8 Best Cake Toppers Suppliers In Melbourne For Your Next Event

Last Updated on December 20, 2022 by Project Party

Cake Every party must end with a cake! It’s the law. You cannot argue with the law.

But it’s not just about cutting a slice and serving it to your guests. It’s about giving them a complete experience that satisfies all their senses.

There are different types of cakes out there, but the ones that truly leave a mark have eye-catching and stylish toppers.

These cake topper suppliers in Melbourne are always ready to help their customers give that extra touch of magic to their cakes, so make sure to give them a call so you can discuss beautiful and unique options.

Check out our list below for the best Cake Toppers Suppliers in Melbourne this event season:

1. The Little Shindig Shop

The Little Shindig Shop has you covered for all your celebratory needs. From kids’ birthdays to baby showers to corporate events, this team of talented craftsmen can hand-make a wide selection of cake toppers and party decorations.

Whether you’re looking to send out fun, colourful invites or to hang unique garlands, The Little Shindig Shop will turn your ideas into reality.

Combining their eye for detail with quality supplies allows them to craft personalised cake toppers that instantly make cakes look more beautiful and delicious.

Get a quote from The Little Shindig Shop for your event today!

2. Sweet Party Supplies

Sweet Party Supplies is a small family owned business in Melbourne that can handle projects of all sizes perfectly.

Known to offer fun, unique, and interesting cake toppers, balloons, party supplies, and props, Sweet Party Supplies can transform any gathering into a memorable and enjoyable event.

With the assistance of Sweet Party Supplies, you can serve your guests a beautifully ornate cake with a personalised topper that matches the theme of your gathering.

Choosing them as your partner means getting top-notch party decor at cost-effective prices.

Sweet Party Supply cake toppers
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3. Personal Paper Party

Few party shops in Melbourne can rival Personal Paper Party for variety. This company is dedicated to helping people organize parties with a capital P.

Parents can choose from a myriad of cake toppers suitable for children of all ages. They offer hundreds of designs that can blend naturally with the theme of any party.

Personal Paper Party is here to make your dreams come true by providing you with exquisite cake toppers, garlands, gift bags, and more. All you need to do is share your ideas and watch them work their magic.

Get a quote from Personal Paper Party for your event today!

4. The Party Mum

Party throwers iin Melbourne shouldn’t hesitate to turn to The Party Mum for custom-made party supplies.

Using the finest materials and most modern crafting techniques, the artisans at The Party Mum can fabricate a plethora of elegant and eye-catching cake toppers that are perfect for any type of party or theme.

From unique cake toppers to personalised prints to carefully curated favours, The Party Mum can do it all. And the best part is they will assist with the design of your party items.

The Party Mum gender reveal
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5. Little Occasion Creations

Little Occasion Creations is a Melbourne-based party shop reputed for designing and crafting customised and affordable cake toppers for special occasions.

From simple toppers for toddler birthdays to elaborate items for private and corporate events, Little Occasion Creations can address all your demands to their finest details. We can boldly say that the artists at this amazing party shop can do anything you can think of.

Using high-quality cardstock, Little Occasion Creations is known to fabricate cake toppers that leave both kids and adults in awe.

Little Occasion Creations cocomelon
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6. Jam Designs Melbourne

Give your birthday or wedding cake the perfect finishing touch by placing a cake topper from Jam Designs.

The professionals at this outstanding business are masters at crafting basic and sophisticated cake toppers in a wide variety of styles.

They take huge pride in creating toppers that do more than beautify cakes. They aim to fabricate decorations that tell stories.

Giving your business to Jam Designs Melbourne means getting results that will go beyond and above your expectations.

Jam Designs Melbourne Harry Potter
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7. Click Celebrations

Click Celebrations offers a range of top-drawer services and products. From cake toppers to personalised gifts to decal work, this experienced workshop has something for everyone.

Founded by Jenny, a passionate artisan committed to crafting all things that are necessary for people to host memorable functions.

Click Celebrations is prepared to assist its customers in any way possible. Their goal is simple – to help people organise and host events exactly how they want them.

No vision is too simple or too complex for Jenny and her team when crafting the most memorable and exquisite cake toppers.

Click Celebrations wedding
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8. Creative Cake Toppers

Creative Cake Toppers is a highly sought-after party shop in Melbourne that takes cake topper fabrication to the next level.

Their artists are known for their astounding skills and eye for detail. They can craft anything, from ultra-detailed figurines to traditional toppers.

Their products are suitable for all kinds of events and are often the focal attraction of private and corporate gatherings.

Creative Cake Toppers is the company to trust when looking for unique, personalised solutions at fair and reasonable prices.

Creative Cake Toppers bridal shower


Cakes are always a tasty treat but what makes them truly interesting is the way they are made and served. Working with a prominent cake topper supplier will allow you to present your cake in a fashionable and unique manner. It will surely impress your guests!

Check out all the cake toppers suppliers available in Melbourne to cater your event.