Planning an Engagement Party A Quick & Easy Step-by-Step Guide

Planning an Engagement Party: A Quick & Easy Step-by-Step Guide

An engagement party is a beautiful way to celebrate a milestone event for a couple. Families, friends, and wedding party members gather to congratulate the bride and groom-to-be. Planning an engagement party takes time and effort, but it’s going to be well worth it. An engagement party is a fantastic and wonderful way to celebrate the happy news with friends and family.

To pull off the perfect event will take some significant planning, you must make sure you start planning months in advance to make sure it goes off without a hitch. Engagement party planning can be difficult, but you can find everything you need for the perfect event on Party Project.

There are many things to consider throughout the engagement party planning process. Engagement party planning the right way will save you time, stress and money. 

Whatever your party theme is, follow our engagement party checklist to ensure you've covered all the bases. 

1. Set A Date for Your Engagement Party

Your engagement is special and you should announce the date of the celebration well in advance so people can lock it in their calendars.

Choose an engagement party date that suits you and your partner. Moreover, also think about when your family and friends can come. A holiday weekend can be popular for families or friends who do not live in the same city. 

Allow enough time to plan the party and your engagement, and make sure your selected date allows for it.

2. Select a Host for The Engagement Party

Normally, the bride's parents are the ones who host the engagement party, but you may also host it yourselves. If your parents or families live in different cities, you may decide to have two celebrations. 

After something even more entertaining? You might look for a host or entertainer from Project Party to bring a special and professional touch to the occasion. If someone else is hosting, let them know how involved you want to be in engagement party planning, usually, they can offer tips from their experience too.

3. Make A Guest List

When you are preparing an engagement party planning checklist, a guest list is a crucial step. Most engagement parties are casual events where family and close friends may interact. 

Send invitations to all, and consider that you should invite those you intend on having at the wedding too. To manage the whole planning process and guest list consider downloading a party planning app to help.

4. Pick a Venue for Your Engagement Party

Choose a venue that accommodates your guest list, vibe, and budget. Your engagement party may be large or small, formal or informal, so find a venue that matches.

Events can be hosted at a home or outside for a lawn or garden party to save money and provide a more relaxed environment. It's also enjoyable to make reservations at your favorite restaurant or venue where catering, drinks and clean up are sorted for you.

When planning an engagement party, a romantic venue, excellent food, and beverages are essential for the first of many pre-wedding celebrations.

5. Send Invitations

Let your guests know the chosen date for your engagement celebration as soon as feasible. Invitations should fit the formality of the event, just like the location.

Invite guests with personalised invitations to mark the occasion. A beautiful custom invitation sets the scene for the big day and builds the excitement too. 

You may send invites for the engagement party through email or social media. It’s popular to use digital invitation services these days.

Send out the engagement party invitations a month or more before the event. You need to send these six weeks ahead if many guests are coming from out of town.

6. Plan a Budget for The Engagement Party

Planning an engagement party is also an excellent way to practice communication with your fiancé. If you can plan a successful engagement together, and still be friends at the end, it’s a great sign for your marriage. 

Your budget should be concise because you've already got the wedding coming up too. Avoid unnecessary stress at the start of your marriage by keeping finances under control to minimise stress.

Decide together what you both believe is a suitable amount. Knowing your budget also helps you reduce your choices and determine how many people you may invite.

7. Choose A Theme

Themes can be as elaborate or as minimal as you like. The goal is to enjoy the experience and create something memorable, so decorate accordingly. Whether you like an all-white design, contemporary elegance, or rustic florals, the decision is yours.

Project Party has a party theme builder to help you pick, and complete, the perfect theme for your event. 

Sometimes simple is best. A bouquet of fresh or paper flowers will fill any room immediately. You can work with a florist to create a few modest floral decorative features. Similarly, this is also a wonderful opportunity to try out some DIY crafts including lighting, designs, and other unique additions.

Dress the tables with colorful cloth, white candles, or a few accessories that touch on your engagement theme, such as beach wedding shells.

8. Plan The Menu

Since you need to consider every aspect of your engagement party, food is quite an essential component to consider. Given the budget, theme, and number of attendees, you should plan accordingly. 

There’s no requirement for a sit-down meal, finger foods and sweets can usually be enough. But if the event will be running for 3 hours or more then consider catering something more substantial to make sure guests are satisfied. Hungry guests aren’t fun guests. 

You may also consider guest allergies and favorite meal kinds to determine which menu is the cheapest and most pleasant.

No matter how casual or formal your engagement party is, provide plenty of delicious food and beverages. Prepare your food and drinks ahead of time, and if you're hosting the party alone, hire someone to help you prepare and serve it.

Take the hassle out of catering and cleaning up by hiring a catering team too. You could even hire bar staff to help you out on the day as well.

9. Select Music for Your Engagement Party

Music isn't necessary, but it's worth considering, especially when planning an engagement party at home. 

The music at the engagement party should boost the feelings of love and create a fun atmosphere for all. It's important to mix things up, and you can always consider hiring a special musician to match the mood.

Whether you want playlists, Spotify, old-school CD mixes, or other classic hits, make sure your party speakers are set up correctly. 

10. Decide the Outfits for your Engagement Party

An engagement party is all about having fun and celebrating with your loved one. You can really wear anything you like for the day, depending on your venue and theme. Cool and casual, or formal, it doesn’t matter, just roll with what you feel like and make sure guests know what’s expected.

Final Thought

Your engagement party is such a special day to remember, make sure you give the planning the time it deserves. Plan well in advance, confirm everything 1 week before and make sure you have a backup plan.

And if you’re looking for supplies, catering, and everything you need for the perfect day checkout Project Party for everything you need.

7 key tasks to check off your birthday party planner checklist

10 Key Tasks to Check off Your Birthday Party Planner Checklist

For a child—and some adults—their birthday party is the most amazing and magical time of the whole entire year. A time when all eyes are on them, they receive gifts and love, and they can showcase their passions and dreams. But, a detailed birthday party planner checklist is required to deliver on this.

