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Building a Party Planning Website for your Business

In this day and age, it is more important than ever to have a party planning website to showcase your business to the world. 

Are you thinking it costs too much or that you need someone to do it for you? In essence it is a simple process that can cost as much or as little as you can afford. 

There are a lot of platforms such as WordPress and Wix you can use to create your website for next to nothing. They have a huge choice of templates you can use to develop your party planning website online. 

You need an online presence to advertise your services. How else are people going to know what your business has to offer? 

It also gives you a good platform to develop your brand that makes your business easily recognisable.


Create a Party Planning Website to Reflect your Brand


Your party planning business needs a strong, recognisable brand. Why? It helps you stand out from competitors and presents you as unique. And once you create your brand, use it consistently across all social media platforms and printed media.

Consider the following when creating your brand:

  • Do you have a business logo? If not, then it’s time to get one. 
  • What colours suit your business? A bright, bold colour scheme or pale pastel shades?
  • Now consider the font you want to use. Do you want to keep it simple? Or do you want to use a unique font?
  • Photographs and graphics must reflect your business and the brand you want to create. Make sure they are of a high quality.

If you don’t have the skills or creativity to build your branding yourself, reach out to a skilled freelancer instead. Sites like Freelancer and Upwork can help you find someone with the talent to bring your business to life.


Essential Pages for Party Planning Websites


Once you select a template, you need to decide what pages to create. In the beginning you need at least four pages:

  • Home
  • About 
  • Services
  • Contact.

The first three pages will be of most interest to visitors. So make sure you take the time to write good content and use awesome photos so people cannot resist going to your contact page.


Creating a Party Planning Website Home Page


To create the best party planning website, your home page needs to attract a reader’s interest. You only have a mere few seconds before they hit the back button.

Here are eight essential elements you should have on your home page.


  • Business logo

Display your business logo prominently on the website. Usually at the top of the page in the header so it is in the same position on every page. 

Your website represents your business brand and what you stand for, and so should your logo.


  • Navigation Menu 

Making it simple for visitors to navigate your website is essential. So a simple, easy to locate navigation menu makes your website super functional. 

Ensure the menu items accurately capture the information on each page.


  • A Great Headline 

Start the page off right with a great headline that captures the essence of your business. A good headline paints an accurate picture in a few words. 

Consider carefully what you want your first message to your visitors to be. Follow the headline with a subheading and a few lines of text that is concise and conveys a strong message.


  • Calls to Action

The whole point of your website is to encourage visitors to take action. You want them to further explore your party planning site. 

Link calls to action to more information, your services and contact information.


  • Add Testimonials

Add business testimonials to your website. This helps build trust and establishes expertise. But when you first start your party planning business you may not have any feedback. 

So make sure you ask all your clients to complete reviews and add them down the track.


  • Inspirational Photos

As we all know great photos are inspirational. And people are visual. Add high quality photos of the events you have already held. 

Photos help visitors imagine the results you can achieve for their party. It also helps establish business integrity and credibility. 


  • Written Content

It is important to use a language your target audience can relate to. Keep written content simple and easy to read. You are creating a party planning website so avoid using industry jargon as it can turn people away. 

It is about engaging with your visitors consistently to convince them they will benefit from using your services.


  • Footer Content

A footer that contains essential information is a powerful tool. Here there should be contact information, important links and social media icons so they can discover more on your socials.


Party Planning Website About Page


Your about page is the opportunity to engage visitors. So it is super important to tell your personal story. People like to do business with like-minded people they connect with. 

When you don’t know what to say, ask yourself the following two questions:

  1. What made you get into party planning.
  2. What is your passion?

Also include a photo of you. People love learning about the person behind the website. It will help you build trust as well.

Make sure you talk about your party planning experience and the areas your specialise in. Also let people know the type of parties you love to help plan.


Party Planning Website Services Page


A good services page has to have a balance between encouraging people to use your services and giving information. If you give long explanations about your services it will read like a low grade encyclopedia. But being obvious about selling your services will make you seem like a used car salesman. 

So what to do? How do you create a services page to engage your target audience?

Should you have a single page that has an overview of your services or individual pages for each service. Honestly, you really need both. 

The single overview page is great for introducing your services and then linking each service to its own page. The service overview page allows people to quickly scan what you offer. 

And when you link to individual services, it allows them to get a more in depth insight into what each service offers.


Party Planning Website Contact Page


Keep your contact page brief and to the point. All it really needs is a call to action and your contact details. 

Make sure you add a phone number and email address. Even set up a contact form to make it easy for people to touch base with you. 


Publish your Party Planning Website


Once you are happy with your website it is time to publish it. This is easy when using a platform like WordPress, Weebly or Wix.

Now you need to shout it out from the rooftops. Promote it so you start getting noticed. 

List your party planning website on platforms like Project Party and social media pages to start getting attention.

And soon you should be attracting a target audience you can convert into clients.

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10 Birthday Party Planning Apps To Make Planning Simple

Parties are the best. No matter how much effort or hard work someone puts into planning or attending a birthday party, it's always worth the effort. 


Today is the era of technology, and party planning is no different. Your phone can now plan an entire party for you, everything you need can be found just at the click of a button with many party planning apps to choose from. 


When it comes to throwing a lavish and memorable birthday party, there's so many places to start. Lots of things need to be bought and many tasks need to be done during the planning phase.


Party planning apps are easily accessible on Android and iOS devices. They maintain track of tasks and deadlines for planning an event on time. 


But the best birthday party planning apps for your party aren’t just for helping you organise. They also cater for your music to keep the party rocking. Some will also serve you the best decorative inspiration to create memorable events. All of them will help you create a killer party.


However, finding the best planner app is also a difficult task. So, today we’re helping out with our list of the best free party planning apps. Here is the list of the top birthday party planning apps.


Here’s the 10 best party planning apps to plan an epic party super easy.


#1 Event planner 

While getting invited to big parties is everyone's favorite thing, planning a Birthday party can be difficult. Event Planner is one of the best party planning apps to make the job much easier. 


