8 Best Balloons Suppliers in Sydney for Your Next Event

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A party without balloons is nothing but a mundane gathering!

Their bright colours, ability to float, and adrenaline-inducing sounds when they’re popped give parties a magical feeling. Plus, people of all ages love playing with balloons.

Balloons are a go-to party accessory because they can be used for both decorative and entertainment purposes. If you’re looking for quality balloons for your upcoming event, know that Sydney has plenty of reputable suppliers.

Check out our list below for the best Balloons Suppliers in Sydney this event season:

1. The Balloonary

The Balloonary offers its customers a wide selection of colourful balloons suitable for all kinds of events.

Working with The Balloonary is easy because its staff will not only find you the balloons you need, but will deliver them to your home, office, or venue.

The artists working at The Balloonary can create a range of stunning and aesthetically pleasing balloon arrangements that instantly enhance the ambience of private and corporate parties.

The Balloonary one
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2. Bubble It

Located in Sydney, Bubble It is a well-known party goods supplier offering gifts, decors, and balloons for all occasions.

At Bubble It, customers can choose balloons of different colours, shapes, and sizes for their parties. The abundance of options is so huge clients are often overwhelmed.

In addition, Bubble It specialises in the customisation of personalised balloon arrangements and decors, meaning they can create designs that match any theme.

Bubble It Sydney construction
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3. Balloon Gift Sydney

The Balloon Gift Sydney is the go-to shop when looking for quality balloons and hampers for an upcoming event.

The professionals at Balloon Gift Sydney can accommodate all your demands because they offer a huge selection of party supplies, including balloons of various sizes, shapes, and colours.

At Balloon Gift Sydney, customers can also request the customisation of personalised gifts and party favours. Everything you may need for your gathering is right here.

Balloon Gift Sydney anniversary
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4. Balloons By Bee

Delivering throughout Sydney, Balloons By Bee is a prominent supplier that always has something for everyone.

Specialising in the design and customisation of balloon garlands, bouquets, walls, and centrepieces, Balloons By Bee can turn all your ideas into reality.

With Balloons By Bee by your side, you’ll have peace of mind that your party will be stylishly and lavishly decorated.

No concept is too basic or too complicated for the professionals at Balloons By Bee.

Balloons By Bee donuts
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5. I & Z Balloon Creations

I & Z Balloon Creations are known to take balloon artistry to the next level.

The balloon stylists at I & Z Balloon Creations can craft elegant and elaborate garlands of various sizes, styles and functions..

Whether you’re looking to decorate your party venue with colourful balloon arches or want to spread balloon packages throughout a venue, the experts at I & Z Balloon Creations are up to the task.

Prepare yourself to be left in awe because I & Z Balloon Creations are true masters of their craft.

I&Z Balloon Creations arch
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6. Get Inflated

Get Inflated is a Sydney-based balloon supplier that will go above and beyond to cater for your needs.

Committed to creating works of art by using colourful balloons of different sizes and shapes, Get Inflated can bring even the most extravagant ideas to life.

From traditional balloon arches to chic, personalised arrangements, the stylists at Get Inflated can do it all.

With Get Inflated’s assistance, your guests will set foot into a beautifully decorated venue that is a genuine pleasure for the eyes.

Get Inflated gamer
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7. RJ & Lhen Balloons Company

Do NOT hesitate to call RJ & Lhen Balloons Company to add a touch of art to your party’s decor.

RJ & Lhen Balloons Company is known for designing and fabricating eye-catching balloon formations and decorations that make events even more special and memorable.

The artists at RJ & Lhen Balloons Company can create balloon arches and arrangements from any colours, which blend naturally with their surroundings. Any colour combination and concept you can think of can be executed flawlessly.

Rj & Lhen Balloons Company 16th
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8. Bubble Luxe Balloons

Bubble Luxe Balloons in Sydney is a party shop that can transform basic functions into amazing events.

Using balloons of varied sizes, shapes, and colours, the stylists at Bubble Luxe Balloons are renowned for creating sublime pieces that can be described as genuine artwork.

The balloon formations offered by Bubble Luxe Balloons are suitable for all types of gatherings, including corporate events and children’s birthdays.

Watch the experts at Bubble Luxe Balloons work their magic by giving them your business.

Bubble Luxe Balloons mermaid
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Parties and balloons go hand-in-hand, which is why you shouldn’t think twice to boost your venue’s decor with a few arches and arrangements.

Balloons are known to bring joy and happiness, meaning your guests are likely tol leave with a large smile on their face. It’s a win-win situation!

Check out all the balloon suppliers available in Sydney to cater your event.

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