10 Different Types of Event Signage and What They Are Used For

Last Updated on May 12, 2023 by Project Party

Event signage is an invaluable tool for events, weddings, and parties. It helps to direct guests to key locations, keeps the event running smoothly, and adds a unique touch to any space. It also gives couples and party planners the chance to personalize their events with custom designs and language. Event signage can help guide guests around the space and make sure everyone has the information they need about their time at your event.

With so many different types of signages available – from banners to window displays – there’s something for every style of celebration. Why is event signage a sought-after item for special occasions? It’s because it can:

  • Add class and elegance to event decor.
  • Convey event details and other important information.
  • Highlight key event features or sponsors.
  • Set the tone from the moment guests walk into the event.
  • Carry your event theme and styling throughout the event.

In short, event signage can lift your event from just an event to a memorable occasion.

Hire or Create Your Own: Exploring the Different Event Signage Options

Event signages truly have the power to transform any occasion into a memorable and well-coordinated experience. The beauty of it is that there are no limits to what you can create, and the possibilities are only bound by your imagination. From eye-catching welcome banners to comprehensive directional signs, every piece of event signage serves a unique purpose in enhancing the overall atmosphere of the day.

Whether it’s a corporate gathering, an engagement party with close friends and family, or a large wedding celebration, you’ll find that each event offers a world of innovative signages waiting to be explored. So, let your creativity run wild and engage your audience with imaginative event signages designed to leave a lasting impression!

With that in mind, here are 10 event signages that will help add an extra touch of class and sophistication to any event:

1. Directional Signage

Directional event signage plays a crucial role in guiding guests and participants throughout various types of events and occasions. Imagine attending a large conference, an outdoor festival, or even a lavish wedding, and not knowing where to find essential amenities or how to navigate through the venue.

This is where directional event signage comes in, offering a friendly and visually appealing solution to help attendees locate important areas, such as registration desks, restrooms, and refreshment stations. The most common example of directional event signage is the unmissable, bold-coloured arrows pointing towards specific directions or zones.

These signs not only enhance the overall event experience for guests but also help event organisers maintain a smooth flow of operations, ensuring that everyone gets the most out of their time on these special occasions.

A directional sign for a wedding
“Love is in the air, so follow this sign if you dare!” – Wedding sign pointing to the ceremony location.

2. Welcome and Greeting Event Signage

Welcome signs are event signage must-haves and make a great addition to weddings, parties, or corporate gatherings. A creatively designed event welcome sign sets the tone for the event before guests even enter the venue.

Aside from aesthetically pleasing event welcome banners, you can also opt for elegant greeting signs that announce what type of event is taking place inside. These signs indicate details such as event names, corporate logos, and any other important information while adding an extra touch of charm to your event decor.

This is a great way to customise the theme for an occasion by potentially using custom calligraphy on your signage on a custom wooden easel to convey a tone of sophistication and elegance. Or you can opt for something more lively and fun with brightly coloured event welcome signs in a variety of shapes and sizes.

A wedding sign to formalise the ceremony location
The wedding signage at the entrance creates a warm and inviting atmosphere for guests as they make their way into the celebration.

3. Table Numbers

Table numbers or seating charts are a creative way to direct guests to their designated tables at your event. These signs can also be used as part of the decor as they add a useful yet visually pleasing touch to any event setting.

If you’re looking for something more unique, you can opt for an interactive seating chart and create a fun game for your guests. Table numbers can also be used to promote a certain event theme or styling, as you can get creative with the font type and size, colour palette and even custom graphics to tie in with the occasion.

4. Seating Chart

Seating charts are an essential part of any event where attendees need to be seated in a specific order or area. This type of signage usually consists of listings of attendees and their respective assigned seating areas within the venue, making it easier for guests to find their designated tables without too much confusion.

Aside from the traditional paper format, you can opt for modern seating charts that are interactive and digital. This way, your guests can have access to the online version of the seating chart, ensuring easy navigation with just a few clicks.