The app helps you manage many of the common items for your party. It includes:


  • ToDo and Budget Management
  • Keeps track of your guest list
  • Your to-do list
  • Financial planning


It also creates PDFs of guest, budget, and menu lists to share with friends, family, and co-planners and save them on your hard drive. 

This app is available for both Android and iOS devices, and it is free to download. 


Some people hire party planners to make party throwing a breeze, while others believe in DIY parties. 


The choice is yours. In any case, these party planning apps will help you out with everything.


#2 Spotify 

Without music, a big party doesn't last long. Music at parties puts people at ease and helps to relax them. 


Spotify (iOS or Android download) is the number 1 music streaming service option, with over 50 million tracks accessible. Consider your guests' tastes and make, or find, a playlist of music that will keep the mood high.


Spotify is free to use if you are happy with some quiet advertisements. You can decide the soundtrack for your party and get things going.


#3 Planning Pod

Planning Pod is an excellent party planning app for any amateur or professional event planner. The app helps with everything, from budgeting to inviting guests, all managed in one place. 


Planning Pod may be your dream assistant if you constantly organize significant events, or are looking to start a small business too. Some of the functionality it includes is:


  • Timetables,
  • Budgets
  • To-do lists
  • Calendars, etc.


You can also organize seating, register guests, and create event websites.


#4 Pro Party Planner 

This is a great application that is regularly included in the best party planner apps lists. It helps organize meetings, trade exhibits, celebrations, and charity events. 


The Pro Party Planner application was developed for expert event planners. However, it was quickly adopted among beginners for its easy-to-use interface. You can do everything including: 


  • Create a budget and a list of guests
  • Send invitations
  • Plan arrangements for seats
  • Build to-do lists and shopping lists
  • Allocate individual tasks to friends
  • Track progress, and more.


#5 Pinterest 

It's not easy to plan a party that is totally unique. So why not get as many ideas as you can from Pinterest (download for iOS or Android)? Browse on Pinterest to discover hundreds of pages with event ideas if you have a sense of what party theme you want.


If you are planning a low-key party, you can look for "basic party ideas" or look for a more advanced event. You can also look for "fancy party ideas." 


Use the search box to find theme ideas, decorations, flower arrangements. Anything you could imagine to inspire your event.


#6 Planner Pro 

Planner Pro is a fully functional party activity planning app. It allows you to organize a party and plays an essential part in your day-to-day activities. 


Planner syncs with your Google calendar and the existing events and adds, deletes, or adjusts events as desired. It has manual time slots with remainder and checkboxes. 


Easily among the best free party planning apps right now it's worth checking out.


#7 Instagram

No party can be complete without the perfect way to capture it. And Instagram is one of the best ways to create lasting memories.


Instagram is not just for sharing photos though. It’s camera and built in features and filters are some of the best available, and they’re totally free. This makes it one of the best apps for party planning and events.


Create amazing photos quickly and add the perfect filter to mark the occasion. Tag your friends in the photos and create memories in real time.


You can even setup a hashtag for your wedding or event so guests can tag their photos and collect all the memories in one place,


#8 Party & Event Planner Lite

Party and Event Planner Lite is a great tool for scheduling modest personal parties and small corporate gatherings. Party & Event Planner Lite helps you:


  • Draw cost list
  • Organize a to-do list
  • Generate a list of guests


There is an integrated function to calculate the amount of alcohol needed, which is very useful and we found it to be really accurate. You can plan one or more parties and choose your catering effortlessly and efficiently through the app. 


Based on the celebration date specified, your customized countdown will be compiled automatically to help you.


#9 is a simple party and event planning application for generating and implementing your planning and tasks. The app has many capabilities built in and will help your event run with maximum efficiency. You can simply add new tasks to be completed on a specific day and place a "check" as soon as they are done. 


Moreover, you may split jobs into subtasks. The app syncs with most calendar/mail apps. So, you can effectively manage everything from a single place on the go.


#10 Menulog

You can’t throw a party without food. And having the best restaurants at the click of a button is a huge benefit of the technological age. 


Menulog brings the catering to you. Whether you’re planning a small gathering of friends for a dinner party and you don’t trust yourself to cook for yourself. Or if its large corporate event, Menulog can handle your order and delivery without a problem


If it’s something bigger, think a wedding or conference, then a professional caterer might be the best option. 


Bottom line of Party Planning Apps

Thanks to the advent of internet-connected smartphones and tablets, it's never been easier to plan an amazing and unique birthday party yourself. 


When it comes to choosing a decent date and time, sending invitations and updates, and planning your party, you can rely on apps to help you.


Check them out and give them a go next time you’re planning a party. If you’re looking to avoid the hassle of planning your own party then checkout the best party planners near you on Project Party.

Planning Birthday Party

10 Simple Steps for Planning a Birthday Party

Birthdays are among the most memorable moments of our lives. These are lovely occasions to celebrate with loved ones. Planning a birthday party may be stressful, especially if you are not prepared. 


You may find yourself wondering, "Where should I start? Decor or food?" This is why we are always here to help you plan any event you want. 


This article will help you arrange a fantastic birthday party. You can use this party planning checklist to verify all the arrangements in time for a successful birthday party too. 


10 Steps for Planning a Birthday Party. Here’s our Birthday Party Planning Guide


Planning a birthday party for adults or kids is not a piece of cake (pun intended). However, it doesn't have to be an ordeal. Here are the topmost steps that will help you get everything started for the upcoming birthday party. 

#1 Pick A Birthday Party Theme


First and foremost, finalizing a theme when party planning for kids or adults, or even planning your own birthday party, is the first step in birthday party planning. While a theme isn't necessary for every party, it's a good idea to come up with one to make the event more unique and in line with your child's interests.


If party planning for kids birthdays, begin by thinking about what your children enjoy doing or watching. If you are confused between many themes, here is a list of some prominent birthday party themes for kids party planning:

For an Adults party, there’s plenty of ideas too:

Deciding upon a theme is a decisive step for the party. Make sure you focus on the details like  the décor and decorative items. You may start shopping after you collect ideas and look for inspiration on Pinterest for how to make things look amazing.

#2 Confirm the Birthday Party Venue


Decide if you want to hold your party at a specific venue or your house. Again, knowing how many guests are arriving is essential. Whether you’re planning an adult birthday party or planning a birthday party for a child, your needs will be very different.