Because little Jessica has gone to all her friends birthday parties she has, strongly, formed some expectations of her own for the big day. She doesn’t want some hodgepodge, thrown together, last-minute do. She wants to have the BEST day of her entire life. It’s that simple.

Here are 7 tasks you will need to tick off on your birthday party planner checklist:

1. Confirm Your Guest List

Depending on the age of your child you might consider a family-only affair. Or you might consider inviting their whole class and parents to the party. Alternatively, they might have their own list of attendees that they’d like to celebrate with depending on how social circles have been formed at the time.

It’s crucial to involve your child with this part of the journey so that they can feel as comfortable as possible during the party. It will also confirm numbers for the party which brings us too...

2. Confirm Your Budget

The amount you are prepared to spend on the party will be crucial to making the choices in the following steps. Me and my partner like to alternate years with our children so each ‘off’ year is where we have a bigger celebration. This saves both money and personal sanity in organising birthday parties.

Of course, milestone birthdays need to be made a deal of.

3. Confirm Date and Venue

Yes, the date will need to be as close to the birth of your child as possible (of course) but you need to work on the best days available for working parents. Get out your calendar and confirm this first.

Next, confirm the venue which requires the following considerations:

  • My child has a strong preference for the venue; depending on the age they will or won’t.
  • I would prefer to minimize cleaning; this will move you away from your home.
  • I have too many guests; the size of the party is a big factor for venue choice.
  • I have a child who needs to burn energy; entertainment is key here.
  • I have a really detailed experience I need to deliver on; outsource if required.

Once you’ve made your mind up you’ve finalised all the boring birthday party planner checklist stuff. Hooray!

4. Pick A Theme

So, it’s time for some fun! And, no, turning 7 is not a theme.

Picking a theme is not only fun for kids to run wild with their imagination and share all that great stuff that they (and, possibly you too) love! It’s also a great way to tie all the steps of your birthday party planner checklist together and create a memorable experience for your guests.

I’d start with a conversation with your child but come prepared with some ideas of your own that you’ve seen them enjoy. Make a list of things they love and then get down to business exploring Pinterest and Instagram for party ideas and tips.

On a practical level, you’ll see what’s popular and what’s achievable. It might even push you in a certain direction for ideas that you can share back and get feedback on.

5. Book Your Entertainment

Your venue might come with entertainment and so job done.

And, additionally, entertainment may not mean there is a requirement to hire a band or magician necessarily (although, I would recommend this as it’s a great way to keep kids entertained and away from the snack table) but more of a consideration of games and fun for the day.

In line with your theme though there are lots of professional solutions such as:

  • Princess theme; get an entertainer.
  • Farm theme; get a petting zoo.
  • Magic theme; get a magician.
  • Superhero theme; get a jumping castle.
  • Wiggle theme; get a band.

And so on… Make sure it fits your budget but these are the low-cost steps that can lift your day.

6. Send Your Invitations

I didn’t realise how important invitations are until recently. They set the theme for the day. They instantly get kids excited and made to feel special about. They get everyone talking about the activities and entertainment and OMG just all the cool stuff.

They also confirm numbers of attendees to ensure you can confirm with your venue and entertainers too. That’s cool too I guess...

7. Order the Essentials

Ok, let’s tick off a few of the key tasks on your birthday party planner checklist you’ll need on the day:

  • Supplies and Decor; in line with your theme I would set a base colour palette (I know, sounds super professional and I’m ok for you to tell your friends you have one) for selecting your streamers, balloons, flowers, table cloths, decor, stands and tableware.
  • Food and Beverages; it’s been scientifically proven that food creates vivid memories of an event and it will be one of the most talked-about aspects of the day. In my opinion, a well-placed grazing table is both pleasing to the eye and to the stomach.

A caterer for your event is one of the best investments you can make. They will work with your goals and themes and will cook, clean and serve food so you don’t have to.

8. Order the Big Ticket Items

Let’s tick off the two biggest ticket items on your birthday party planner checklist you’ll need on the day:

  • Cake; this is super crucial and really all of your decorations, games and music should be centred around this superbly created and themed masterpiece.
  • Present; out of all the day's activities, I’m sure your child has provided the most advice around this part of the day.

If you correctly check off the cake and present you are 90% done for the day LOL.

9. Plan and Schedule the Day

You will be giving off pro party planning vibes if you make the following flow seamlessly:

  • Schedule; you’ll need a brief activity sheet with times for the day to ensure you keep on top of all the fun you have planned.
  • Activities and games; you’ll need to prepare all your games, prizes and equipment beforehand so it is ready to go.
  • Playlist; you’ll need to organise a sound system and playlist (don’t go overboard here) and get that uncle to be nearby for pausing and playing.

Look, I know you're not a professional at this and it’s not about being OTT about schedules and pieces of paper but you do want to keep control of the day so you don’t forget any of the magic.

10. Brief Your Helpers and Set Up Your Space

Grandparents, aunties and uncles, faux aunties and uncles and everyone close to you is as excited as you are about the day and keen to help out so make sure you ask for it. You can’t do it alone so reach out early and make sure that they can come over on the day to give a hand. You’ll need to:

  • Set up decorations
  • Set out the food and treats tables
  • Assign presents and games spaces
  • Brief any entertainers who arrive
  • Check out food prep areas

And so on… but that moment your child arrives and checks it out will be worth it times a thousand.

Don’t Forget to Have Fun Once You’ve Finished Your Birthday Party Planner Checklist

All successful events create lasting memories so make sure that you don’t forget to have some fun during the day. And, don’t wear yourself out working in the background during the day. Offload those tasks and make sure you are front and centre to see the excitement on your child's face.

Want to hire a party planner? Browse Planners & Decorators suppliers in your area.

