12 Best Food Trucks in Canberra to Cater Your Next Event

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Food trucks have become increasingly popular in Canberra, offering residents and visitors a unique dining experience. Whether you’re looking for something quick and convenient or an exciting new twist on your favourite dishes, food trucks in Canberra have it all.

From classic comfort foods to experimental fusion fare these mobile eateries are sure to satisfy even the pickiest of palates. Get ready to explore the vibrant culinary scene that is flourishing around the city’s streets!

Exploring the Food Truck Scene in Canberra: A Unique Dining Experience for All

The food truck scene in Canberra is bustling with activity, offering an array of diverse cuisines and dishes for everyone to enjoy. Whether you’re looking for a quick snack or something more substantial, you can find it all at these mobile eateries. From vegan-friendly options to classic comfort foods, there are plenty of delicious choices available that will surely tantalize your taste buds. Plus, many of the trucks have special events and offers throughout the year so be sure to keep an eye out! With such a variety of offerings, food trucks in Canberra provide a unique dining experience that is not to be missed.

Here are our top 10 food trucks in Canberra that we think you should check out:

1. Brazbecue Food Truck in Canberra

Looking for delicious food in Canberra? Look no further than Brazbecue, a new addition to the vibrant food truck scene in the Australian capital. This Brazilian barbecue restaurant offers a unique menu with a selection of meats, including beef, pork and chicken, as well as vegetarian options.

The traditional Brazilian churrasco is the star of the menu, with each cut of meat expertly prepared and cooked over an open flame. The result is a collection of juicy and flavorful dishes that will satisfy any meat lover. Brazbecue’s warm and welcoming atmosphere, decorated with inspiration from Brazilian culture, is also a standout feature.

For an authentic and exciting dining experience in Canberra, make your way to Brazbecue, one of the best food trucks in the city. Whether you are a vegetarian or a meat lover, there is something for everyone on the menu. Brazbecue is a must-visit destination for anyone looking to try something new and delicious.

Brazbecue food truck in Canberra
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2. Neat Street Coffee Co.

Looking for a unique coffee experience in Canberra? Check out Neat Street Coffee Co. This mobile coffee caravan, built in 1974, offers a vintage charm that sets it apart from other coffee shops in the area. But what really sets Neat Street apart is its quality-focused approach to coffee.

They use only the best ingredients and brewing techniques to create a truly memorable cup of coffee to have you coming back time and time again.

And if you’re on the hunt for food trucks in Canberra, Neat Street has got you covered. Their easy-eats menu includes delicious breakfast and lunch items perfect for satisfying any cravings.

Whether you’re after a quick bite or a leisurely meal, Neat Street has something for everyone. And, with a location that changes frequently, it’s always exciting to see where Neat Street will pop up next.

Neat Street Coffee Co. open for business
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3. Jarochos

Passionate about sharing authentic Mexican cuisine with a charming personality, Jarochos is a family-run small business in Canberra. With locally sourced ingredients and family recipes, they showcase the variety that Mexican cuisine has to offer through their Mexican food stand and food trucks in Canberra. Jarochos aims to bring the real taste of Mexico to every dish they serve, from tacos to burritos and other Mexican favourites.

They also provide catering services for events and parties. Anyone who wants to experience authentic Mexican culture and cuisine can join them at Jarochos.

Jarochos Mexican cantina
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4. Sweet Formosa

Jamie and Thierry, the founders of Sweet Formosa, come from Taiwan and Portugal, respectively, and combine their cultures to provide a unique experience for Australian customers. Their passion for sweets is evident in the Authentic Pastéis de Nata, a traditional Portuguese tart, and other cakes that they offer, all made with high-quality ingredients. Along with these decadent treats, Sweet Formosa’s van serves fresh coffee and tea, adding to the experience of indulging in delicious desserts on the streets of Canberra. Anyone looking for an unforgettable sweet treat experience can follow Sweet Formosa on social media to find out where the mobile coffee van will be popping up next in Canberra.

Sweet Formosa coffee and treats
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5. Kombi Keg Canberra

Kombi Keg Canberra – The Ultimate Mobile Bar – is a 1973 VW Kombi that is the perfect addition to your next wedding, party, festival, corporate function or event. With six beer taps connected to six kegs inside the van, they offer a unique and convenient way to serve your favourite beverages.

And the best part? There’s something for everyone – from beer and cider to wine, cocktails, soft drinks and even water.

Whether you’re in the Canberra District, South Coast, NSW Snow Fields or surrounding areas, Kombi Keg Canberra is ready to bring the party to you. Even if you’re in regional NSW, they’re up for a road trip!

Don’t settle for a boring bar – choose Kombi Keg Canberra for an unforgettable experience. If you’re searching for drinks and food trucks in Canberra, look no further than Kombi Keg – let them turn your next event into the party of the year!

Kombi Keg Canberra pouring beverages
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6. Short Eats

Short Eats cafe is a funky Sri Lankan-style Cafe serving the best in Sri Lankan baked goods and food. The Short Eats food van first introduced its unique blend of aromatic curries and flavour-packed snacks to Canberra in 2020. Now co-owners Michael De Silva and ‘DD’ Mishra have opened a new cafe in Woden, bringing their signature blend of flavour and fun to a wider audience.

Their menu boasts unique dishes such as curry hollandaise Eggs Benedict, curry jaffles, Sri Lankan-style French Toast and a fusion Lankan Poke Bowl. Served alongside classic dishes such as rice and curry, biryani and string hoppers.