Make sure of the headcount before booking. You need to have the guest list ready. Otherwise, you run the risk of overpaid space. In addition to this, the venue managers will want to know how many people are going to attend the part.


Try to get the list ready ahead of time. You will want to examine what's available and make pricing and amenity queries. Oh, and remember the theme, too. It has a significant role in the place you select.


Similarly, booking a venue may simplify your planning and relieve some of the burdens. So, look at different locations and choose according to your guest list, theme, and budget.


You can look online for local birthday party venues for your event. You can also enjoy massive discounts if you book weeks in advance.


#3 Finalize Birthday Party Guest List


Finalize the guest list and decide on who you want to invite before creating the invites. This may sound like a simple task. However, it is rather challenging to get the invites out in time.


Set a budget and the number of visitors for that budget before creating a guest list. Let your little one be a part of the decision system to make them feel at ease and relaxed throughout the celebration. Get their input and ask them to make a list of their friends.


When you decide who to invite to your birthday party, evaluate how your friends and family blend. Try to invite like-minded individuals to guarantee that everybody, including you, has a fantastic experience. 

#4 Send Your Birthday Invitations


Create a birthday invitation card with the theme of your birthday party. Send this invitation card to your family members and guests at least one month before the birthday party. 


You can also mention your venue and a few activities on the invitation. These two things make your birthday invitation more exciting for guests as their imaginations run wild. 


When sending invites to your birthday celebration, ensure that all the information is included for your guests to avoid misunderstandings. You can also confirm attendance counts with your venue and performers. Another important thing is the timing of the event so that the guests do not miss a single moment. 


When creating your guest list, arrange contact details in your contact list to have the necessary information in one location when you send your invites.


For perfect themed and custom invitations checkout the talented invitation suppliers on Project Party as well. The extra special invitation will take your guests' excitement to another level.


#5 Prepare for The Birthday Party Food


When planning a birthday party, pick dishes that most guests will love and enjoy. Do remember that many people are picky eaters. So, if you cook new stuff, they may not want to try it. 


It may be tough to decide on a menu for the birthday celebration. However, simple dishes are easy to prepare and usually very enjoyable. You will be regarded as the most fantastic party host in your area if you get this right.


Make things simpler for everyone by not giving cutlery. Instead, offer finger foods that guests may enjoy eating during their games and socialising.


If you host a midday lunch gathering, you may even have some salads, appetizers, and the main dish. If you have a large celebration hire a caterer to guarantee that everything is organized and you don't slave away in the kitchen. Finish off an epic birthday with a custom birthday cake that will wow your guests and show the birthday boy or girl how special they are.


#6 Plan and Schedule the Birthday Date


It may be challenging to choose the date. So, try to prepare in advance. Selecting a weekend may be smart since guests are most likely free from work and other activities. You need to select a date well in advance so that guests can mark their calendars.


It's a good idea to create a birthday party checklist to ensure you don't forget anything. Here's a list of five items to include on your checklist when planning a birthday party. These will ensure that you are ready for everything and anything:

  • Double-check the number of guests;
  • Schedule the birthday party food accordingly;
  • Decorate, decorate, and decorate;
  • Come up with fun and exciting games for the guests;
  • Prepare lovely gifts for the guests.

#7 Double Check Your Main Plan for the Birthday Party


Double-check the main items of your birthday party, such as cake and presents for the guests. The cake is the main feature of your birthday party. When you know how many guests are coming, you know how big the cake will be and how much it will cost.


Make sure the cake looks amazing and has the most fantastic flavour for your guests. Also, buy candles and put them on top of the cake so they can make a wish!


Your birthday party is incomplete without the cake. So, make sure that your cake arrives on time, and as always have a plan B just in case. 


The options for party favors are limitless. They are another way to express your gratitude to your guests. Your party gift bags should contain unique things that remind the guests of the joy throughout your party. 


These bags may add to your party theme, and you can add enjoyable and helpful objects to your daily life. On average, between 3 and 5 items should be included in a favor bag.


If you do these two tasks correctly, you are done with 90% of the birthday preparations. 


#8 Plan And Schedule the Birthday Party


When party planning for kids parties the events are usually much shorter than adult ones. They are shorter and more organized (2-3 hours). There is time for games, food, gifts, and cake.


Plan a few short games to make the celebration more participatory and enjoyable for adults and kids too. For instance, you can arrange for a scavenger hunt or the tail pinned on the donkey. 


When your budget is more significant, try hiring a wizard or bringing your kid and visitors to a bowling alley. Outdoor activities may be challenging since the weather might spoil the enjoyment. Therefore a few more choices are available. You may schedule everything on a timesheet. Plan all games, prizes, and materials ahead of time.


For an adult party, think about board games or other entertainment that will help guests engage and have fun. For larger parties there are many amazing and talented entertainers who can create amazing parties and experiences. 

#9 Order The Essentials for The Birthday Party 


Tick off the things that are essential for your birthday party. The essentials for the best birthday parties are:


After deciding on a theme, finding décor will be simple. Most likely, you've already imagined the celebration.


There are many options for formal themes, such as using theme glasses and tall candles and decorating the site with air balloons. Consider using matching glasses and plates, as well as pink cotton napkins.


You should make sure everything in your venue aligns with the birthday party theme you've chosen. If you are confused about managing these items efficiently and effectively, you can hire a party planner to help bring it all together effortlessly. Investing a party planner for your event is a great idea. They will prepare, set up, and orchestrate the whole event. You can sit back and enjoy the experience and mingle with guests.


#10 Capture Your Memorable Event


There’s no reason not to celebrate your birthday every year. It offers an annual milestone and more reasons to celebrate special people in your life and build more great relationships.


Kids deserve to enjoy their birthday, and a memorable birthday is incomplete without professional photography. A birthday is an indication your child has completed another full year of learning and development. Photographs capture the memories that bring back smiles to our faces in the future so keep this in mind when planning a kids party, or your own party. 


Make birthday photography a yearly ritual, having a wonderful time, and celebrating the hard work and efforts over the whole year. Capture these special moments at every opportunity.