9 Unexpected Pieces of Party Equipment to Hire to Make Memories

9 Unexpected Pieces of Party Equipment to Hire to Make Memories

To quote; “never forget those memories of your life that made you both laugh and cry.” And, with the right piece of party equipment to hire for your next party, you’ll bring those happy (carnivals and fun parks!) and sad (that loss at the arcade!) memories flooding right back.

The following list of party equipment to hire is certainly not unusual by any stretch of the imagination but they are usually overlooked at people’s house functions. But, for a very reasonable fee, they’ll ensure you create fond memories of your party. You’ll forget the dollars and remember the memories.

Here are 9 of our favourite party equipment to hire that you should invest in:

1. Popcorn Machine

I’m talking old school, wheeled in on a cart and with those paper baggies of crunchy goodness. A popcorn machine will fit in with so many party themes like circus, a night at the movies, the 60s or 70s parties and so on. And, you can go OTT and add this to your candy bar for a definite winner for a night.

Side note, interestingly it’s known that 100% of the world's population enjoy popcorn as a delicious snack. Fact, just trust us on this so no need to go and check that tidbit.

2. Fairy Floss Machine

OMG, a fairy floss machine brings back so many memories for me as a kid waiting in line at the school fair for my stick of sugar. It’s not only so incredibly delightful to eat but there was something truly magical about watching it be made. You literally wave a stick around a tub and voila!

With this party equipment to hire, you’ll also need to invest in an expert to prepare it for you but that will free you up for more important things to do (i.e. eating fairy floss).

3. Mechanical Bull

I know that a jumping castle is the go-to for parties for both kids and adults.

But, how do you win on a jumping castle? While it’s not a competition it’s nice to get your guest's creative juices flowing with some creative party equipment to hire. A mechanical bull will allow you to announce the day's longest rider and for them to strut around the party as winners.

4. Karaoke Machine

I love this idea because amongst us right now are wannabe rock stars and hidden talent. A karaoke machine will unearth your groups Masked Singers® and Australian Idols®.

In my opinion, the karaoke machine is the ultimate courage tester. I’ll stare at that machine all night like it's mocking me and daring me to have a go. “No”, I’ll say. “I need more time”, I’ll scream. But, deep in my heart I know I will give and belt out some Johnny Farnham for all to enjoy.

You will get some incredible laughs and gasps with this machine but not much room for a chat.

5. Chocolate Fountain

I have never actually seen one of these in action but I’ve heard the tales of those who have. Tales of people taken away to Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. Of people succumbing to the wickedly gooey goodness at a Halloween party. And, I’ve never ever heard a bad word from one...

Note, be careful of little wandering hands and your good pillows being left out.

6. Arcade Games

I spent too many days in my youth at Timezone playing Double Dragon, Donkey Kong and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle arcade games. The arcade music, flashing lights, tickets and tokens, squeals and cheers are all important memories for me and I love that environment.

An arcade machine is not everyone’s cup of tea but for an evening it can be an absolute delight.

7. Spit Roast

If your party is going to be held outdoors, and during the colder months with a roaring fire, then you cannot go past a spit roast for the night's meal.

This party equipment to hire will double as the night’s congregation point. There will be lots of opinions and poking and smelling of the incredible aromas. And, as the host of the meat fest you’ll receive so many wonderful compliments from your guests on the quality of the food.

8. Giant Lawn Games

These are now a common sight at a lot of weddings as they are the perfect way to keep guests occupied between the service and the reception. But, you can hire the following for all your events:

  • Jenga
  • Connect Four
  • Bean Bag Toss
  • Naughts and Crosses
  • Checkers
  • Ring Toss
  • Darts

The list goes on but there are plenty of options to fit with your party theme.

9. Foosball Table

Finally, chances are you grew up with a pool table, ping pong or a foosball table. You honed your skills over the course of your youth in the garage or games room. You then took those skills to your local once you were of an appropriate age to really test them out.

Well, now’s your chance to show everyone how good you are at a thing that they care so deeply about by hiring a foosball table. Not only will it be fun to play but you’ll hear memories of that time so-and-so went to Europe or about how exactly to pronounce the word ‘foosball’.

Laugh, Cheer and Cry You’re Way Into the Late Hours With These Party Equipment to Hire Ideas

My number one tip when selecting a piece of party equipment to hire? Play to your strengths. It’s your night, you're the host and you won’t want to be outshone. So, don’t go to leftfield with something you haven’t used before. Get that piece of equipment that you can dominate on.

Want to hire some equipment? Browse Equipment and Furniture suppliers in your area now.

10 Reasons Why You Must Hire a DJ for a Wedding

The dance floor is the perfect place for you, your partner and close friends and family to shake off all the hard work you’ve put into your hard-work planning your big day. You’ll just want to grab a drink, close your eyes and forget about all your worries which is why you must hire a DJ for a wedding (spoiler).

Want to justify your investment? Here are 10 reasons why you must hire a DJ for a wedding:

1. They Have a Deep Musical Knowledge

Unbelievably, the DJs job is solely to make sure that people have an awesome experience at weddings and events. And, they do this “job” every weekend for couples just like you.

In their “off-time” they listen to the latest hits and the golden oldies preparing for all types of people from different backgrounds to ensure they can get any wallflower shaking their butt.

My point is that cousin Julie has a full-time job and—no offence Julie—limited knowledge of music. She likes what she likes and good on her. But, your DJ would have heard thousands of songs and requests and they would know what works best for every situation.

2. They Have All The DJ Equipment

Yes, obviously when you hire a DJ for a wedding you’ll expect that it includes their gear.

It’s the alternative I want you to think about… If you don’t have a DJ you’ll at least need to get some decent speakers to rock the crowd as unfortunately you UE Boom won’t suffice. Additionally, more hire gear means lugging around more hire gear which is both painful to your friends and your back.

3. They Have Lighting and Other Cool Things

I don’t think people appreciate the impact good lighting has on people’s moods and actions. A good dancefloor provides people with the opportunity to break free from their personalities and become their inner rockstar. No one can do this under some old fluorescent lighting.