5. Menu Boards

Menu boards are visual aids used to display the list of food items available at an event’s refreshment area. This type of signage is great for events like product launches, corporate dinners, and per-order restaurants as they provide guests with a comprehensive view of available offerings in a convenient way.

Menu boards can be designed to fit the overall theme of an event and customised with eye-catching graphics, fonts, and colour palettes. You can also opt for digital menu boards that allow you to update the food items on offer in real-time depending on demand.

6. Decorative Banners and Backdrops

Decorative banners and backdrops are used to add a unique touch of personalisation to any event. These signs come in various shapes, sizes, and materials so you can find the perfect design that suits your occasion.

Whether it’s for a corporate gathering or a wedding reception, decorative banners and backdrops are sure to make any event look and feel extra special. You can also go for customised options which include your own text or logo, as well as additional graphics that match the theme of the event.

A light up sign for a celebration
Incorporating humorous and romantic slogans or sayings on wedding signage creates a charming and delightful ambiance that perfectly captures the joyous spirit of the occasion.

7. Food and Beverage Signs

Food and beverage signage is a great way to keep guests informed about what food and drinks are available at your event. This type of signage is typically used in self-serve events such as buffet parties or outdoor gatherings, so guests know exactly where to go get their snacks and refreshments.

You can also choose to include nutrition information and list the ingredients used in each dish, to help out guests with special dietary needs. Furthermore, these signs can be customised in various ways to fit your event’s theme and style, so you can have fun getting creative!

8. Labels and Name Badges

Labels and name badges are essential signage items for events where guests need to be identified by their names. These can also come in handy if your event involves assigning certain roles or tasks, as the labels and badges should make it easier for everyone to identify each other quickly.

Moreover, these signs can be customised with your event’s logo, colour palette, and other unique features. That way, they can also be used as part of the event decor while still providing information to guests in an organised manner.

9. Warning and Informational Event Signage

Warning and informational signage are one way to ensure the safety of everyone at your event. This type of signage includes signs that warn guests about potential hazards like slippery floors, construction zones, or no-smoking areas.

These signs can also be used to inform guests about any general rules and regulations related to the event, which helps to maintain a smooth and orderly atmosphere. Plus, they can be customised in various ways to fit the look and feel of your event.

A toilets sign for an event
Custom signage directing guests to the restroom adds a touch of humour and whimsy to the otherwise basic but important task of finding the porcelain throne.

10. Branding Signage

Branding signage is a great way to show off your company’s logo, mission statement, and other important information. These signs can be used inside or outside the venue of your event to help spread awareness about your brand or organisation.

You can opt for customised branding signage that features your own unique designs, fonts, and colour palettes. Additionally, you can also get creative with different shapes, materials, and sizes to make sure that your branding signage stands out from the rest.

Five Considerations for Creating Eye-Catching and Professional Event Signage

With event signage, it’s important to plan ahead and make sure your signs are both eye-catching and professional. Here are five key considerations when creating the perfect event signage: materials, placement, design, size, and stands/frames. Having a plan in place will help ensure your event signage is memorable and makes an impact!

  1. Consider materials: Depending on the type of event, you may want to opt for durable materials such as plastic or metal instead of paper due to expected wear and tear.
  2. Think about placement: Where will you be placing your event signage? Making sure they’re strategically placed so they’re visible and eye-catching is key!
  3. Get creative with design: Incorporating unique design elements, fonts and colours can help make your event signage stand out from the rest. You could even hire a calligrapher or artist to add a personal touch!
  4. Choose an appropriate size: Depending on the content you’d like to include in your event signs, determine what size best fits your needs.
  5. Use stands and frames: To ensure that your event signage looks professional and stands out from the crowd, consider hiring easels or frames to display at the entrance or along walls.

Grab Attention with Professional Event Signage: Make Your Next Gathering Stand Out!

No matter what type of event you’re hosting, event signage is a great way to ensure that guests have all the information they need. From menu boards and decorative banners to labels and branding signage, these signs are sure to make your event look professional and organised. So don’t forget to consider all the different types of event signage when planning your next gathering!