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Ice cream tastes like childhood , smells like holidays and bring you back to a time where nothing mattered..

All of our ice creams are made from scratch, with a Coconut & Cashew base , premium quality fruits & nuts and of course… lots of love and passion!
Our products are Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Plant Based and Vegan Friendly .

You want to add a little extra to your next party ?

Pepita’s comes to your place and makes anything possible : UNLIMITED ice cream (personalised flavours), customised cakes, catering (sweet or savoury)…

Thanks to Melanie’s background as a professional Pastry Chef, we can help you create and cater your dream Party.

Pepita's Ice Cream Van green van
Pepita's Ice Cream Van lots of flavours
Pepita's Ice Cream Van serving up
Pepita's Ice Cream Van tubs of yum
Pepita's Ice Cream Van beachside
Price Range
$$ ($251 - $1,000)
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