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Barbettes Feast catering was established in 2005 as an expression of the passion and quality that Barb has for food.  With a degree in Architecture and 30+ years of hospitality experience, Barbette’s Feast appreciates the value of quality ingredients used simply to create beautiful, delicious flavours for all to savour.

From dropping off platters for a picnic, a buffet, corporate event, stand up canapés or cakes to full sit down dinners, we love helping people to turn celebrations into something special.  With food having the power to turn a simple event into an occasion through the catering or cakes Barb crafts, we’d love for Barbettes Feast catering to help you with your special day.

Barbettes Feast catering savoury canapés
Barbettes Feast catering dessert canapés
Barbettes Feast catering grazing board
Barbettes Feast catering Chicken skewers with macadamia and coconut crumb
Barbettes Feast catering morning tea platter
Price Range
$$$ ($1,001 - $5,000)
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