Having a professional photographer for your memorable event is a blessing. 


Final thoughts .. Let’s Plan a Party!


Everyone dreams of a perfect birthday party for their loved ones, especially their kids. If you have been dreaming about your child's party from last year or last week, a little preparation can make a fantastic birthday.


We have put together all the essential steps for planning a birthday party. These will keep you on schedule, if you’re planning a small birthday party or an elaborate one. Moreover, these will help get things right without any setbacks. 


So, get your planner right now or write down these steps in your digital calendar and plan the perfect party for your loved one.


Once you have ticked off all the steps, get dressed and have fun with your kids. Being there is as important as the party itself. Good Luck!

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Start a Party Planning Business: 5 Quick & Easy Steps

Have you ever wondered how to get into the party planning business?

Starting a party planning business sounds fun if you’re like us and love to party! If you can get paid to party, then why wouldn’t you?

Party planning businesses are simple to get going if you know how. But like all good things, it will take some hard work. 

You need a passion for all things party and a desire to have fun. It’s a fun business when you go about it the right way. Planning all types of parties to celebrate people’s happy occasions and milestones is incredibly rewarding. 

Have you often wondered if it is fun to plan parties for others? Do you love planning your own parties? Can you make a living from party planning events for others? 

The short answer is yes. It is a fulfilling and profitable opportunity if you are well-organised.

You will need to be good at organisation, love people, notice the finer details and have a talent for putting together the best parties in town. 

But if you’re not an expert in one or more of these things, don’t fear. It’s all easily learned through practice. The biggest step is getting started.

Project Party has compiled these tips on how to start a party planning business with little or no money.


How to Start a Party Planning Business

When you start your own party planning business at home, you don’t need a lot of space or resources right away. 

All you need is some know-how and contacts so you can start building your reputation.

So what do you need to start a small party planning business? Here are some essential tips for starting a home based party planning business.


5 Steps for Setting Up Your Party and Event Planning Business Plan

Everything starts with a business plan. This is essential for starting your own party planning business. So the first thing you need to do is to identify your typical clients and the types of parties you want to throw. You also need to research the market and your competitors.

Project Party has put together everything you need to consider to build your party planning business plan. If you follow these steps you will know how to start a party planning business from home.


#1. What Type of Clients is your Party Planning Business focused on? 

You need to first decide the type of clients you want to target as a party planner. There are generally two types of clients that most party planners choose to focus on — Social and Corporate:

  1. Social events. Social events cover a huge range of party types and occasions for private clients. These might include the following:
    • Weddings
    • Birthday
    • Milestone events
    • Engagements
    • Birth Events
  2. Corporate events. Corporate and Business party planning include all those events that are thrown by businesses for many reasons:
    • Conferences
    • Meetings
    • Corporate celebrations
    • Trade shows
    • Receptions.

Pick the category that most suits you. When deciding how to start your own party and event planning business, pick something you are passionate about. 

Your passion will come through in your work, enthusiasm and desire to be successful. You will need all these characteristics to be a successful party and event planner.


#2. What Sort of Parties will your Party Planning Business focus on?

There are so many types of parties, you may want to start out in an area that you have a passion for. You can always add more areas as your business grows, but to get going having a niche focus can be a good strategy.

Do you want to plan weddings? How about extravagant milestone birthdays? Or what about kids' birthday parties? It is wise to choose an area that most interests you and that you think you can excel.

Consider the following party planning business ideas when choosing your party niche for your event and party planning business:

Truly the list is endless. But this may help you narrow down the types of parties you want to plan when you start your own party planning business.


#3. Do your Research to Understand the Party Planning Market 

Once you narrow down the type of clients you want to target and the types of parties to plan, research the party planning industry. Learn as much as you can about the industry. 

A good place to start is Project Party where we have hundreds of party service providers you may work with in your party planning business. 

Professionals and businesses you will want to collaborate with on your events and parties include:


A great party planning business is one that builds strong relationships with suppliers who you can rely on. Once you have a network or reliable party suppliers to help you make magical events it all becomes easier. 

Great industry relationships really is key to starting a party planning business.


#4. Analyse your Party Planning Competitors

When starting a party planning business you need to understand your competitors. 

Do a SWOT analysis to get insight into your target audience, strategies and special value propositions. This will help you decide where the focus of your new business will be. 

Focus on setting yourself apart by offering different experiences and services to develop a unique brand. 

Consider the following questions:

  • What sets you apart from your competitors?
  • How much do you plan to charge? Is it similar, more or less than your competitors?
  • What can I do to make my events magical without crazy prices?
  • What can I do to ‘Wow’ my customers?
  • How can I build word of mouth marketing?

Insight into your competitors gives you a head start. Don’t be tempted to skip this analysis.

Once you have all your ideas together it’s time to write your party planning business plan.


#5. Write your Party Planning Business Plan

Now it is time to write your business plan. Skipping this step is setting yourself up to fail. 

If you don’t know how to do it, get online and learn from one of the many resources on business plans. There are plenty of resources available to use as a guide. 

To get you started:

  • Write down exactly the type of business you want to take to the market and how you are going to achieve this.
  • Use your research, create a market analysis to discover the size of the market you want to target.
  • Work out what you need to earn to make your business worthwhile. This will help you work out how much to charge for your services. 
  • Determine your estimated start-up costs such as for advertising your business to the world.

Your business plan isn’t set in stone. It is there to give you guidance and to refer back to when things get tough or you’re overwhelmed with ideas. 

Come back to your plan regularly for focus and inspiration. Change it as often as you need and keep building on it as you learn more and grow.


Setting up your Party and Event Planning Business

Now it is time to set up your party planning business. Choose a name for your business. Be creative but ensure it reflects what your business does and who you are. 

It’s a good idea to check out to see if a domain name is available to match your business name. Ideally, as so much marketing is done online these days, you want a website address that matches your brand and is easy to remember. 

Remember to register your business name if you need to. Now you are ready to create the visuals of your brand. 


