7 Fun Wedding Ideas to Make Your Big Day Memorable

You’ve got the rock you always imagined, from the man of your wildest dreams. Now you can spend every minute of every waking hour, of the next year (or two) researching the fun wedding ideas that will make the biggest celebration of your life together unique.

If you’re anything like the girl next door, there’s no doubt you’ve had vivid dreams about the big day ever since you could walk. You spent your toddler years dressing up in tutu’s and tiaras, while you spent teen years watching romantic comedies and love stories. You’ve had the design of your dress picked out since your sweet sixteenth, and you’ve known for a decade who your bridesmaids are (not to mention the colour they’ll wear too).

Truth be told, once that ring hits your finger, many (if not all) of those ideas seem to fade away, and the stark reality of planning your very own real-life wedding starts sinking in.

Some things won’t ever change. You’ll certainly want to feel a million dollars. You’ll definitely want it to be a day for everyone to remember and give your guests something to talk about forevermore. It needs to be memorable. Classic yet modern. Serious yet fun. Minimal yet full of life. Romantic, thoughtful, meaningful, light-hearted, deep (but not too deep), and funny (but not too funny that people don’t take you seriously). Anything else?

7 Fun Wedding Ideas That Offer a Fresh Take on Tradition

With the powers of Instagram and Pinterest combined there’s no reason to have a lacklustre wedding these days. We’ve collected some of our favourite and fun wedding ideas to ensure that your day will be one to remember.

Is a Wedding What You Really Want?

Ever considered a non-wedding? Call it a party, a ceremony or a festival of love. Make it your own from the get-go. Break free from traditions and when you’re knee deep in planning just remember you’re organising a huge party. Theme it, rename it and put your stamp all over it.

Consider a First Bounce, Instead of a First Dance

Thanks Internet, for sharing a fair dose of quality YouTube clips of wedding songs and serenades from around the world. Sure, if you’ve got the time, choreography skills, and the bridal team are on board then go forth and join the viral club. If not, and you’re still on the prowl for something unique, you won’t go past a chapel sized inflatable jumping castle where you can have a first bounce instead of a first dance. Plus, watching your folks and in-laws trying to elegantly follow is worth its weight in gold. Every goddamn day of the week.

Experiential Stations

Say whaaaaat? There’s a few ideas we’ve noticed popping up where guests can help themselves. The photo booth is a popular one with the fans and providing props for guests is another fun addition. We vote for the beer bar and sweet station. They come with a comprehensive list of positives. Read on.

Beer Bar

No-one wants to line up at a reception to grab a round of beers. Knock up a DIY beer bar and let people pull their own. It’s not aphoto booth, and secret kisses might not show up on Instagram (or the secret love affairs of long-lost relatives) as a result. Who’s not to say that people still can’t have a cheeky pash over the adult only water cooler? Experiential stations let your guests explore, experiment and interact, not to mention provide a good talking point.

Sweet Stations

The sweet station is our other pick. We’ve all been to weddings where there are tables of uneaten dessert as far as the eye can see. The tunes are so good everyone is tearing up the dance floor and too busy to eat. What a waste! Let your guests help themselves and provide a station full of sweets. This way if things don’t get eaten, they’re easy to preserve, rather than hit the trash can before you’ve hit the hay.

Late Night Sliders

We also recommend a late-night slider station for those that might’ve pulled one too many beers. Guilty! Think of it as the new age kebab. Get a local food truck to swing by your venue and offer guests their speciality if it’s another thing your caterer can’t fathom coordinating.

Bringing Back Bonbonniere

And we’ll sign off with this bang! Who doesn’t love a gift!? Think big! Order custom labels for the wine and give your guests a bottle. No more sugar-coated almonds in porcelain swans. Uh-ah.

You really can research till the cows come well and truly home about what you want for your big day. We think it can also be some simple things that make those memorable moments the talking points for years to come. Think costume changes and cocktail parties over sit down dinners. That’s what we’re talkin’ ‘bout.