagram-worthy! Dessert Wunderland is highly sought after for various events such as corporate events, festivals, and food trucks in Melbourne. Their mission is to provide delectable desserts that will tantalise your taste buds, leaving you wanting more!

Dessert Wunderland truck in VIC
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3. Berty&Co.

Berty&Co has earned a reputation for offering high-quality food and service that always leaves you feeling perfectly satisfied; they specialize in only serving fresh, honest and clean food, which means their vegan, gluten-free and vegetarian options are always a crowd-pleaser, and they ensure that they offer food you can be proud to eat by taking time to make their own stock, spice blends and relish, while their menu comprises not only of classic options such as fish & chips but also unique dishes such as their corn & feta fritters, making them a popular choice for food trucks in Melbourne, and catering a range of events including your next party or corporate event.

Berty&Co food truck in Melbourne
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4. Smokeyboiz

Smokeyboiz is famous for serving finger-licking BBQ which makes it a go-to stop for those who crave delicious food, which can be enjoyed from their food trucks in Melbourne popping up around the buzzing food scene. Their menu is not only limited to meat but also vegetarian options. If you want to enjoy their tasty treats to the fullest, just hit your favourite food truck park-ups and festivals popping up around the city. Catering for large crowds and events is always a top priority for Smokeyboiz.

Their extensive menu includes crowd-pleasers like Philly Cheesesteak rolls or equally delicious vegetarian options, and you can trust them to satisfy everyone’s taste buds. They offer a full sit-down dinner available for anyone whose palate demands more. All you have to do is follow Smokeyboiz on social media to find out where they will be next in the bayside area of Melbourne!

Smokeyboiz truck in VIC
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5. Nem N’ Nem

Experience the best of Vietnamese street food in Melbourne with Nem N’ Nem food truck, where brother and sister duo, Ken and Kathy, present their high-quality delicious dishes that leave you in awe. Nem N’ Nem offers both a unique eating experience and amazing cuisine, with a range of mouth-watering dishes such as spring rolls, fried wontons, and dumplings, along with tasty bao burgers and coconut panna cotta to finish off the meal. By bringing good quality and tasty Vietnamese food into the Australian diet, Nem N’ Nem is committed to leaving a lasting impression among food trucks in Melbourne’s buzzing food scene.

Nem N' Nem truck in VIC
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6. Feed Me Group

Feed Me Group is a top food truck in Melbourne for those seeking an unforgettable food experience. They specialize in entertaining and feeding people with awesome food that leaves a lasting impression on every guest at festivals, markets, corporate events, and functions. Pizza Forno Kitchen, their wood-fired pizza food truck, serves up delicious pizza made with fresh, high-quality ingredients. Whether you’re craving a classic margherita or something more adventurous, their team will deliver deliciousness in every slice.

With years of experience in the food industry, Feed Me Group has built a reputation for excellence, providing exceptional service and delectable cuisine that suits all tastes and dietary requirements. Choose them for your next event and indulge in the best food experience possible! When it comes to food trucks in Melbourne, make sure to check out Feed Me Group for a truly memorable culinary adventure.

Feed Me Group food truck in Melbourne
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7. My Little Country Kitchen

For those in search of a catering solution for their next event in Melbourne, My Little Country Kitchen is the perfect choice. This food truck specializes in bringing local tastes and a hand-crafted touch to every occasion. They work with Yarra Valley’s local producers to provide country gourmet delights and a personalized grazing experience.

My Little Country Kitchen caters for weddings, festivals, and a variety of functions, specializing in finger food and mini meals made with fresh, quality produce sourced locally where possible. Their personalized service ensures that every event is unique, with a homemade selection cooked to order and presented beautifully. For larger gatherings, their food van is a popular option for events local to Melbourne. My Little Country Kitchen works one-on-one with clients to create the perfect selection of small dishes, catering to all dietary requirements and offering a range of options upon request.