A good DJ wants to create a great experience for you. They’ve invested in tools such as lighting, laser shows, smoke machines and so on so that you’ll be given an unforgettable night and not just a bunch of songs that you like to listen to.

4. They Will Free up Your Party Planning Time

If you’re planning your wedding I’m sure that you have a list of tasks that need to be checked off before the big day. Don’t make that list longer by creating a playlist of tracks to fill the hours of dancefloor time.

Hire a wedding DJ for a wedding and leave it to the expert to deal with.

5. They Will Be Professionalism and Attire

A DJ is no longer a scruffy dude in a sweatsuit hunkered by a box of records or CDs. They are one of your professional wedding party team members ready to hit the theme and tone of your night. They are willing to behave and dress as you require so get them on board early to prepare.

6. They Can Deal with Requests

In personally running your music then requests will be your biggest bugbear. No, you don’t want to hear your uncles favourite Aerosmith song. No, you don’t want to hear Britney for the second time. No, you’ve never heard of that new club banger your 17-year-old cousin loves at the moment.

Leave the no-ing, yep-sureing and sorry-i-can’t-hear-youing to a professional DJ.

7. They Can Help With Your First Dance

The first dance with your new partner for life is—in my opinion—the biggest part of the day.

Just you and your boo on the floor in front of everyone either cutting out some rehearsed moves and just hitting some feelings. It can be scary and confronting but of course exciting and exhilarating and you don’t want to think about anything else apart from your partner.

You can make sure it’s seamless by getting your DJ involved with the planning and execution of your first dance and they can help with any other activities you might want to run during the night as well.

8. They Will Read the Crowd’s Response

As I write this I like to think of myself as an amateur DJ.

I certainly wouldn’t take over the duties but at a few backyard events, I’ve been happy to run some tunes for everyone. What have I learnt? Big groups of people come with a big load of opinions and preferences. This is fine, everyone likes what they like so I get it. But, if the majority of your group are looking for a place to seat when a certain song comes on then you’re not hitting the mark.

When you hire a DJ for a wedding they will certainly be keen to hear your songs choices but they will also be ready to save the day at the decks when things don’t hit the right beat.

9. They Can Be the Master of Ceremonies

As mentioned, DJs are seasoned professional, have all the AV gear required to run a wedding at their fingertips, have seen all the ups and downs or weddings over the years and have the added benefit of being totally sober. They are a wedding MC dream come true.

Even if you want a good friend to run the majority of your wedding you can still employ the DJ to do the bits and pieces of corralling the crowd off and on the dance floor. This will free up your mate to do the important jobs like being your personal beverage carrier.

10. They Are the Last Person Standing

In my history of attending weddings, I’ve never met a DJ on the clock.

That’s not to say their time is free—it’s not and it’s their time is important—but I’m sure if no other plans then for a negotiated hourly fee they will be willing to stay and party until the last party-goer is finished dancing. No need to put your playlist on backup in case you want to kick on!

It’s Really a No-Brainer... You Must Hire a DJ for a Wedding

I’ve capped this article at 10 reasons but really there are plenty more reasons why you should hire a DJ for a wedding. This is really a case of factoring in your investment and consideration of your personal sanity and enjoyment on what will be the biggest day of your life.

Want to hire a DJ? Browse Musicians and DJs suppliers in your area now.

6 90s Party Theme Ideas to Ensure It’s a Totally Rad Night!

I’m sure you looking to throw a totally lame 90s party, hey. NOT! You actually want some 90s party theme ideas that are both phat (with a PH) and wicked awesome to ensure you have an epic night!

A 90s party theme is a great opportunity for you to pull out your ‘vintage’ sports jacket, grab your walkman and Gameboy that you’ve been holding onto (trust me, they’re not worth as much as you think they are) and spend a couple of weeks growing your Tamagotchi in preparation for the big night.

What does your party need? Take a chill pill cos’ here are 6 90s party theme ideas you’ll need:

1. Rip a Bangin’ Compilation CD

I’m sure you have a good-to-great playlist ready-to-go on Spotify, but, where’s the effort in that? Relive the late nights by converting that bad boy into CD format. Nothing says ‘I love these bands heaps’ more than the time and effort—getting blank CDs, ripping your tunes and customising your cover art—you’ll need for this.

Better yet, I suggest creating multiple compilation CDs for the different stages of the night. I’m thinking ‘Dave’s easy listening and RNB’ for the early party of the night before moving into ‘Rachael’s pop and straight bangers’ as things pick up. And, make sure to put them all in one of those CD wallets you used to have in the car with a handwritten playlist for guests to browse.

Actually, I’m not even sure if this is one of my best 90s party theme ideas but it sure brings back strong memories...

2. Decorate With 90s Photo Props and Posters

You’ll want your guests to feel like they are stepping back in time. A simpler time of VHS and cassette tapes, troll dolls, incredibly large mobile phones and lots of bright colours.

Unless you have a box of old tapes in the attic you’re best placed to create some photo props that your guests can laugh about and take photos of on their reasonably sized smartphones. Get the paper and makers out and create some bright, bold and wacky photo props.

You could also decorate with these classic 90s party theme ideas:

  • Hang up some classic 90s band posters
  • Set up your old Nintendo for people to play
  • Spray paint some cassette tapes to hang from a string
  • Create a photo frame shaped like an Etch A Sketch
  • Hire a silent disco to get the headphones rockin’

Want to step it up a notch? Print everything on an old dot matrix printer with the continuous paper...

3. Get Lights and Neon in You Crib!

Did you know that lights were invented in the 90s? True, and we straight up made sure that every party had something that was glowing, strobing or pulsing to get us through the night.

If you don’t have the time to create all the props and decorations above then my suggestion is to turn off all the lights in your house, get some strobe effect party lights streaming and crank up the Spice Girls. You have now transported everyone back to the 90s.

