8 Best Cake Toppers Suppliers In Perth For Your Next Event

Last Updated on September 1, 2022 by Project Party

What separates a good chocolate cake from a great chocolate cake? The answer is simple – the right type of decoration.

Cakes are more than a dessert. They are culinary artwork aimed to satisfy all our senses. And what better way to ornate a cake than to top it with a stylish, unique, and eye-catching topper.

The city of Perth is home to many prominent cake topper supplies, so make sure to check out them out and serve an elegant, tasty cake at your next event.

Check out our list below for the best Cake Toppers Suppliers in Perth this event season:

1. Studio T55

Studio T55 is a fantastic party goods supplier known for its superb and fast service.

Committed to designing and crafting items of excellent quality, Studio T55 can bring all your ideas to life.

Whether you’re looking for a personalised cake topper or custom-made Christmas decorations, the experts at Studio T55 can correctly address your demands.

Studio T55 is always happy to help customers give that extra touch of magic to private and corporate events. It’s a partner you can trust with your party!

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2. That’s Crafty Darling

Few party shops in Perth can rival That’s Crafty Darling when it comes to the fabrication of handmade cake toppers.

Customers can choose from more than 20 different types of glitter colours and mirror foils. All cake toppers are made from a high-quality glittered cardstock, which is layered with plain white cardstock for additional stability.

The artists at That’s Crafty Darling can craft cake toppers of any size and shape, no concept is too complex or too simple.

That's Crafty Darling mermaid
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3. Etched

Etched has one simple mission – to help party lovers in Perth and Australia by providing them with the best custom-made acrylic cake toppers and partyware.

Working with a wide variety of traditional and modern designs, Etched is the perfect one-stop shop for all your party supplies.

The craftsmen at Etched are passionate about helping individuals and businesses convert their gatherings into special events guests will remember.

Using Etched is always a smart choice because they always have something for everyone.

Etched married
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4. Bits N Pieces

From personalised cake toppers to chic wedding signs to fun baby shower decorations, Bits N Pieces does it all.

Using quality materials Bits N Pieces can create beautiful toppers and pieces that can match perfectly the theme of your event.

Dedicated to crafting unique party goods and cake toppers, Bits N Pieces is the partner that any party lover would want in their corner.

Bits N Pieces’ craftsmanship is known throughout Perth, which is why its cake toppers and other items are always in high demand.

Bits and Pieces Wiggles
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5. Cake Flourish Co.

Mayyen is the artist behind Cake Flourish Co. An experienced cake decorator, she uses polymer clay to craft astounding, handmade cake toppers that can instantly transform the f even the plainest desserts.

At Cake Flourish Co. customers choose from a variety of options and can request customised designs too. Mayyen is passionate about creating eye-catching, non-edible figurines that her customers can keep as mementos from their special occasions.

So if you’re looking for a unique and stylish cake topper, give Cake Flourish Co a call as Mayyen is always happy to help!

Cake Flourish Co unicorn

6. Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday is a well-known cake topper supplier operating in Perth that can take children’s birthdays to the next level.

Offering a huge selection of toppers suitable for boys and girls of all ages, Happy Sunday will definitely help you decorate your kid’s cake in a memorable style.

Whether your child likes superheroes, Barbie, unicorns, or the Minions, Happy Sunday can do it and make every kid happy with their incredible cakes.

No idea is too extravagant for the professionals at Happy Sunday.

Happy Sunday Mario topper

7. Summer & Cade Designs

Summer & Cade Designs offers custom handmade cupcake and cake toppers for all occasions.

Whatever idea you have in mind, the artists at Summer & Cade Designs can bring it to life.

Summer & Cade Designs can execute modern and traditional concepts and fabricate interesting toppers that increase the beauty and appeal of cupcakes and cakes.

Using innovative techniques and premium-quality supplies, Summer & Cade Designs will be honoured to play their role in the celebration of your important milestone.

Summer & Cade Designs 30 topper

8. Becs Cake Toppers

Becs Cake Toppers offers creative solutions to individuals and businesses to adorn their cakes with fun, unique, and interesting toppers.

Combining their skills and eye for detail, Becs Cake Toppers are renowned for their artistry and exceptional craftsmanship.

No concept is too challenging for the professionals at Becs Cake Toppers because they have seen it all before.

Call Becs Cake Toppers and watch them work their magic creating a custom-made topper that will allow make your guests eyes light up.

Bec's Cake Toppers under the sea


Cake toppers aren’t simple decorative features. They are art that brings your cake, theme and party to life.

The right topper can convert a cake into a delicious piece of art that all your guests will love.

Check out all the cake toppers suppliers available in Perth to cater your event.