Michael offers a mix of traditional Sri Lankan food and modern cooking techniques, keeping the dishes true to their origins while adding his own flair. Short Eats Cafe’s menu offers Canberra locals and visitors a unique culinary experience.

Short Eats food truck in Canberra
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7. Brodburger

For those who love burgers – be it rich, meaty or vegetarian options – Brodburger has something for everyone. The popular food truck has come a long way, starting from an old red gypsy caravan to now owning two popular locations in Canberra.

You can now find Brodburger on the premises of Capital Brewing Co in Fyshwick or at Kingston Foreshore’s Canberra Glassworks. The brewery setting is perfect for enjoying your burger by the open fire or outside in the beer garden.

With their burgers made from fresh, locally sourced ingredients, Brodburger is committed to delivering high-quality, tasty meals. Those looking for an amazing burger experience in Canberra shouldn’t miss out on Brodburger.

Brodburger truck serving a customer
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8. Grease Monkey Food Truck in Canberra

Canberra is a foodie’s paradise, and Grease Monkey is one of the many must-visit spots in the city. This local eatery is known for its delicious burgers, pizzas and fried chicken, all served out of an old mechanic’s garage.

As a fan favourite, Grease Monkey serves up juicy burgers, refreshing craft beers and famous milkshakes that are perfect for any meal or occasion. With three locations across the city, Grease Monkey has become an icon of the food trucks in Canberra trend.

Their unique blend of classic roadside fare and modern culinary techniques has made them a hit with locals and visitors alike. Whether you’re in the mood for a comforting burger or a refreshing drink, Grease Monkey is sure to hit the spot.

So next time you’re in Canberra be sure to check out this one-of-a-kind food truck and taste what all the fuss is about!

The Grease Monkey food truck in Canberra
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9. The Tikka Stand

If you’re craving flavorful Indian street food in Canberra, The Tikka Stand Food Truck is a must-visit destination. The food truck offers an authentic BBQ Chicken Tikka that is fresh and tasty. They marinate the boneless chicken in a secret spice blend and cook it to perfection, resulting in a heavenly taste that will leave you wanting more.

The Tikka Stand Food Truck is a great addition to the Canberra food truck scene. It brings a unique taste of India to the city and locals and visitors alike have taken notice. From the fresh ingredients to the delicious spices, everything about this food truck is authentic.

Make sure to visit The Tikka Stand and indulge in their mouth-watering BBQ Chicken Tikka – you won’t be disappointed!

The Tikka Stand on a busy day
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10. Mr. Papa

If you’re seeking authentic Peruvian cuisine in Canberra, Mr. Papa is the place to be. This food truck and catering company specializes in fresh, authentic Peruvian street food that is packed with bold flavours and spices.

Their menu offers a variety of traditional dishes such as empanadas, wings, burgers, burritos and more. From the classic to the mouth-watering, Mr. Papa’s menu has something to offer for everyone.

Mr. Papa is a well-known name in the Canberra food truck scene and an excellent choice for catering and events services. Their diverse menu includes vegetarian and gluten-free options, making them an accommodating choice for any dietary needs.

Whether it’s a corporate event, birthday party or wedding, Mr. Papa can provide delicious, crowd-pleasing catering options. For a taste of Peru, head over to Mr. Papa and indulge in their flavorful menu – you won’t be disappointed!

Mr Papa food truck in Canberra
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11. Street Toast

Street Toast is a Canberra-based food truck business that has become very popular amongst the locals on the lookout for quick yet delicious meals. They specialize in making gourmet toasties with a side of high-quality coffee.

Patrons adore them for their high-quality ingredients, offering imaginative flavours and vegetarian/vegan options. With excellent customer service and value for money, they also provide a unique catering service for corporate and private events.

Street Toast’s creative menu offers a unique take on classic cafe staples with a blend of Mediterranean flavours and exotic ingredients. Their vegetarian options are so delicious even hardcore carnivores are tempted to try them.

One of their most popular offerings is the Mediterranean toastie with marinated vegetables, pesto and truffled mayo. The grilled halloumi burger with a fried egg and fresh salad is another must-try dish.

The beautiful Street Toast truck set-up
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12. Fricken

A local, family-owned restaurant in Canberra known for its lip-smacking chicken dishes is quickly gaining popularity amongst foodies and casual eaters. This restaurant specializes in serving fried chicken using a secret family recipe in their signature burgers and boxes.

They started their journey in a food truck and now operate from Lonsdale Street in Braddon, one of the thriving food truck locations in Canberra. Their menu has offerings for everyone, including vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options, making it a perfect spot for those with dietary restrictions.

Their signature dish, the “fricken” burger, is a must-try that features crispy fried chicken topped with fresh veggies and sauces, sandwiched between two soft buns. They take great pride in using only the freshest and high-quality ingredients to serve mouth-watering dishes to their patrons.

Fricken food truck under a blue sky
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Satisfy Your Cravings at Canberra’s Food Trucks: A Culinary Adventure

No matter what your dietary needs or preferences are, Canberra’s food truck scene is sure to provide something to tantalize your taste buds. From Mr Papa’s Peruvian street food and The Tikka Stand Food Truck’s BBQ Chicken Tikka, to Street Toast’s innovative gourmet toasties and Fricken’s signature fried chicken burgers – there’s an abundance of delicious options for everyone in the city!

So if you’re looking for a unique culinary experience in Canberra be sure to check out these amazing food trucks – you won’t regret it!

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