Choose them for your next event and leave a lasting impression on your guests with delicious and visually stunning food. When it comes to food trucks in Melbourne, My Little Country Kitchen is a standout option that you won’t regret choosing.

My Little Country Kitchen food truck in Melbourne
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8. Fancy Hanks

Fancy Hank’s is a food truck that’s famed in Melbourne for serving up delicious slow-cooked American BBQ that no other can match; featuring free-range meats slow-cooked to perfection for up to 22 hours in their custom-built smoker, served with house-made sides and condiments by award-winning chefs, every dish served up by Fancy Hanks is a BBQ classic, such as their signature smoked fried chicken or their country-style pork ribs, and they have plenty of vegan options too, including the smoked pumpkin and BBQ mushroom plate served with jalapeño and peach sauce. Check out Fancy Hanks to experience their mouth-watering BBQ cuisine that is known as the epitome of BBQ done right!

Fancy Hanks food truck in Melbourne
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9. Food Family Passion

Food Family Passion is the perfect choice when you want to make your special occasion even more memorable. Their barista-made hot & iced drinks come with delicious freshly-made waffles that meet everyone’s needs. Start off by trying out their signature pear tarte tartin paired with one of their gourmet coffees and then choose from any of the other scrumptious waffle options for an unforgettable experience. And if you’re planning something bigger, they offer customized catering services for events both big and small – no matter what type of food truck in Melbourne you need, Food Family Passion has got your back.

Food Family Passion truck in VIC
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10. Fiesta Mexico

For the freshest and most flavourful experience, come to Fiesta Mexico – one of the most popular food trucks in Melbourne. They offer an ever-changing menu with colourful and delicious Mexican options, ranging from their famous tacos served with fresh-made and gluten-free tortillas to an incredible range of traditional dishes. Plus, they provide catering services so that you can get your fill of amazing Mexican flavours any time.

Experience something special at their beer and taco nights where you get to sample the best of both worlds! Fiesta Mexico is your go-to destination for authentically delicious Mexican cuisine.

Fiesta Mexico truck in VIC
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11. Crêpes for Change

Looking for something extra special in your food truck experience? Look no further than Crêpes for Change – one of the most beloved food trucks in Melbourne. Not only do they create delicious, mouthwatering crêpes, but also provide employment and confidence-building skills to homeless and unemployed youths through their hospitality training program.

Plus, they cater all kinds of events across Victoria and reinvest their profits back into the community – talk about a winning combination! Treat yourself to an unforgettable experience when you support Crêpes for Change – not only will you get to enjoy scrumptious food, but you’ll also be doing something good for your community.

Crepes for Change food truck in Melbourne
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12. Twista Sis

For twisted spuds and Dutch poffertjes lovers in Melbourne, Twista Sis food truck is the ultimate destination. They’ve earned this reputation thanks to their excellent homemade secret recipe batter, which guarantees an unforgettable culinary experience. Twista Sis offers their services through food vans, food marquees, as well as events, festivals, and markets across Melbourne.

Their menu features a variety of flavours to satisfy every taste bud, from savoury to sweet. By using only the highest quality ingredients, they take pride in providing exceptional service and products. For your next event or craving, make sure to contact Twista Sis Spuds – your taste buds will thank you for it. When it comes to food trucks in Melbourne, Twista Sis is one that you won’t want to miss!

Twista Sis food truck in Melbourne
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Transform Your Next Event With Delicious Food Trucks in Melbourne: A Unique, Tasty, and Casual Experience.

Food trucks in Melbourne have come a long way – they are now manned by professionally trained chefs with years of experience. These talented individuals have big dreams and aspirations to run their own successful catering businesses, making your next event or party an unforgettable experience. No longer just a food truck stop, these mobile kitchens are turning into veritable gourmet restaurants on wheels, offering tantalizing selections of freshly made meals. Whether you’re looking for a delightful lunch spread, or exquisite hors d’oeuvres for your next cocktail party, look no further than the incredible food trucks in Melbourne to provide you and your guests with an amazing culinary experience!

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