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Paella Caterers Guide

What makes paella catering such a good option? 

For starters, a paella caterer can easily work out the perfect quantity with a simple per person calculation. It’s much less likely for you to over cater or under cater as the serving sizes are standard.

Second, paella can easily be taken home by guests in the event that there is some leftover. So you can be sure that if you over cater you won’t be left with too much food on your hands.

Also, paella is easily eaten while standing or seated. If you’re not planning on a sit-down meal it’s still easy to give your guests a hearty serving of paella without needing to be seated. You can relax knowing no guests will be too hungry to enjoy themselves. 

What parties are best for a paella caterer?

Paella is great for all times of the day. It is suitable for a lunch meal or a dinner meal when guests expect a generous portion. For afternoon or evenings, when guests might only need a small bite to satisfy until dinner it can be served in smaller sizes too.

Caterers are experienced in all events, from formal weddings to more casual corporate events. You don’t need to sacrifice elegance or style with paella. Paella caterers will match your desired aesthetic or theme for your event and the humble paella is adaptable for all occasions. 

How much does paella catering cost?

Paella catering is very economical. It generally costs between $10-$20 per person in the cheapest cases. For a more formal and fine dining experience, it may be closer to $50 per person, depending upon the number of paellas you need.

Paella catering prices for different paellas do vary quite a bit depending upon what is in the paella. For example, it may be fresh seafood, or chorizo, or vegetarian. Each of these will affect the price per person.

What does paella catering usually include?

Typically paella catering will include paella, bread or rolls, and bottled water. You can request margaritas if you are having paella at a party or other drinks.

Usually, it will also include the plates and cutlery needed to serve it, as well as the staff needed to cook and serve the paella to guests.