Additionally, because the 90s were so dark a lot of people really got into a glow in the dark items to assist with finding your drinks and belongings. Along with wristbands, you could also get a set of drinking cups, glasses, slinkies or whatever to share with your friends.

4. Get Pimpin’ With Baggy Pants and Bling-Bling

Which brings me to my next point…

All ‘decade’ themed parties work because they provide an opportunity for mum and dad to reach into the back of their closet and wear those bell-bottom jeans or hippie headband they’ve been keeping. It’s about reliving the memories of your youth.

The 90s—wrongly in my opinion—aren’t fondly remembered for being overly fashionable. But, agree or not, the 90s did have a distinct look-and-feel and provide a lot of 90s party theme ideas for your outfit. I’m thinking lots of necklaces and wristbands, chains and bling-bling, sporting and surfing brands, tracksuits, tube tops and bum bags.

Another angle would be to dress up as your favourite movie character from the 90s like Clueless, Wayne’s World, The Matrix or any Jim Carrey character.

5. Mix up ‘the Bomb’ Party Punch

Weirdly, I remember the drinks more than the food in the 90s…

Yes, it says a lot about me but I do remember the party punch (usually served in a bucket or something equally desirable) at a lot of house parties. What else was popular? Midori Illusions, Smirnoff Double Blacks, premixed rum and coke and terrible beers.

Look, if you want to forget these memories then I fully support you serving a more sophisticated menu of drinks and cocktails that are poured by a qualified server. Otherwise, go all-in (mix up whatever you have in the cupboard and fruit bowl) and expect a lot of sore heads in the morning.

6. Bring up Brutal Memories With a Pop Culture Quiz

I love a quiz because I love pop culture. I have big love for 90s music, 90s movies, 90s TV shows, 90s art and 90s dance. I also have a lot of personal memories tied to these.

And—as mentioned above—a 90s party is a great opportunity to relive your friends big nights, big moments and hilarious memories. How about your friend who really got into hip hop dancing? A question around Dr Dre and Snoop Dogg will get you all chatting.

Where to start? Friends TV show kicked-off, Tamagotchis were released, Harry Potter was published, the Macarena was everywhere and Nickelodeon was all we watched. Put together some questions with your friends in mind and have a quiz game early in the night to get everyone reliving a fantastic decade.

Remember Why It Is the Decade Everyone Tries to Forget With These 90s Party Theme Ideas

The 90s happened and you were an active participant in it. We all know about your obsession with the Hanson boys and those platform shoes you bought, and, while you may want to forget we all want to live those memories again. So, crack out the nostalgia and get jiggy with it!

Want a party planner? Browse Planners and Decorators suppliers in your area now.

Masquerade makes list of top 15 fancy dress party themes

Top 15 Fancy Dress Party Themes That Are Still in Fashion Today

We know that a theme can make or break a party. We also know how hard it can be to come up with creative, sophisticated and fun party themes that break the mould of a typical fancy dress theme party. That’s why we’ve put in the hard work of scouring trends until we compiled a list of the top 15 fancy dress party themes that will transform your next party.

Don’t wait any longer to get inspired—check out the list of the top fancy dress party themes now!

1. Black & White Attire Party

As suggested in the name, at this type of party, the theme is focused on black and white. Guests should be instructed to wear either black or white attire and all the party decorations should also be black and white.

Make sure to extend your theme to the party decorations.

2. Murder Mystery Party

This particular dress party requires more work from the host, as your party actually serves as a game where guests try to find out who “committed the murder.” Guests should be instructed to dress up as their given character and the decorations should be relevant to the murder mystery’s theme (e.g., 1920s murder or futuristic murder).

3. Saints and Sinners Party

Turn up the heat and intrigue by throwing a classy and sexy Saints and Sinners party. Instruct guests to come dressed in angelic or devilish outfits and serve foods and drinks that fit the theme.

4. Celebrity Party

Just because A-list celebrities themselves won’t be in attendance at your party, that doesn’t mean that you can’t throw a celebrity-themed party. Have guests dress up as their favourite or look-a-like celebrity and you’ll be well on your way to hosting a star-studded party.

5. Garden Party

What’s classier than an English garden party? Next to nothing. Aim to throw this party in the spring or summer to take advantage of the stunning foliage. Plan to serve finger foods and small bites to keep the event light and classy.

Home-made garden games are a must for this theme.

6. Great Gatsby Party

If you’re looking for an iconic party theme that your guests will get excited about as soon as they open their invitation, consider throwing a Great Gatsby party. Guests will love the chance to dress as if they were going to one of Jay Gatsby’s extravagant parties.

7. Flower Power Party

If there’s any excuse to pull out the tie-dye shirts, embroidered jeans and flower crowns, a Flower Power party is it. Invite guests to dress to the occasion and embrace the peace.

8. James Bond Party

Everyone loves 007, so why not throw a party based on that theme. Invite guests to dress up as a character from one of their favourite scenes in the James Bond movies.

"Shaken, not stirred"

9. Casino Party

If you’re looking for a party that boasts an endless design and activity opportunity, a Casino Royale party is just that. Invite guests to dress their best, serve swanky cocktails and roll out a poker table to set the mood.

10. Pirate Party

Ahoy, mateys. Invite your guests to drink the rum and set sail to find the treasure of a good time. From pirate eye patches to fake peg legs, your guests will have a blast getting into character.

11. High Tea Party

If you’re searching for a classy party to throw for your girlfriends or your family, consider throwing a high tea party. Serve tea sandwiches, lemon cookies and hot tea to complete the mood.

12. Around the World Party

What better way to embrace different cultures than to throw an “Around the World” party? Ask guests to pick a country to represent and to bring a dish to pass to really get into the spirit.

13. 90s Party

Invite your guests to a blast from the past party by throwing an epic 90s party. Play old school hip hop and pop songs and invite guests to dress to a theme to get the night off to a great start.

Please ensure your party is totally radical.

