9 DIY Party Supplies: How to Create a Unique Birthday Experience on a Budget

Last Updated on October 23, 2022 by Project Party

If you’re looking for cost-effective and unique party supplies for your next birthday celebration, look no further than your own home! With a little bit of creativity, you can make some amazing DIY party supplies that will impress your guests and save you money.

What DIY supplies will you need for this list? Basically, raid the kid’s craft box or your office supplies and get ready to get creative! And, get inspired by checking online resources like Pinterest and Etsy for some great DIY party ideas.

DIY party supplies craft

Here are some great ideas for DIY party supplies that will help you create a unique birthday experience on a budget:

1. Customised Birthday Banners

A personalized birthday banner is a great way to make the birthday boy or girl feel special on their big day! And, it’s easy to make yourself with some time, a confirmed party theme and some creative thinking. Simply choose a colour scheme and materials that fit with your theme, then get to work creating a one-of-a-kind banner that the birthday honouree will love.

You can say a standard ‘Happy Birthday’ or get a little more out there with a quote or birthday wish. Be as creative as you like, and don’t be afraid to ask the birthday boy or girl for input on what they would like to see on their banner.

DIY party supplies banner

2. Unique Invitations

Make your invitations stand out by adding a personal touch. Cut out simple shapes from construction paper or cardstock, like stars, circles, or shapes relating to the theme. Write the party details on the back of each one, then hand-deliver or mail them to guests.

Have more time? Personalise them for guests or make them into a fun activity by turning them into puzzles or mazes. Get creative and see what you can come up with!

3. Party Hats

No birthday party is complete without party hats! You can buy pre-made hats at your local party store, but they’re often not very sturdy or well-fitting. A better option is to make your own hats out of construction paper or cardstock. Simple cone-shaped hats are easy to make and can be decorated however you like.

Add a personalised shape or animal or character for each guest on the front of the hat. Make a birthday message or add glitter to really make them stand out. Just be sure to test the fit before the party so that they’re comfortable for guests to wear.

4. Balloon Sculptures

A few strategically placed balloons can turn any room into a party space! Whether you want to create a balloon archway, balloon garland, or balloon bouquet, there are plenty of tutorials online to help you get started.

These can make a big impact without breaking the bank, and they can be tailored to any party theme. Just be sure to have a few extra balloons on hand in case of any pops!

DIY party supplies balloon sculptures

5. Photo Backdrops

A photo backdrop is a great way to add some fun and excitement to your party space. And, it’s easy to make one yourself with some

6. DIY Party Favours

Fill up some plain white goodie bags with goodies from the dollar store (or your own pantry!) and call it a day. Or get creative and make your own personalized goodie bags using brown lunch bags, Sharpies, and some ribbon or string.

Party favours are a great way to show your guests how much you appreciate them coming to celebrate. Fill small bags or boxes with goodies like candy, stickers, temporary tattoos, and other fun trinkets.

7. Cake Toppers

Add a personal touch to your birthday cake with some homemade cake toppers! All you need is some cardstock, scissors, and glue. Simply cut out the shapes or letters that you need and glue them onto picks or straws. Then stuck them to the top of your cake. Done!

Another way you can make cake toppers is to use wire or shape clay or fondant into the letters or shapes that you need. Get creative and see what you can come up with!

DIY party supplies topper

8. Streamers and Confetti

Streamers are an essential part of any birthday decorating scheme! You can find streamers in just about any colour imaginable at your local party store. But if you want something truly unique, try making your own streamers out of tissue paper or streamers out of paper plates!

And, save yourself some money and make your own confetti at home using scraps of paper or tissue paper. Simply cut, hole punch or tear the paper into small pieces and voila – instant confetti!

9. Piñatas

Piñatas are always a hit at kids’ parties … but they don’t have to be difficult (or expensive) to make! Balloon piñatas are simple to construct and can be filled with anything from candy to small toys. Just be sure to have an adult on hand to help with the construction process so that no one gets hurt!

To make a piñata, start by blowing up a balloon and tying it off. Then, cover the balloon in strips of newspaper dipped in a flour-water mixture. Let it dry completely, then repeat the process until the balloon is completely covered.

Pop the balloon and remove it from the piñata shell. Fill the piñata with goodies, then close it up by covering the hole with more strips of paper. Finally, decorate the piñata however you like!

DIY party supplies pinata

We hope these top 10 DIY party supplies inspire you to get creative for your next birthday celebration! With a little bit of time and effort, you can easily make all sorts of amazing decorations, backdrops, games, and more … without breaking the bank.

Plus, you might not break the environment too! This is a huge added bonus to making your own party supplies. Most of the time, store-bought party supplies are made with cheap materials that aren’t biodegradable or recyclable. So by making your own, you can help reduce your carbon footprint and do your part to protect our planet.

What are your favourite DIY party supplies? Let us know in the comments below!