You Need to Hire a Bartender for Your Private Party: Here’s Why

The cost to hire a bartender for your private party, at first glance, appears to outweigh the benefit of it. You might think, ‘Karen’s kid is old enough and appears to like his drinks? He’ll be fine for my small private do.’

But while Karen’s kid is really lovely—and will go places I’m sure—there is a multitude of reasons why they’re not best placed to run any bar, let alone yours. You might consider grabbing a drink from the esky an easy job but your party will benefit from leaving it to the professionals.

Here are the top reasons why you, and your wallet, need to hire a bartender for your private party.

1. You’ll Buy the Right Amount of Alcohol

When organising your function I’m sure you’ll ask all your friends what they like to drink. You’ll then do the math with your party numbers and likely double it (cos’ your parties go off!) and then head down to the bottle-o to buy way too many cases.

The main reason to hire a bartender for your private party is that they do this regularly. You can work directly with them, your budget and numbers to get advice on the best amount of alcohol. It will end up saving you enough dosh to justify this expense. End of list.

2. You’ll Buy the Right Types of Alcohol

Every guest will be happy with beer and wine but that doesn’t mean that they are not open to other beverages once they’ve downed their fourth Peroni.

Rather than an even split of cans and vino, it’s great to mix it up and offer alternatives with which the bartender can provide advice from other parties on what’s popular. Additionally, they will help you stock up on crucial non-alcoholic drinks too.

3. You’ll Get Drinks Menu Advice

Great, you’ve got the drinks settled and rather than some eskies filled with ice for guests to fish around in you can work with your bartender to develop a short but official drinks menu. Look at you! This casual affair is now starting to feel like a right proper party and stuff!

4. You’ll Be Drinking Cocktails!

This could be the game-changer. You now have mixers and someone who knows what to do with them to make sure they taste nice. Work with your bartender to produce a small and cost-effective list of cocktail options and they will be a guaranteed hit.



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The #1 reason to hire a bartender is cocktails. Just ask Lady Friday Event Personnel.

5. You’ll Keep the Party Moving

You’ve got an expert at the bar who deals regularly with customers who’ve had a couple. They know where the alcohol is and have heard all the requests before but your new menu will be handy. The speed of service here will be the biggest talking point after the party from your guests, I guarantee it. The party will not stop or splutter or fade away with the night.

6. You’ll Be On Top of the Legals

Trust me, while you want everyone to be enjoying themselves you do not want someone to cause a scene with any drunken escapades. They will overshadow the memories of your party and will cause concern for future shindigs.

Having a professional on board to serve alcohol responsibly will ensure that it’s actually done and drunken family members won’t be putting the pressure on Karen’s kid for just one more.

7. They’ll Setup and Clean Up

I am someone who loves to throw a party but I do not love the late-night bottle cleanup.

So, for me personally, getting someone to do the setup and clean up is just incredible. Worth their weight in gold. Party heroes. Additionally, during the course of the night, they will organise and monitor the alcohol just in case you need to pop out quickly to pick up some more Pinot.

8. They’ll Have The Required Amount of Personality

Sorry, Karen’s kid. It’s great to catch up and hear about how you’re going at school but…

A professional bartender will keep the throngs of people at the bar entertained. They’ll also keep all updated on timings of beverages, and make sure everyone is acknowledged, with just enough personality.

9. You’ll Have a Personal Spy (If Required)

This point is a little more fiendish but very useful.

The bartender in question has zero personal ties to anyone at the party and are there to serve you. You could use this. Maybe just ask them to keep you updated on anyone, in particular, i.e. those kids in the corner that are a little too young but are laughing a little too loudly for your liking.

10. You’ll Be a Guest at Your Own Party

This is the best return you’ll get on your investment.

You have an expert at the bar so there is absolutely no reason to check in on them and see how they’re going. They will come to you if they need so you can go about enjoying your party with no worry at all. Maybe even ask for your personal signature drink on the side. Get cheeky.

Yes, You’ll Only Win If You Hire a Bartender for Your Private Party

For me, it’s a no-brainer. If you want to remove the stress and ensure that all your party-goers have a great night at your event then a bartender will do this. They’ll make the night, and the drinks, flow and you’ll never look back and regret the investment you made.

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