14. Masquerade Party

Hide your identity and embrace a night of mystique by throwing a sexy and alluring masquerade party. Invite guests to design their own masks or provide ones for them to make sure everyone’s dressed up.

15. Holiday Party

Everyone has a no. 1 holiday, so why wait until that actual day to celebrate it? Throw a holiday party to give your friends and family a chance to celebrate their favourite day twice in one year.

Now that you’ve read up on some intriguing and fun party themes, it’s time to have fun. Start planning for your next party today!

Planning a dress-up party? Browse Floristry, Decorations and Party Supplies suppliers in your area now.

The Best Wedding Reception Songs for Each Part of the Wedding Night

Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials! While there are plenty of other wedding-related details to focus on planning, one that’s often overlooked is the importance of selecting the right music for every part of your reception. Music can set the tone for your wedding reception, so it’s important to pick just the right tunes.

The music industry is massive, which means that you have thousands of songs to choose from. However, the downside to so many choices is that many people don’t know where to begin. Fortunately for you, we’ve compiled a list of the top wedding reception songs for every part of your night. Check out our choices below:

Wedding Entrance Music

After the wedding ceremony, your guests will head to cocktail hour while the bridal party typically takes pictures. Your guests won’t see you again until you make your grand entrance to the reception. This entrance is when you’ll be introduced as a married couple to your guests at the party. Some couples transition right into their first dance from this grand march entrance, while others delay the first dance until after dinner.

Regardless of how you intend to structure your wedding entrance, typically the bridal party walks out to one song, and the married couple walks out to their own song. The music you choose will set a tone for how the rest of the night will proceed. Here are some classic walkout songs for the bridal party that will get the party going:

  • “I Gotta Feeling,” by the Black Eyed Peas
  • “Walk This Way,” by Aerosmith
  • “Forever,” by Chris Brown
  • “The Final Countdown,” by Eurpoe
  • “Good Feeling,” by Flo Rida
  • “On Top of the World,” by Imagine Dragons
  • “Can’t Stop the Feeling!,” by Justin Timberlake
  • “Celebration,” by Kool & The Gang
  • “This is How We Do It,” Montell Jordan
  • “Shut Up And Dance,” Walk The Moon

Here’s a list of classic walkout songs for the newlyweds to make their reception entrance to:

  • “Crazy in Love,” by Beyonce ft. Jay-Z
  • “Best Day of My Life,” by American Authors
  • “All You Need is Love,” by the Beatles
  • “Love on Top,” by Beyonce
  • “Sugar” by Maroon 5
  • “Say Hey (I Love You),” by Michael Franti & Spearhead
  • “This Will Be (An Everlasting Love),” by Natalie Cole
  • “Happy,” by Pharrell Williams
  • “Crazy Little Thing Called Love,” by Queen
  • “It Takes Two,” by Rob Base & D.J. E-Z Rock

First Dance Music

Arguably one of the most iconic dances you’ll have on your wedding night is your first dance as a married couple. As with your walkout music, there’s a host of different options that you can choose from for your first dance song. Try to think of a song that means something to you and your future spouse.

If you need help coming up with a song, here are 10 top first dance songs from a variety of genres:

  • “Marry Me,” by Train
  • “Perfect,” by Ed Sheeran (there are also two other versions of this song, one featuring Beyonce and one featuring Andrea Bocelli)
  • “God Gave Me You,” by Blake Shelton
  • “All of Me,” by Ed Sheeran
  • “Everything,” by Michael Buble
  • “At Last,” by Etta James
  • “Can’t Help Falling in Love,” by Elvis Presley
  • “I Am Yours,” by Andy Grammar
  • “Speechless,” by Dan + Shay
  • “Die a Happy Man,” by Thomas Rhett

Mother/Son and Father/Daughter Songs

Other important dances that typically take place during the reception include the mother/son dance and father/daughter dance. Here are some wedding reception songs for these two dances.

Mother/Son Dance:

  • “My Wish,” by Rascal Flats
  • “Home,” by Jack Johnson
  • “He Gets That From Me,” by Reba McEntire
  • “A Song for Mama,” by Boyz II Men
  • “Isn’t She Lovely,” by Stevie Wonder

Father/Daughter Dance:

  • “I Loved Her First,” by Heartland
  • “Dance With My Father,” by Luther Vandross
  • “My Little Girl,” by Tim McGraw
  • “There Goes My Life,” by Kenny Chesney
  • “Your Song,” by Elton John

Bouquet Toss Songs

At some point in the night, it’s traditional for the bride to throw a bouquet behind her back for the single ladies in attendance to try to catch. Of course, you’ll need to perfect tunes to have everyone gather on the dance floor. Here are five ideas:

  • “Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It),” by Beyonce
  • “Ladies Night,” by Kool & The Gang
  • “Hey Ladies,” by the Beastie Boys
  • “Where Them Girls At,” by David Guetta, ft. Nicki Minaj, Flo Rida
  • “Only Girl in the World,” by Rihanna

Garter Toss Songs

If you’re participating in the garter toss tradition, you’ll need to pick the perfect song for your groom to find the garter and then toss it to the single men in attendance. Here are some song ideas:

  • “Pony,” by Ginuwine
  • “Drunk in Love,” by Beyonce, ft. Jay-Z
  • “Hot in Herre,” by Nelly
  • “Pour Some Sugar on Me,” by Def Leppard
  • “Sexy Can I,” by Ray J ft. Yung Berg


No matter what songs you pick, you should definitely consider the audience that will be in attendance. If you’re planning on having a lot of children at your wedding, it might be best to opt for the “clean” versions of your favourite jams. With that being said, your wedding reception music should be a reflection of who you are as a couple and the style you like to bring to the table. Happy planning!

Top 5 Instagram Kids Birthday Cake Designs Trending in 2019

Top 5 Instagram Kids Birthday Cake Designs Trending in 2020

If there’s one thing any occasion isn’t complete without, it’s a stunning cake. Not only can intricately decorated cakes serve as a showpiece for any event, they’re also a tasty treat.