Narrow Down Your Party Planning Business Services

Write down all the party planning services you plan to offer to your customers. Here’s some examples for you:

  • Choosing the caterers
  • Venue booking & budgeting
  • Invitations
  • Dealing with vendors & suppliers
  • Choosing entertainers & music
  • Preparation & cleanup

It’s vital to know what you plan on offering, as this will allow you to set prices more easily. 


Set your Prices

Determining your prices is challenging. You need to be strategic so take the following into account:

  1. How much party planning experience you have. 
  2. The average rates charged for the area.
  3. Are you going to charge by the hour plus outlays or go for project based fees and the client pays outgoings upfront. Are you going to take a deposit? If you will, how much is the deposit — 25% of the total price or more?

Don’t undersell your services, and don’t offer too much free work, even when you’re starting. It can be a bad habit to get into, and customers will come to expect it.

Calculate how many hours each item takes you, and assign it an hourly rate that covers your costs, and gives you profit.


Tell the World you are in the Party Planning Business

Now you have to tell the world you are in business. So set aside a marketing budget for:

  • A business website
  • Digital marketing or advertising
  • Business cards
  • Networking events
  • Brochures and other advertising material
  • Equipment & resources

Remember the old saying — you have to spend money to make it. If you want to grow you will need to allocate some resources to it and be selective with the options you think will have the most impact. 

The goal is to secure clients quickly. And if you do a good job, they can become loyal customers and recommend you as a great party planner. 

Also, think about how they can leave a review of your services. Building a great reputation is vital to growing your business.

Following up with customers, keeping them engaged with what you have been doing.  Encourage them to share your business with others to help you grow too.


Start with Friends & Family

Your quickest place to find new customers is through your friends and family. Let them know what you are doing and even try out some of your ideas on them.

You could offer your services for a discount to get experience with people you know and trust before branching out. They will also be happy to share your name and keep an eye out for opportunities for you too.


Use Social Media

Social media is a great way to get your brand out into the market and spread the word around. In fact it’s crucial. 

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and so on are all fantastic ways to get your content in front of your audience. And don’t forget to sign your business up to Project Party. Take advantage of hundreds of visitors every day looking to book party services for their events.


Create Ads Online & Offline

Create advertisements and promotions to spread the word. Use Google Adwords to reach a wider audience for people looking for services in your niche. It may even be a good idea to have a budget for an experienced marketer to do your online marketing for you. After all, they know the ins and outs of everything digital to get results.

Creating branded material to share around online and offline is key. It lets people know you are the expert in party planning, and they will trust you more too. Then they won’t be afraid to get you in for their next shindig!


Final Thoughts … Party Hard

If you were wondering how to start your party planning business well there you have it. Everything you needed to think about to get going. 

With a home based party planning business you can start out small and grow. There is a lot to learn and building a list of clients takes time. 

But overcoming all the challenges is rewarding for both you and your clients. So party hard while doing a great job. And have lots of fun.

Project Party is here to help you get started. Check out all the Blogs & Resources on our website for templates and tips. Also, find Partners & Suppliers in your local area to help you throw amazing parties.

dinner party

Planning a Dinner Party: A Quick & Easy Step-by-Step Guide

Dinner parties are a special and elegant way to spend good times in the company of friends and family. Sharing delicious food made from the heart and a bottle of wine makes for an enjoyable evening. Planning a dinner party is about bringing all of this together 

And of course part of the fun is the planning. Dinner party planning is about being creative, expressing your personality and trying not to stress out.

Whether you’re planning a dinner party for 10 or planning a dinner party for 30, have fun with it. Maybe you want a simple party where everyone brings a plate to share. 

Or think about a themed party where everyone dresses to impress. 

No matter what you decide you are in control so get planning. Whether you’re planning a dinner party for 10 or planning a dinner party for 30 or more. 

We’ve put some tips together to make planning your dinner party at home simple and stress free.


Planning a Dinner Party Checklist

When planning a Dinner Party there can be a lot of things to remember. Project Party has compiled a checklist of everything you need to remember to make your dinner party run without a hitch.

  • Choose a Date
  • Make a Guest List
  • Choose a Theme
  • Plan your Dinner Party Menu
  • Prepare your Drinks Menu
  • Plan Games and Entertainment
  • Create an Ambiance with the Perfect Decorations
  • Make a Cleaning Plan
  • Prepare as much as possible in Advance
  • Avoid Stressing Out with these Tips


Choose the Date for your Dinner Party

The first thing to do is to choose a date. Pick a date that is at least three weeks in advance so your guests have time to add it to their schedules. 

Generally,  if you make it a Friday or Saturday night, more people are likely to make it. During the week is usually hard as people are busy and have work in the morning.

Make a Dinner Party Guest List

How many people are you going to invite? 

Do you want a small, intimate dinner party with only half a dozen guests or do you want to go all out for up to 30 guests? 

Just remember, no matter what, you need to feed everyone. 

When deciding who to invite, consider who will get on well together so everyone has a good night. Maybe invite friends who know each other then add a couple of outsiders. Or keep it to couples so no one feels on the outside.

Send out the invitations via email or text. Make sure you include the theme, when, where and what time. And check if anyone has dietary requirements.

It’s a good rule to follow up with guests at least a week in advance of your planned dinner party to confirm RSVP too.

Choose a Dinner Party Theme

Choosing a dinner party theme can make the night more fun and interesting. 

A popular dinner party theme is to hold an Italian themed dinner party.

Set the scene as an Italian café. Serve Italian food—pizza, pasta, fish, salads and vegetable dishes with crusty breads. Serve with a selection of red and white wines and a selection of cheeses. 

Don’t forget to top the night off with something sweet. 

You can find hundreds of theme ideas in Project Party’s Theme Builder. FInd inspiration for your theme, and the suppliers who can bring it to life for you.

Dinner Party Menu Planning

No matter how many people you are cooking for, decide on the menu well in advance. When planning a dinner party menu, it’s a good idea to give your guests variety and surprise them with some unexpected twists. 

Make a few different appetisers and side dishes to suit different tastes. And keep in mind your guests’ preferences. Someone may be vegan or can only eat gluten free, or they may have a food allergy. So plan your menu accordingly. 

