7 Best Suppliers of Party Favours in Sydney for Your Next Event

Last Updated on May 24, 2023 by Project Party

While not mandatory, party favours are a great way to make your event extra special. They let you communicate with your guests, especially at large events like weddings and conferences where you can’t usually talk to everyone in person. It is then that your party favours do the talking for you. You can customise them to fit your party theme for added flair.

If you are planning an event in Sydney, you will probably be on the lookout for a good party favour supplier.

Check out our list below of the best party favour suppliers in Sydney this event season:

1. Busy Bee Eco Party

Busy Bee Eco Party is your go-to for a fine selection of elegant, sustainable, and budget-friendly tableware, party favours, and party supplies in Sydney. Driven by their desire to provide a sustainable alternative to traditional party supplies, the team at Busy Bee Eco Party is here to show you and your guests that going eco can be fun and beautiful, too. Go green and celebrate in style with Busy Bee Eco Party!

Busy Bee Eco Party party favours
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2. Partyora

If you want to plan a memorable party for your kids or friends without creating excess plastic waste in the process, then Partyora is the place to call. Partyora focuses on supplying handmade party favours (made in Australia!) for vibrant kids’ parties.

Not only that, but Partyora is also the proud winner of the 2022 Australian Eco-party Business of the Year Award. You can be certain that you are turning to a widely recognized Sydney-based business with Partyora!

Partyora food table
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3. Gracie + CC

Gracie + CC is your one-stop shop for handcrafted party boxes and bags with beautiful favours to match your party theme. From Cinderella to Justice League, you can find a range of themed, gorgeous party supplies to make your event an absolute success.

Gracie + CC’s goal is to provide you with everything you need for a truly magical children’s party. If you need extra small bits and decorative pieces, Gracie + CC can provide those as well.

Gracie + CC unicorn
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4. Peek A Boo Events

When you are looking for truly unique party favours, you can’t go wrong with Peek A Boo Events. The company is known for its wide selection of wedding favours, including bombonieres, Peek-A-Box (a customisable wedding favour), and many more.

In addition to that, Peek A Boo Events also helps you capture all the memories of the special day through a range of photo booth services.

5. The Birthday Fairy

Finding quality party favours for your birthday party or special event in Sydney is no longer a difficult task. With Birthday Fairy, you not only get a complete party setup, together with all kinds of favours, decorations, and even invites, but you also get handpicked entertainers to ensure everyone is having fun. That way, you don’t have to run around making sure everything is set up properly. You can sit back and enjoy the celebration with your loved ones.

Birthday Fairy party planning
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6. Catherine’s Personalised Prints

Enter a world of colourful fun and customisable party favours crafted to the smallest details. With Catherine’s Personalised Prints, your kids’ birthday party will be a massive hit. You can order a range of party treats and favours all branded with the theme and message of your event so everyone can take it home as a keepsake.

From branded chocolates and lollies to bags and boxes, Catherine’s Personalised Prints can do it all!

Catherine's Personalised Prints party prints
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7. Moonlight Gifts

Sydney-based company Moonlight Gifts was created with the simple goal of making party favours suitable for all occasions. Favours that are both affordable and super delicious! Moonlight Gifts offers custom-made cookies and lolly bags that will perfectly suit your birthday, baby shower, or even business event.

Sweeten your celebration with Moonlight Gifts and let your guests enjoy the special day by satiating their sweet tooth!

Moonlight Gifts favours
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Party favours are the tiny details that turn each occasion into a special celebration. They make your guests feel appreciated and valued, and are the perfect way to “brand” your event. Fortunately for you, Sydney offers a range of companies that are here to create the best, customisable favours for your party!

Check out all the party favour suppliers available in Sydney to cater your event.