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Darwin Slushie Machine Hire

Darwin Slushie Machine Hire provide doozie slushie machines are for overnight hire in 24L to...


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Go Bars and Classic Car Hire provide professional Mobile Bar Services for your Events, Corporate...


LR Party Hire

LR Party Hire is a family-owned and operated business established to provide a unique, professional,...


Hills Slushie And Party Hire

Hills Slushie and Party Hire helping you create the perfect party! Visit our FB page...


Slushie Machines Guide

Slushies make every celebration better by keeping people cool in the summer months. Do you need another reason? How about all the flavors available?! Whether you prefer fruity flavors like strawberry and grape, or maybe you’re more of a lemonade or bubblegum fan. Whichever it is you can be sure all guests will love the variety of flavours.

What events can I have a slushie machine?

Slushie machines are great for all kinds of events, including Birthdays, Graduations, Backyard BBQs, and even Weddings.

We recommend slushie machines in the warmer months especially, but or indoor events they are great too all year round.

They’re a great option for casual events, especially where people are mingling and even where they are organising their own drinks.

Is it hard to use a slushie machine?

No, it is very easy! If you can make a smoothie at home, then you can use your own slushie machine. The process of making one is much the same.

Can I make slushie cocktails?

Yes, you can make all kinds of slushie cocktails! The different flavors allow for endless combinations. For example, try your favorite vodka flavor with a splash of cranberry juice. If that’s too sweet for you then maybe orange and lemon mix will do the trick instead.