Some tasty suggestions for non-meat eaters include:

  • Spinach and mushroom lasagne
  • Yoghurt dip with roast cauliflower
  • Vegan Indian potato bake
  • Spicy pumpkin soup
  • Kimchi fried rice
  • Vegan ice cream
  • Avocado chocolate puddings.

You don’t want people going home hungry and your guests will appreciate that you thought of their needs when planning the menu.

If you’re looking for something luxurious, and to save yourself from cooking for a large group, then consider catering. Professional caterers could provide a selection of unique dishes made by qualified chefs to blow your guests away.

You can find the best caterers in your area with Project Party. To avoid over catering and wasting food use an online party food calculator to avoid waste.

Select the Drinks to Serve

Depending on your guests and the menu, choose the drinks you want to serve. No matter what, make sure guests have a drink in their hand soon after arriving

While cocktails are great, so is wine and beer and even champagne for an added touch. Choose drinks based on the menu you are serving and make them to your guests’ tastes. 

Make sure you have non-alcoholic options available as well. It’s popular to hire a bartender to make your event extra special. A bartender can not only serve drinks, they can usually mix cocktails and will also help with setup and clean up. Now that sounds like a real lifesaver!

Plan your Dinner Party Games and Entertainment 

Plan your entertainment for a little fun at the dinner table. When some of your guests don’t know each other, start the night off with something to break the ice. 

Project Party has many ideas for games and fun at your dinner party. Games can be a great way to introduce guests who don’t know each other and encourage them to work on the same team. There’s plenty of games where you don’t need a board.

And if you’re after something a bit crazier then play some drinking party game. These help people get to know each other.

Where everyone knows each other, party games set the scene for a bit of competitive fun. Wait until you have the main course out of the way, then do something that will get you all laughing before serving dessert. 

And remember to have the music ready to go so you can all bop along after dinner.

Create an Ambience with the Perfect Decorations 

As part of your dinner party planning, find decorations to create a perfect ambience on the night. A big part of a memorable party is creating a mood so everyone feels like they’re really escaping from the mundane. 

Where you have a theme this can be easier. You already have an idea of what you want. 

When planning a 90’s dinner party for example, pick your colours — pale pink, green, yellow and white, for example. Stick to those colours to decorate your table. Use old CDs as drink coasters and find other decorations that match your theme.

But if you’re planning something more formal, add a vase of beautiful flowers to the table. And get out your best crockery, cutlery and glassware. Adding candles and low lighting is one of the simplest ways to make a big impact on a dinner party scene.

And don’t forget the music, it’s critical to put a lot of thought into music at different times of the party. From introductions and mingling, to while you are eating, to later on into the night. It’s a great talking point if you pick the perfect music and have a few popular back ups in case the mood is dwindling.

If you are after some inspiration for decorating then reach out to one of the amazing party planners and decorators on Project Party for a quote.


Get Cleaning

On the day of your dinner party, clean and tidy your home to make it a welcoming space for your guests. Don’t go overboard, just focus on the spaces that will be used by guests. 

You don’t need to clean the whole house. Just clean the bathrooms, kitchen, lounge and dining rooms. 

One of the benefits of a dinner party is having low light to set the mood. In low light you can’t even see the dust on the shelves!

Prepare in Advance

Make sure you prepare for your guests early. Get all the decorations set up and the table ready. Make sure the crockery, cutlery and glassware are sparkling, ready to use. 

Cook as much food as you can in advance and try not to leave shopping to the last minute. Buy all the ingredients at least the day before or have them delivered. 

And mentally prepare yourself for a fun night ahead. 

Cleaning Up After your Dinner Party

The quickest way to clean is to start early, straight away as people start to go home. Start by clearing the table and picking up all the glasses and load them into the dishwasher.

If you don’t have a dishwasher, leave them in the sink overnight if you’re too tired to do dishes at 1 am. And remember to blow the candles out.

Avoid Stressing Out

Avoid stressing out, you’re meant to be enjoying this as much as your guests. Be confident and enjoy the company of friends and family. There’s always something that will go wrong, even the best laid plans can miss something. 

If you can laugh about it then you know you’re handling thing well, and your guests, if they are understanding friends, will laugh it off as well.


Final Thoughts .. Let the Dinner Party Begin!

Project Party has you covered for everything you need, whether you forget something last minute or your bar staff have to cancel.

There is no need to feel stressed while planning or enjoying your dinner party. Relax. Take it easy. 

Enjoy the food and entertainment. 

When everyone has fun, you know you have been a success.

outdoor party

Outdoor Party Planning: A Quick & Easy Step-by-Step Guide

Want to throw a party everyone will be talking about?

How about throwing your next party outdoors. Planning an outdoor party can harness all the natural wonders to bring some magic to an event that can be hard to replicate indoors.

But, with all the natural benefits of outdoor party planning comes some extra logistical considerations to pull it off.

While unpredictable weather may make it tricky, outdoor party planning can be a breeze. 

As Spring and Summer approach, there’s nothing nicer than having fun in the backyard with your favourite people.

So whether you’re planning a backyard birthday party, a Summer BBQ or family reunion, check out our simple guide to make it a success.


Always have a Plan B for Bad Weather when Planning a Backyard Party

It’s a good idea to have a backup plan for if the weather turns while planning your outdoor party. 

Have a fire pit and blankets if there’s a chance you might be in for a cold night. 

In case of rain, prepare space inside your home or an outdoor marquee for shelter. You want everyone to be comfy, so always prepare for the unexpected.

No matter what, planning an outdoor or backyard party is a lot of fun. They’re perfect for inviting families and kids and pets to make it a full family affair.


Outdoor Party Planning Checklist 

The first thing you need to do is make a list when planning a backyard birthday party or outdoor party. 

Include everything you can think of on it so you don’t forget anything:

  • Guest list
  • Food
  • Drinks
  • Invitations
  • Games
  • Music

Although you may not remember everything all at once, make it a list that is easy to add to. And don’t forget to check things off as you go including when guests accept or decline. 

Check out our full resources on party planning checklists for your event. You can also find the 5 crucial ingredients for the ultimate shindig right here.


Send out your Invitations for your Outdoor Birthday Party

You may not think it necessary to send out invitations for a casual affair. 