Just like fashion, cake decorating follows specific trends. With the introduction of social media, cake decorating trends have evolved and changed quicker than ever before. What’s popular one year may not be popular the next. That’s why it’s so important to monitor what’s hot and trending on social media. Doing so sounds easy, but that’s not always the case. With millions of hashtags being introduced each day on Instagram, it can be hard to keep up with the latest and greatest trends.

Fortunately for you, we’ve done the dirty work. Listed below are the top five Instagram kids birthday cake designs trending in 2019 so far. Check it out!

Birthday Cake Design Trend #1: Unicorn Cakes

At the very end of 2018, “unicorn cakes” topped the list of Googled search terms. These cutesy cakes are actually works of art, so it’s no surprise that they’ve captivated Instagram users. It’s also no surprise that they’ve become a staple at birthday parties and even bridal showers.

On the outside, these cakes are typically covered in smoothed white buttercream frosting. Then, there’s usually eyes made out of frosting. There’s also a colorful design for the unicorn’s hair as well. Then, finally, there’s the iconic unicorn horn that sits on the top of the cake.

These cakes are absolutely stunning on the outside—but they’re equally beautiful on the inside. They usually contain multi-colored layers, which provides beauty even after you slice into the cake!

Explore Instagram hashtag.

Birthday Cake Design Trend #2: Geometric Designs

Just like you’re seeing in the home design space, geometric designs and prints are trending in the cake decorating world. From bold, simple designs to intricate tessellations, geometric prints are popping up all over Instagram for kids birthday cakes and everything in between. These prints are being made out of fondant, but also out of buttercream frosting, too.

Explore Instagram hashtag.

Birthday Cake Design Trend #3: Abstract Cake Painting

This trend is exactly what it sounds like—and it’s equally alluring. Cakes are popping up all over Instagram that feature intricate hand-painted designs. Your child will be in awe of how beautiful their abstract cake is. And, regardless of where the inspiration is drawn from, it’s clear that this birthday cake design trend is here to stay.

Explore Instagram hashtag.

Birthday Cake Design Trend #4: Bright, Bold Colors

Cakes are no longer just white buttercream frosting. If you’ve been on Instagram lately to look at cake decorating trends, you’ll see that bright, bold colors are trending. From neon pinks and oranges to ocean blue hues and every color in between, you can express yourself as a designer and incorporate fun colors into your cake decorations.

Explore Instagram hashtag.

Trend #5: Confetti Cakes

When you think “kids birthday cake” you probably envision a white sheet cake covered in sprinkles. Confetti cakes are iconic and almost synonymous when it comes to a child’s birthday cake. If you love fun-looking cakes and sweet cake batter, you’ll love confetti cakes.

Explore Instagram hashtag.

You Can’t Have Your Cake and Eat It Too

Remember, trends in cake decorating can change at the drop of a hat. Scroll the popular page or #cake on Instagram to draw inspiration and catch whiffs of next year’s emerging birthday cake designs trending as they pop up.

Want to find a cake maker? Start your search today.

8 Wedding Locations You've Never Thought Of

8 Wedding Locations You’ve Never Thought of (& Neither Have Your Guests)

Let’s set the record straight. Nothing is off limits these days. There isn’t a thing money can’t buy, and guests will travel. Our constantly changing world is always looking for the new, and friends and family LOVE getting their socks blown off with whiz bang wedding locations when they read the ‘save the date’ in the snail mail.

Your big day is going to be the best it can be if you start with getting the venue right. If you put a huge tick in that box, come the big day, you’ll feel right at home and as comfortable as you do in your own powder room.

Like most you want to capture plenty of picture-perfect moments, so choosing photo-friendly wedding locations has a huge role to play in getting that right! If you’re looking for something a bit daring or different you’re in the right place. Read on for our wrap up of ideas that you might’ve skipped over, but might make your heart skip that extra beat.

  1. Salt of the Earth Wedding Locations

Tying the knot in the tropics never gets old. Where there is a promise of sunshine, crystal clear water and cocktails, guests will follow. Fact. Who isn’t secretly waiting in the wings for you to announce a reason to travel to Bali, Thailand or Hawaii these days for a cheeky (extra-long) weekender?

If you want to impress guests, consider an ankle-deep ceremony at exotic Exmouth in WA. There are plenty of places around Australia that boast crystal clear waters and clean sandy beaches. They all lend themselves to water crashing at your heels and sand between your toes, but this place is the stuff dreams are made of. Most protected beaches around this coral coast would suffice, just check the weather and choose your season wisely. Pick a month that’s warm enough to withstand some water, because it’s so inviting it’ll have all your guests kicking off their heels to get in.

  1. Dare to Be Different in… Did You Say Dubbo?

We’ve all heard of Twilight at Taronga. Getting married with your furry friends, and under the stars may sound like a dream to some, and it’s a decent option for Sydney locals. We’re daring you to be different and exchange I do’s in Dubbo! Many don’t know that Taronga has a full open zoo out west. No glass walls here folks, get up close and profess your undying love with the lions. They don’t call it the Wild Wild West for nothing.

  1. Move over Melbourne Museum and Art Gallery of New South Wales

You’ll get a resounding response from inviting your guests to MONA in Tasmania. The Museum of Old and New Art has its very own private ferry from Hobart which is easy enough to get to from any capital city. It’s an incredible cultural space, with an impressive winery and grounds to match the equally blow-your-mind building, filled with user friendly fun art inside. If you book well in advance you can stay on site at the limited MONA Pavilions Accommodation too.

  1. Japow-Wedding Locations

While MONA is a local treat for the true blue in you, Benesse Art Site in Naoshima, Japan is next level if you’re looking at a similar experience but really willing to splash out. It does take a few modes of transport to get to, but it’s worth every plane, train, bus and ferry. Perhaps suited to an elopement or small gathering, splurge the extra and stay onsite at the Benesse House for a truly unforgettable and extra spectacular stay and soiree. Visitors to the Museum are limited to House guests only during evenings, so you really will feel like a star in a Night at the Museum.

