9 Best Bakers of Kids Cakes In Perth For Your Next Event

Last Updated on May 23, 2023 by Project Party

If there is one thing that has the power to bring people together, it is food. Cake, in particular, is one of those sweet delights that can brighten up your day and make your celebration extra special. It is a sure sign of having fun with your friends, family, colleagues, and even strangers!

When it comes to kids’ birthdays, though, the cake is an absolute must. Your kids may not remember all their presents, but they will surely remember the cake and the wish they make upon blowing out the candles.

Check out our list below of the best kid’s cakes suppliers in Perth this event season:

1. Queen of Cakes

Not many bakers and cake masters possess the skill and creativity of Queen of Cakes. As the name suggests, you will get magnificent sweet delights that both your kids and guests will fall in love with. No matter how colourful, bright, big, or small you want your cake to be, Queen of Cakes can make it happen.

Do you want macaroons on the cake? Perhaps some cupcakes to go with the birthday cake? A special themed cake? Queen of Cake has you covered!

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Queen of Cakes paw patrol
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2. Kukubakery

If you are looking for high-quality cakes with low sugar content, then Kukubakery is certainly the right choice for you in Perth. Known for creating beautiful cakes, pastries, and sweets, Kukubakery will impress your child and your guests each time.

The best part about choosing Kukubakery is that you not only get healthier cakes, but they are super delicious too. Crafted to the smallest detail, the bakery’s cakes are every kid’s dream.

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Kukubakery elsa
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3. 2 Make it Sweet

When it comes to finding an awesome bakery for your kid’s birthday party in Perth, 2 Make it Sweet should definitely be at the top of your list. The bakery’s cakes are true masterpieces, a feast both for the eyes and the taste buds. From intricate designs to flawless finishes, 2 Make it Sweet’s cakes are truly something special.

If you or one of your guests has a gluten intolerance, do not worry, 2 Make it Sweet makes delicious gluten-free cakes so everyone can join in the feast!

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2 Make It Sweet butterfly garden
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4. Petite Sweet Studio

There is something truly special about Petite Sweet Studio in Perth. It is not just the intricately crafted sweets that they make, but it is also their unique philosophy — cherishing the power of small moments. The bakery makes all things sweet with a dash of love and often from scratch.

Be it for a tea party or your kid’s birthday, Petite Sweet Studio will not fail to make your event extra special.

Petite Sweet Studio Emma cookies
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5. House of Royal Velvet

Based in Perth, House of Royal Velvet is your go-to for gorgeous, custom-made cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and macaroons. Baked with love and designed to perfection, these sweet delights are exactly what your party or special event needs.

Whether your kid wants an Elsa-themed cake or Toy Story-inspired cupcakes, House of Royal Velvet is here to make it happen.

House Of Royal Velvet Noah cake
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6. The Little Buttercream Co

As the name suggests, The Little Buttercream Co is your go-to bakery for meticulously crafted sweets, cupcakes, cakes, and cakesicles. If you are a fan of buttercream frosting, The Little Buttercream Co is known for its magnificent creations and top-notch buttercream fillings and finishes. From special occasions to “just because,” the bakery is here to serve your sweet tooth and make all your parties an absolute success.

The Little Buttercream Co bluey
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7. Sarah Valette Cake Artist

Sarah Valette is an exceptionally talented cake artist and the driving force behind this bakery. If you are looking for something extra creative, you can trust that Sarah Valette Cake Artist will turn even your wildest ideas into vibrant cakes, cupcakes, figurines, and other sweet delights.

Sarah Valette is a French cake designer and gourmet producer with years of experience in crafting unique sweets that inspire and impress.

Sarah Valette Cake Artist minecraft
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8. Sugar Cloud

Do you know what is one thing that your party is missing? Fairy floss, of course! Sugar Cloud is here to add that extra touch of fun, originality, and flavour to your event with colourful and sweet fairy floss. We know this isn’t a cake, but why not mix up the formula and make your child’s birthday extra memorable with a fair floss cart from Sugar Cloud.

The best thing about fairy floss is that kids love and adults are instantly brought back to their childhood just by the sight of it. Make the gift of joy with Sugar Cloud’s sweet creations.

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9. Rent My Wall

Every birthday and special occasion needs to have that fun yet unique element. Rent My Wall is just the place in Perth to call for doughnut walls for rent in a range of colours and styles to make your event the talk of the town. Donuts are a tasty and unique alternative to a birthday cake that can combine with a dessert wall for an incredible and eye-catching feature.

Just picture the astonishment and surprise of your guests when they see Rent My Wall’s awesome doughnut wall!

Rent My Wall cinnamon donuts
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Cakes can be fun, whimsical, elegant, unique, and downright perfect. Make sure your event in Perth has the coolest cake and sweets by choosing from our carefully curated selection of cake artists above.

Check out all the kid’s cake suppliers available in Perth to cater your event.