6 90s Party Theme Ideas to Ensure It’s a Totally Rad Night!

Last Updated on June 15, 2023 by Minh P.

I’m sure you looking to throw a totally lame 90s party, hey. NOT! You actually want some 90s party theme ideas that are both phat (with a PH) and wicked awesome to ensure you have an epic night!

A 90s party theme is a great opportunity for you to pull out your ‘vintage’ sports jacket, grab your walkman and Gameboy that you’ve been holding onto (trust me, they’re not worth as much as you think they are) and spend a couple of weeks growing your Tamagotchi in preparation for the big night.

What does your party need? Take a chill pill cos’ here are 6 90s party theme ideas you’ll need:

1. Rip a Bangin’ Compilation CD

I’m sure you have a good-to-great playlist ready-to-go on Spotify, but, where’s the effort in that? Relive the late nights by converting that bad boy into CD format. Nothing says ‘I love these bands heaps’ more than the time and effort—getting blank CDs, ripping your tunes and customising your cover art—you’ll need for this.

Better yet, I suggest creating multiple compilation CDs for the different stages of the night. I’m thinking ‘Dave’s easy listening and RNB’ for the early party of the night before moving into ‘Rachael’s pop and straight bangers’ as things pick up. And, make sure to put them all in one of those CD wallets you used to have in the car with a handwritten playlist for guests to browse.

Actually, I’m not even sure if this is one of my best 90s party theme ideas but it sure brings back strong memories…

2. Decorate With 90s Photo Props and Posters

You’ll want your guests to feel like they are stepping back in time. A simpler time of VHS and cassette tapes, troll dolls, incredibly large mobile phones and lots of bright colours.

Unless you have a box of old tapes in the attic you’re best placed to create some photo props that your guests can laugh about and take photos of on their reasonably sized smartphones. Get the paper and makers out and create some bright, bold and wacky photo props.

You could also decorate with these classic 90s party theme ideas:

  • Hang up some classic 90s band posters
  • Set up your old Nintendo for people to play
  • Spray paint some cassette tapes to hang from a string
  • Create a photo frame shaped like an Etch A Sketch
  • Hire a silent disco to get the headphones rockin’

Want to step it up a notch? Print everything on an old dot matrix printer with the continuous paper…

3. Get Lights and Neon in You Crib!

Did you know that lights were invented in the 90s? True, and we straight up made sure that every party had something that was glowing, strobing or pulsing to get us through the night.

If you don’t have the time to create all the props and decorations above then my suggestion is to turn off all the lights in your house, get some strobe effect party lights streaming and crank up the Spice Girls. You have now transported everyone back to the 90s.

Additionally, because the 90s were so dark a lot of people really got into a glow in the dark items to assist with finding your drinks and belongings. Along with wristbands, you could also get a set of drinking cups, glasses, slinkies or whatever to share with your friends.

4. Get Pimpin’ With Baggy Pants and Bling-Bling

Which brings me to my next point…

All ‘decade’ themed parties work because they provide an opportunity for mum and dad to reach into the back of their closet and wear those bell-bottom jeans or hippie headband they’ve been keeping. It’s about reliving the memories of your youth.

The 90s—wrongly in my opinion—aren’t fondly remembered for being overly fashionable. But, agree or not, the 90s did have a distinct look-and-feel and provide a lot of 90s party theme ideas for your outfit. I’m thinking lots of necklaces and wristbands, chains and bling-bling, sporting and surfing brands, tracksuits, tube tops and bum bags.

Another angle would be to dress up as your favourite movie character from the 90s like Clueless, Wayne’s World, The Matrix or any Jim Carrey character.

5. Mix up ‘the Bomb’ Party Punch

Weirdly, I remember the drinks more than the food in the 90s…

Yes, it says a lot about me but I do remember the party punch (usually served in a bucket or something equally desirable) at a lot of house parties. What else was popular? Midori Illusions, Smirnoff Double Blacks, premixed rum and coke and terrible beers.

Look, if you want to forget these memories then I fully support you serving a more sophisticated menu of drinks and cocktails that are poured by a qualified server. Otherwise, go all-in (mix up whatever you have in the cupboard and fruit bowl) and expect a lot of sore heads in the morning.

6. Bring up Brutal Memories With a Pop Culture Quiz

I love a quiz because I love pop culture. I have big love for 90s music, 90s movies, 90s TV shows, 90s art and 90s dance. I also have a lot of personal memories tied to these.

And—as mentioned above—a 90s party is a great opportunity to relive your friends big nights, big moments and hilarious memories. How about your friend who really got into hip hop dancing? A question around Dr Dre and Snoop Dogg will get you all chatting.

Where to start? Friends TV show kicked-off, Tamagotchis were released, Harry Potter was published, the Macarena was everywhere and Nickelodeon was all we watched. Put together some questions with your friends in mind and have a quiz game early in the night to get everyone reliving a fantastic decade.

Remember Why It Is the Decade Everyone Tries to Forget With These 90s Party Theme Ideas

The 90s happened and you were an active participant in it. We all know about your obsession with the Hanson boys and those platform shoes you bought, and, while you may want to forget we all want to live those memories again. So, crack out the nostalgia and get jiggy with it!

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