  1. Mid-Century Modern Wedding Locations Are Where It’s at

Think you were born in the wrong era and want to throw back to the 50’s for your big day? If you’re travelling all the way near LA, rent a home or hotel somewhere between Palm Springs and Joshua Tree. It’s where you’ll get some killer pics and feel like a dead set movie star.

Coincide your dates so your party revellers can pick up a ticket to party after at Coachella too! Locally here is Australia, bring mid-century modern to full swing with dress ups and a ceremony at Rose Seidler House in Wahroonga Sydney.

  1. Married in a Maze

You’ve found the one. Almost. Isn’t there something so mysterious about hiding away from the world in the middle of the maze right before you say I do? Everything yonder the manicured hedge is forgotten for just a moment. All is still and quiet. (Apart from your heart beating out of your chest, and the bullets of sweat dripping from your palms). *GULP*

Victoria has some of Australia’s most desired mazes. You don’t have to be a horticulturist to appreciate the beauty of a hedge here. Check out High Country Garden Maze as well as Ashcombe Maze and Lavender Gardens. They’re both based in Victoria with plenty more magical maze wedding locations dotted around Australia to choose from.

  1. Top City Pick

You’re a green thumb or just love the idea of bringing the outdoors in? Perhaps you’re a little risk averse and on your special day just want to know some things are going to plan. You want an outdoor wedding but you’ll take it with a roof thanks. The Glasshaus Inside located in down-town Melbourne, is a hit with young modern couples. The juxtaposition of industrial chic and wall to wall greenery is tre fashion right now darlings.

  1. Getaway Gem

Byron Bay might just be Australia’s wedding capital, and with that comes plenty of refurbished venues painted every shade of beige we can endure. Hell no! We don’t want the bride to blend in. Thankfully Villa Rustica does things a little different. It’s discreet and perfect for a quaint elopement. Set back from the busyness of Byron Central, this wedding location is more about rolling hills, time warn arches, rustic facades and stepping back in Moroccan time. Move over sandy beaches, six-star bungalows and sunset soirees. There’s a new kid in town.

Want to find a wedding venue? Start your search today.

Birthday Party Planner - Your Own Magical Unicorn

Turn Your 40th From Meh to Marvellous With a Birthday Party Planner

Using a birthday party planner to make your 40th celebration happen might actually be a brilliant option.

Let’s get clear. You’ve decided you want to celebrate a pending milestone birthday. You can’t remember the last time you celebrated, and it’s time to have some fun with friends. Am I right? Not because you want to cook, clean, coordinate and troubleshoot potential catastrophes.

We all know times have changed. We’re now well and truly living in an era where we do more googling than anything else, and we can find the answer to almost any question we desire online. Times have also changed with party planning. Once upon a time it may have seemed like an extravagant industry for the rich and famous. These days if you value your own time and choose the right professional, chances are it is a better option if you want to enjoy yourself.

For the entire year of being some age that ended in a ‘9’ you’ve dreamt about having the coolest soiree for the upcoming milestone. Alas, time happens. As does work, study, kids, family, keeping fit, fulfilling needs, and LIFE!

Fast forward a few months, you’re now at the sprint line and your special day is in no one’s diary. You’ve double booked yourself, and your husbands away for work. This dream is quickly turning into a nightmare that looks a little like you sipping champers on the sofa, watching reruns of your favourite sitcom. OK, so let’s NOT let that happen again.

(God forbid if you don’t get on this, somebody might for you. Ugh! By the ripe old age of when milestones start happening - let’s say 30 - elaborate surprises can often be of the not good kind and not always welcome).

Party planners are no longer reserved for weddings and people with cash to throw away. It’s a huge profession and they can work with any level of budget and resources. It’s up to you to reach out though. No amount of willing something to happen or quantity of magic fairy dust will make the party appear without your initiation. So, what are you waiting for?

Pending milestone approaches. Pick up the phone and call a birthday party planner. Be explicit about your budget and what you’d like to achieve. Be honest about how much time you do or don’t want to spend so they can work with you and ensure the party squeals the right volume of you.

Here’s our hot tips why using professionals are a better option.

You’ll Be the Hostess, with Actually, the Mostess!

With professionals on hand, any surprise glitches and last-minute changes will be taken care of. You’ll be able to focus completely on YOU! You’ll be on time and look like the belle of the ball. No last-minute dashes to Aldi because you don’t have a wet weather option. Someone else is all over that. Hello party professionals.

Professional Birthday Party Planners Are Professional Trouble-Shooters Too!

Venue double booked? No worries. Your party professional has a digital rolodex full of backup plans.

Budget (Snooze) Management

Isn’t budget a bloody boring word? Trust us, there’ll be no last-minute blow outs if you use professionals properly. We often think we can do things cheaper ourselves but majority of the time it’s more likely because we forgot this n’ that on the final tally.

While we often jump to conclusions that these types of professional will cost us more; it isn’t necessarily the case. A well-seasoned planner will have a long list of stockists and suppliers willing to offer special prices for their ongoing support. These rates can be different to what you might be offered as an individual. Professionals too will know exactly where cutting corners is ok, without cutting quality.

The Big Clean Up

Oops, bet you forgot about the next day with a sore head. Your party professional didn’t. Book yourself into a relaxing post party brekkie or lunch while the professionals finish off what they’ve started.

A Birthday Party Planner Really Is like Having Your Own Magical Unicorn

Last but not least. A professional will help your party go off without a hitch. They'll listen to your demands, dreams, wishes, needs, input, and outrageous ideas without judging you. They are there to help you bring to life your wildest ideas and make you squeal with excitement at your own party.

They might not agree with all your ideas. They do though, have the right level of experience to suggest why jelly wrestling might not be the finest choice of party games, and why arriving on horseback might or might not be the best option.

Want to find a 40th birthday party planner? Start your search today.