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Allfriends AV Hire provide high-end speakers, DJ equipment, lights and lasers, HD projectors and screens...


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Vibes AV & DJ Hire is your all in one Dj, sound & lighting hire...


DJ Equipment Guide

How much does DJ equipment cost to rent?

Before hiring a DJ you must know what the equipment cost and how much you have to pay as a deposit.

Many DJs charge per hour and some charge per party or event. It depends on the DJ and the type of equipment required.

Always check whether you need to hire extra equipment like speakers, microphones, music system, etc. for your party or event if your DJ doesn’t supply these.

It’s better to ask all these questions before hiring a DJ instead of having problems at the time of your event or party.

If you need to hire extra equipment checkout DJ Equipment providers on Project Party.

How do I set up DJ equipment for my party?

When you are hiring new DJ equipment, make sure you are aware of how to set it up especially if it’s your first time.

Many suppliers will be happy to help you or give instructions on setup beforehand if needed.

You can also ask for DJ equipment rental quotes from different DJs on Project Party.

Project Party allows you to compare costs and services in one place instead of searching local directories or websites.