But it’s a good idea to help your outdoor party planning if you know how many to cater for. It doesn’t matter whether you send an email, a text or a formal invite through snail mail. 

Make sure to include the time, date, address and ask people to RSVP by a certain date. Let your guests know what to expect so they know how to dress. 

For example, remind them to bring their swimmers if you want to get wet or dress casual in shorts and flip flops. 

Invitations can set the tone of your event and if you want people to get really excited and prepare properly consider getting unique designer invitations for your event.

Find all the best invitation designers near you right here.


What to Eat

Planning what to eat for an outdoor party doesn’t have to be complex. Throw a few snags or prawns on the barbie. Or, make up some delicious salads and desserts, along with a grazing table and you have food sorted. 

Or maybe you want to plan something more complex. When you want to be more inventive, think about bringing in a food truck to cater the event. 

There are so many different food trucks available all over Australia run by some of the country's finest chef’s. Give your guests a treat.

And don’t forget to cater to people who are vegans or those who can only eat gluten free. You don’t want anyone missing out on a feed.

For all the best catering options near your checkout out catering directory. 


Something to Drink

It’s not a party without something to drink. Of course there could be alcohol, but don’t forget those who don’t drink and the kids too. 

Catering to everyone will keep your guests happy.

Set up a bar area away from the food. You don’t want people falling over each other trying to get something to eat and drink at the same time

And don’t forget to supply enough ice. You can set this up in a cooler nearby for easy access. 

Even hire a bartender to serve your guests drinks. This will bring a classy touch to your event, and allow you to mingle knowing your guests are satisfied.


Let there be Light and Shade

When hosting an outdoor party, make sure there is plenty of shade. If you don’t have some nice shady trees or a covered patio, set up a marquee for people to get relief from the sun.

And when partying at night, set up lights to make an impact. Use strings of lights in trees, candles in strategic places and lanterns to light your guests’ way. 

Using lights creatively is one of the simplest ways to create an amazing atmosphere.

Find the best and most stylish lighting options near you today.


Set up enough Seats

There is nothing more frustrating than having nowhere to sit to eat. Make sure there are enough seats for those attending when outdoor party planning. 

Bring out the patio furniture, folding and dining chairs. Even hire chairs cheaply when you do not have enough.

Set out blankets on the grass for the kids to have a picnic if it’s dry. Using rugs and cushions can create a Boho vibe for an outdoor picnic that’s extra special.

Check out furniture hire options to supply your net event here.


Pump up the Music

It wouldn’t be a party without playing some tunes. Plan the music playlist to suit all party guest ages. 

Create an atmosphere appropriate for your party. For afternoons this might be a chill and casual vibe. For evenings you might want to make it more upbeat and create a dance floor for guests. 

Outdoor parties can get quite noisy with all the chatter, kids running around and the music. Head off any noise complaints by inviting your neighbours.

Or, let them know your plans and assure them you’ll take it inside after a certain time.

You can find the best local musicians to create any mood, from folksy bohemian acoustics to rock and roll here.


Keep Pests at Bay

Prepare for an invasion of flies or mosquitos, day or night. These pests can be a huge annoyance for guests, so plan ahead. 

Make sure you have food covers to keep them from getting into the food. 

Have bug spray and wipes available for people to ward off any pests annoying them.


Play some Games

Organise some games. While this is not for everyone, or for every event, it is a nice touch for more casual or family events where there are kids to be entertained.

Consider the type of activities they might enjoy, especially if there are kids attending.

You can set up games under a hose or next to a paddling pool during the warmer weather. Ensure there are adults supervising to keep everyone safe. 

Other fun games are:

  • Glow in the dark painting
  • Hide and seek
  • Treasure hunt by torchlight
  • Torchlight tag

And if you have a fire pit, toasting marshmallows over the flames is always a hit. 

For the adults, here’s 8 drinking games you can play at your next dinner party or outdoor party.

You can find a whole range of games and amusements for parties on Party Project in your area too.


Conclusion … It’s all About Having Fun

With your outdoor party planning done, it’s time to have fun. There’s no reason to stress out when you make plan

Chat to your guests, share a joke, enjoy the food you worked hard to prepare. When planning a party it’s always best to get the help you need to avoid stress, and to ensure you can enjoy your event as much as everyone else.

When your guests see you having fun, they’re bound to join in too.

​​And if in doubt, check out our Ultimate Guide to throwing amazing parties for more ideas to make your party extra special.

planning 50th birthday party

Planning a 50th Birthday Party: A Quick & Easy Step-by-Step Guide

A lot of work goes into planning a 50th birthday party to remember. And it can be stressful if you leave everything to the last minute. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Hosting a great party takes organisation, creativity and lots of lists that you’ll write and rewrite. There is nothing more satisfying than crossing off items on that list. 

They keep you on track and you know exactly where you are at with your party planning. 

Planning for a 50th birthday party involves setting a date, deciding on a venue, creating food and drink menus, inviting your guests and much more. 

Feeling overwhelmed? There is no need to. We’ve got you covered with our Ultimate Guide to Party Planning ideas for a 50th birthday. 

We’re experts at planning 50th birthday party’s and we’re here to get you through this. Think of this as your 50th birthday party planning checklist.

Our planning a 50th party guide will take the stress out of the event. So you can throw the party of the year. 

Read this guide to help you get organised. Time to start.


Choosing a Date and Time

It can be tricky choosing a date and time, so think about the people you want to attend when planning a 50th party.

When serving snacks, early afternoon is a suitable time or if it’s a pizza party late afternoon is better. 

Holding a cocktail or dinner party for adults, then 7 pm on a weeknight may be suitable. You can even consider some fun dinner party games to make it even more entertaining.

If you’re planning to party late into the night then Fridays and Saturdays are most popular. Start in the evening and party until guests are all partied-out.

Lunch time on weekends is also another popular time, especially for the outdoors. It allows you all a chance to get an early night as well.

Make sure no matter what date you choose, it leaves you plenty of time to plan and your guests time to lock your party into their schedule.

Are you planning a surprise 50th birthday party for someone? In that case you’ll need to make sure they are free without breaking the surprise! We also have tips for throwing the best surprise birthday party in our article here.


