How to Throw a (Not-Depressing) Valentine’s Day Singles Party

The world-famous lovey-dovey holiday of Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. And, while couples everywhere get each other cutesy gifts and go out to a fancy dinner, singles everywhere are left trying to stomach the painstakingly romantic gestures all around them. This year, break the mould. This year, make the most of your freedom as a single person and throw the most kick-ass singles party in honour of Valentine’s Day.

Your Valentine’s Day party can be whatever you want it to be. If you want to use it to meet new people, it can certainly help you do that. If you want to use it to have a good time and relieve some stress, the good news is that you can achieve that, too! No matter what, know that your guests will have fun at your memorable party.

Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, we’ve put together a list of everything you need to know to make sure your party goes off without a hitch.

1. Make Your Invite List Singles-Only

Nothing kills the vibe of a singles party like inviting couples. Carefully compose your guest list with singles only, and, guess what, they’re likely not locked down with commitments or functions to be at already. Consult your friends if you need help growing out the list. You never know who you may meet at this party, so the more people on the guest list, the merrier.

2. Don’t Overdo it With Valentine’s Day Décor

You don’t want to beat it over people’s heads that it’s Valentine’s Day for a few reasons. The first reason is that you don’t want to force anyone into being romantic if they’re not feeling it. The second reason is that some people are already sensitive about being alone on this romantic holiday, so don’t rub it in their faces by having hearts and kitschy sayings everywhere. Keep the Valentine’s Day décor to a tasteful minimum. Some red throw pillows, napkins or candles are just enough to keep the theme going.

3. Serve a Sexy Signature Drink

We believe that no party is complete without a signature drink. And, given the holiday, this is the perfect excuse to get a little sexier with the drink (and drink name) than you normally would. This is also an opportunity to sneak a little aphrodisiac like pomegranate juice or blood orange into the party. Try making an inexpensive, light drink like a prosecco wine spritzer with pomegranate juice and blood orange over ice. This will also help keep the bloating to a minimum, because, let’s be honest, who wants to be bloated when they’re in cocktail attire? Not many, so your guests will thank you.

Check out #valentinescocktails for inspiration.

4. Keep the Smelly Foods off the Menu

Yes, everyone loves spinach artichoke dip. However, people who are maybe going to be getting close to someone they find attractive probably don’t want to have garlicky breath. Keep this in mind when you’re putting together your food menu. Try to stay away from garlicky, spicy or fishy foods to be safe. If you can’t pass up a fan-favourite food that happens to have a strong smell that lingers, make sure to put out mints on the table, too.

5. Don’t Forget an Upbeat Playlist

If you don’t want people to harp on being lonely on Valentine’s Day, don’t have love songs on your playlist. That being said, don’t have break-up songs, either. Keep the music upbeat and danceable. Shoot to have a good mix of current music and also some classic songs that everyone will dance to. As a fail-proof, make your music accessible to your guests so that your guests can play their favourites throughout the night.

7. Nametags Are a Good Investment

There’s nothing worse than awkward introductions, besides maybe forgetting someone’s name after you just met them. To help your guests avoid the awkwardness, make sure you have nametags that they can fill out and wear at your party. This will save everyone from either saying the wrong name to someone they’re attracted to or pretending they remember their name all night long.

With these tips, you’re fast on your way to throwing one hell of a singles Valentine’s Day party. Let the fun begin!

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