Wackadoo Bluey Birthday Party Ideas for the Biggest Fans!

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Chances are your kid is a big fan of the Heeler family. Who doesn’t feel excited seeing Bluey and Bingo and their adventures? And there are just as many parents who enjoy watching the episodes of this amicable family as children do.

For the next birthday celebration, why not choose a Bluey theme? You know that kids will utterly love it! With a bit of planning and party supplies, you will find it easy to organise a party.

1. A Bluey Theme Plan for the Best Party – For Real Life!

After you plan out the guest list, you can either invite kids over the phone or take the fun route by handing out ‘real invites’ instead. You and your child can hand-draw these invites, print out templates or buy them from a party store. No matter how you do it, it will make everyone all the more excited about the upcoming birthday celebration.

Get Bluey theme tableware or simply buy a variety of blue and brown cups, plates and napkins to really make a difference. Decorate with a variety of balloons and cutouts. You can use shaped foil balloons, bunches of blue balloons and some hanging decorations to transform the party space. Organising a Bluey party is fun as you’ll find out.

Give children Bluey and Bingo masks instead of party hats. Put some Bluey episodes on the television for everyone to watch while you get things ready.

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2. A Special Cake for the Bluey Fans

Since the birthday cake is the most important aspect of the celebration, put some thought into it. Do you want one shaped like Bluey or Bingo? If you are a great baker, you can go ahead and plan this out yourself or with help from a friend. Would you rather order a photo cake with a Bluey scene? Find your nearest bakery and order it in advance.

Are you interested in quirky cake ideas? How about one shaped like a duck? Now, this could be interesting. Fans of the “Duck Cake” episode will remember how Bingo sees a magazine with the recipe and decides she wants to bake one, too. You can find plenty of helpful advice on the internet to bake one. Now that’s one way to make the kids quack up!

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Themed snacks: Cupcakes, macaroons or donuts with blue and brown frosting, blue lemonade and popsicles are great for a Bluey-themed party. If you are unsure of how liberal you want to be with the food colouring, simply use cupcake toppers for regular baked items and specially printed Bluey labels for fruit juice containers.

Fruit salad: We all know that Bluey loves fruit salad. This should make it easy-peasy to get children excited about it and feel relieved that you are giving them a healthy snack. Make it more interesting for the children by setting up a fruit salad bar with bowls of different fruit slices separately so that they can put together their favourite ‘customised’ salad.

Blue stuff: It’s not easy to find a lot of naturally blue food, but there are a few options. Blackberries, blueberries, purple grapes, mashed purple potatoes, and purple potato French fries are some things you can consider.

4. Games That Kids Wouldn’t Want to Stop Playing

There are many party games for the little ones to enjoy at your Bluey theme birthday party. If you have the time to organise a scavenger hunt – either indoors or outdoors – kids will simply love spending hours hunting for stuff. These can be candies, badges and other trinkets for them to find in different places. It could also be one big box for kids to find and share with the help of a treasure map.

Get a large Bluey or Bingo cutout and some tails printed out. Paste the cutout on a piece of cardboard and tack it up on the wall or door. Now, each child is ready to play a game of ‘Pin Bluey’s tail’ blindfolded.

A Bluey quiz with prizes and a pinata-bashing session are other ways to make your party extra lively. You could set up an ‘art station’ outdoors with tables, colouring materials and printouts ofBluey scenes that you can find online.

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5. A Photo Booth Is for Fun Memories

Use a piece of cardboard with a large Bluey printed on it. Cut out the face portion. Now, the party guests are ready to put their face in the hole to take some cool snaps. A great scene-setter featuring the Heeler family or the doggy sisters Bluey and Bingo will provide the perfect backdrop for taking photos together. With an instant camera, you can print and give away photos along with the party favours.

6. The Best Ever Loot Bags

You can buy Bluey theme loot boxes or bags, but don’t fret if you can’t find any or forgot to order some. Print out pictures of the Heeler family. Cut out and paste the shapes to make each loot bag look unique and special.

What is inside is as important as the loot bag. You could use a combination of lollipops, toffees and Bluey-themed trinkets like badges or fridge magnets. If you love baking, then a small bag of homemade cookies is also an excellent option.

For those who think it would be a good idea to keep sugar away from the loot bags, here is a list of items you can consider instead:

  • Bubble blower
  • Mini Play-Doh tubs
  • Small jigsaw puzzle set
  • Stationery (fancy pens, pencils, erasers)
  • A picture book (a bonus if it is a Bluey story book)
  • Bouncy ball
  • Frisbee
  • Crayons, colour pencils or paints (you can also add a small colouring book to go with it)
  • Skipping rope
  • Hot Wheels car (a unique one for each kid can make it exciting and even swapworthy), and
  • Prism viewers/kaleidoscopes.
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Wackadoo! Your Bluey theme party is going to be exciting. You will be thrilled to see yourself enjoying the party as much as the kids. We hope you will have a lot of fun planning this out and have great memories of the party. If you and your child love DIY and plan it well in advance, you can save a lot of dollar bucks, too!