Planning an Engagement Party: A Quick & Easy Step-by-Step Guide

An engagement party is a beautiful way to celebrate a milestone event for a couple. Families, friends, and wedding party members gather to congratulate the bride and groom-to-be. Planning an engagement party takes time and effort, but it’s going to be well worth it. An engagement party is a fantastic and wonderful way to celebrate the happy news with friends and family.

To pull off the perfect event will take some significant planning, you must make sure you start planning months in advance to make sure it goes off without a hitch. Engagement party planning can be difficult, but you can find everything you need for the perfect event on Party Project.

There are many things to consider throughout the engagement party planning process. Engagement party planning the right way will save you time, stress and money. 

Whatever your party theme is, follow our engagement party checklist to ensure you’ve covered all the bases. 

1. Set A Date for Your Engagement Party

Your engagement is special and you should announce the date of the celebration well in advance so people can lock it in their calendars.

Choose an engagement party date that suits you and your partner. Moreover, also think about when your family and friends can come. A holiday weekend can be popular for families or friends who do not live in the same city. 

Allow enough time to plan the party and your engagement, and make sure your selected date allows for it.

2. Select a Host for The Engagement Party

Normally, the bride’s parents are the ones who host the engagement party, but you may also host it yourselves. If your parents or families live in different cities, you may decide to have two celebrations. 

After something even more entertaining? You might look for a host or entertainer from Project Party to bring a special and professional touch to the occasion. If someone else is hosting, let them know how involved you want to be in engagement party planning, usually, they can offer tips from their experience too.

3. Make A Guest List

When you are preparing an engagement party planning checklist, a guest list is a crucial step. Most engagement parties are casual events where family and close friends may interact. 

Send invitations to all, and consider that you should invite those you intend on having at the wedding too. To manage the whole planning process and guest list consider downloading a party planning app to help.

4. Pick a Venue for Your Engagement Party

Choose a venue that accommodates your guest list, vibe, and budget. Your engagement party may be large or small, formal or informal, so find a venue that matches.

Events can be hosted at a home or outside for a lawn or garden party to save money and provide a more relaxed environment. It’s also enjoyable to make reservations at your favorite restaurant or venue where catering, drinks and clean up are sorted for you.

When planning an engagement party, a romantic venue, excellent food, and beverages are essential for the first of many pre-wedding celebrations.

5. Send Invitations

Let your guests know the chosen date for your engagement celebration as soon as feasible. Invitations should fit the formality of the event, just like the location.

Invite guests with personalised invitations to mark the occasion. A beautiful custom invitation sets the scene for the big day and builds the excitement too. 

You may send invites for the engagement party through email or social media. It’s popular to use digital invitation services these days.

Send out the engagement party invitations a month or more before the event. You need to send these six weeks ahead if many guests are coming from out of town.

6. Plan a Budget for The Engagement Party

Planning an engagement party is also an excellent way to practice communication with your fiancé. If you can plan a successful engagement together, and still be friends at the end, it’s a great sign for your marriage. 

Your budget should be concise because you’ve already got the wedding coming up too. Avoid unnecessary stress at the start of your marriage by keeping finances under control to minimise stress.

Decide together what you both believe is a suitable amount. Knowing your budget also helps you reduce your choices and determine how many people you may invite.

7. Choose A Theme

Themes can be as elaborate or as minimal as you like. The goal is to enjoy the experience and create something memorable, so decorate accordingly. Whether you like an all-white design, contemporary elegance, or rustic florals, the decision is yours.

Project Party has a party theme builder to help you pick, and complete, the perfect theme for your event. 

Sometimes simple is best. A bouquet of fresh or paper flowers will fill any room immediately. You can work with a florist to create a few modest floral decorative features. Similarly, this is also a wonderful opportunity to try out some DIY crafts including lighting, designs, and other unique additions.

Dress the tables with colorful cloth, white candles, or a few accessories that touch on your engagement theme, such as beach wedding shells.

8. Plan The Menu

Since you need to consider every aspect of your engagement party, food is quite an essential component to consider. Given the budget, theme, and number of attendees, you should plan accordingly. 

There’s no requirement for a sit-down meal, finger foods and sweets can usually be enough. But if the event will be running for 3 hours or more then consider catering something more substantial to make sure guests are satisfied. Hungry guests aren’t fun guests. 

You may also consider guest allergies and favorite meal kinds to determine which menu is the cheapest and most pleasant.

No matter how casual or formal your engagement party is, provide plenty of delicious food and beverages. Prepare your food and drinks ahead of time, and if you’re hosting the party alone, hire someone to help you prepare and serve it.

Take the hassle out of catering and cleaning up by hiring a catering team too. You could even hire bar staff to help you out on the day as well.

9. Select Music for Your Engagement Party

Music isn’t necessary, but it’s worth considering, especially when planning an engagement party at home. 

The music at the engagement party should boost the feelings of love and create a fun atmosphere for all. It’s important to mix things up, and you can always consider hiring a special musician to match the mood.

Whether you want playlists, Spotify, old-school CD mixes, or other classic hits, make sure your party speakers are set up correctly. 

10. Decide the Outfits for your Engagement Party

An engagement party is all about having fun and celebrating with your loved one. You can really wear anything you like for the day, depending on your venue and theme. Cool and casual, or formal, it doesn’t matter, just roll with what you feel like and make sure guests know what’s expected.

Final Thought

Your engagement party is such a special day to remember, make sure you give the planning the time it deserves. Plan well in advance, confirm everything 1 week before and make sure you have a backup plan.

And if you’re looking for supplies, catering, and everything you need for the perfect day checkout Project Party for everything you need.