How to Throw a Champagne Party on a Beer Budget

Let’s get the important mushy stuff out of the way up-front. The main objective for throwing a party is to celebrate a person, a milestone, LIFE! But, as great as it is to have all the people you give a shoot about in one place, you’d also like people to have the Best. Time. Ever! You might want to party on a budget so you’re not paying off credit card debt until you’re well into your pensioner days.

So here’s our pro tips to keep your shoe strings tight and the champagne flowing:

Be Realistic

Decide how much you want to spend and stick to it. I understand that this sounds obvious but if you’re planning on using a venue to house your party mess then you really need to consider your budget before and during the night. You know you’ll be spending the dollars on the big night too.

The best way to do this is with a super handy budget tracker you nerd.

Be Venue-Wise

Some venues charge room hire or booking fees for events or enforce a food and drink minimum. Be sure to check with your venue before booking or host your party at home.

And, two things to consider here are, firstly, no one expects the host at a venue to pay all the costs. You’re ok with a small tab or some share plates of food. Secondly, your the host but the party person has lots (presumably) of friends and you can share the costs if your upfront with the crew.

Everyone will love to help and chip in and everyone loves an excuse to have a party.

Plan Ahead

If you’re organised you can buy decorations, alcohol and non-perishable foods when they are on sale. To be fair you did know this birthday was coming!

Expenses that only come around once or twice a year have a funny way of sneaking under the radar. You have the right intention to throw a party on a budget, then whack! Yes, I need to organise a venue, food, decorations…

If you have the foresight to plan well-ahead you can not only save on the costs but you’ll spread your costs over a longer period.

Create Your Own Invites

Facebook invites maybe unfortunately forgotten or ignored for some events and full-on custom designed invites may be too costly or OTT for the event.

There is plenty of edit and print at home options on Creative Market or Etsy. The consideration here is that while there is a cost to order and print these invites they can make an impact and ensure RSVPs flow in. You want people to attend and don’t want to pay for unbought floor space, drinks and food…

Ditch the Cocktails

One sure way of burning through your bar tab well before midnight is serving cocktails. Sure they make things a little more ‘fun’ but if your plan is to have a long night of awesome you don’t want a bunch of sugar-fuelled mates running around before collapsing and heading off.

No one expects them and your ‘party on a budget’ will blow out quick smart if you have them.

Mix It up on Spotify

Good music and drinks will get your shindig about 90 per cent there. Spend a few hours playing DJ a create your own party playlist on Spotify. You can download and save it to your device – so there’s no fear of signal dropouts.

Say YES to Booze

When your friends ask what they can bring to your house party tell them to bring a bottle of their favourite beverage (and count how many Aldi wines walk through the door).

For all the total cheapskates reading this (and, I’m certainly not encouraging this behaviour) who do ‘life on a budget,’ there are a couple of additional advantages here. You can go out and buy some cheap alcohol and then drink the better stuff your friends bring. And, you’ll benefit at the end of the night with a bunch of new bottles of vino.

Note, the disadvantage here is you might potentially be uninvited to future parties…

Cater the Event

You’ll have more fun if you don’t have to stress about food. And your friends will have more fun if they’re well fed. If you can – Hire a pro. But if that simply won’t fit into our budget turn to Uber Eats and order locally. Or, overdo it on the cheese and cracker situation.

When planning your budget also consider the time you’ll spend on some activities. The planning, preparation, and cooking of meals can be a really enjoyable experience but for bigger crowds, it can become really time-consuming.

Your time is money too.

What Are Your Top Tips for Extravagant Party Planning on a Dime?

Do not forget that when you’re throwing a party on a budget you need to think about both the ‘party’ and the ‘budget’. Make your night memorable and no one will care about the spend. And, both your return on the investment and the birthday persons experience that much more pleasurable.

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