Set a Realistic Budget

The very first thing you should do is calculate how much you can afford to spend. 

Setting a realistic budget is essential right from the beginning of planning your 50th birthday party. There is nothing worse than getting carried away buying party decorations and not having enough money for food and drink. 

To calculate your budget take into account the large costs such as food, entertainment and a venue if not holding the party at home. You also need to factor in how many people will be attending. 

The more people you want to invite, the higher the food and drink costs and you may need a larger venue. In fact you’ll need more of everything to ensure you cater for all your guests.

So if your budget is limited, you may have to limit the number of party guests. But don’t think you need to cut down on the fun, you can find tips for throwing a champagne party on a beer budget here.

For help planning your budget checkout our Project Party Budget Tool for assistance.


Decide on a Theme for your 50th Birthday Party

To have a theme, or not to have a theme? That is the question. 

It can be a lot of fun having a party theme. This means your guests can get creative and so can your party planning. 

But know that if you do choose a theme, you will need to put more time into planning your party to pull it off. 

Also, choosing a theme before you decide on a venue is essential as it can impact where you decide to hold the event.

Here are some tips to help you make a decision:


  • Choose a fun theme. Choose a theme that’s fun for everyone, especially when you want everyone to dress up. Put thought into your theme so your guests have fun dressing the part and don't be too obscure.
  • A theme you relate to. Choosing a theme you relate to will make it a lot more fun to plan. When it’s a theme that is personal you are likely to be more creative.
  • Match your theme with the venue. Make sure your theme works with your venue. Holding a pool party without a pool will feel a little strange as an example.
  • Keep the theme specific. An international theme is vague, for example, and so is telling your guests it is a costume party. What does this sort of theme really mean? Be more specific.


At Project Party we love a theme. We love it so much we even created a tool to help you take it to the next level. We’ve got all the best 50th birthday party planning ideas in one place.

Checkout our Theme Builder to choose the best theme for your 50th birthday party. We will list all the best party suppliers who are specialised in bringing that theme to life. 

Find 15 more fancy dress themes that are still in fashion today right here too.


What's the perfect venue for a 50th birthday party?

Now decide on a venue. It's an important early step to check off your party planning list. You cannot send out invitations until you know when and where you’re holding your party.

You may hold an intimate 50th birthday dinner party in your home catered by you. But if you want to invite more than a few guests, consider finding a venue. 

Book early as many venues are booked out months ahead. 

You need to lock this in to add the date, time and party address to the invitations. The type of venue you are looking for will depend on your theme.


  • Bar / Restaurant - A bar or a restaurant are good choices when you want a private space to celebrate. Food and drink is available so there is no mess to clean up.
  • Outdoors - A beach or garden party outdoors can be a lot of fun for a casual event. You will need to plan all the food, drinks and entertainment, and picnic blankets so everyone is comfortable.
  • Hotel - Hotels can be an excellent choice. They will do everything for you. You don't worry about a thing. Any out of town guests can book in to stay overnight.
  • Rent a Local Hall - Renting a local can be cost-effective but you will need to organise catering.
  • At Home - Holding a party in your home is convenient, private and relaxed.


You can always cater yourself, guests will appreciate the time you spend cooking.

Foe help finding the ultimate venue checkout the best venues ready to host your party nearby.


Now it’s time to organise the guest list & send the Invitations

Now you have the finer details sorted, it’s time to nail the guest list and send out the invitations. You want to give people plenty of time to book your party into their busy schedules.

The best party planning will go to waste if your invitations do not go out early. So you need to stick to a party planning timeline to stay well organised. 

Choose invitations that reflect the party’s theme. If there is no theme, choose invitations that set the tone for the night.

Try to avoid the boring, mass produced invitations. There are lots of places who will create individualised party invitations. 

This will automatically let your guests know you have something special planned. It also plants a seed of excitement for the upcoming event.

Don’t forget to include the important details on the invitation — date, time, venue address, theme for the night. Keep it short but inviting.

For bespoke and impactful invitations and designs checkout the best suppliers in your local area here.


Plan the Perfect Food and Drinks Menu for a 50th birthday party

What food you serve at your 50th birthday party makes a huge difference to your guests’ party experience. 

A three course meal is an excellent choice for a 50th birthday dinner party.

When planning the food for your party, keep your theme in mind and create a menu that sets the right atmosphere. 

If you plan for the party to last for more than a few hours, you need to feed your guests otherwise they will end up starving. And you don’t want that. 

Where you don’t want to cater full meals, consider setting up a table of homemade snacks if you have a tight budget. This will impress your friends and get them talking about all the trouble you went to. 

But you may not want to cook yourself, so hiring a caterer or a food truck can make your food offerings more interesting. And these are an excellent choice when hiring a venue with limited cooking options.

Keep in mind the theme of the party and venue. Some venues will have limitations on food preparation so check this out before making menu decisions.

Don’t forget about the drinks. Set up a table with a good selection of soft drinks, water and alcohol and ice so people can help themselves. 

Or you may want to set up a formal bar with cocktails on the menu. Hire bar staff to wow your guests with their skills creating exciting drinks.

To make sure you plan the right amount of food, and leave as little to waste as possible, check out free party food calculators online like this.


Hire Everything you Need

You can ask your catering team to hire the tables, chairs, cutlery and crockery and all the tableware. Or you may decide you hire it yourself. You’ll need:


  • Tables and chairs are essential for a sit down meal. And they can help to create a party atmosphere. 
  • Cutlery comes in all different types from rose gold to silverware and stainless steel. Choose the cutlery that best suits the food you are serving and the party theme.
  • You will need enough glasses for your guests. Depending on the type of drinks served, they can include champagne flutes, cocktail glasses, whiskey glasses, and short and tall glasses for mixers, water and soft drinks.
  • Hiring crockery is more cost-effective than buying it for a party. You’ll need enough plates for starters, mains and desserts.
  • Linen for your tables is important. It will help set the atmosphere for the night. Rich colours or crisp white linens, the choice is yours. Let your imagination run wild.


If you’re starting to worry about how you will get everything you need, never fera! Find all the best suppliers in your local area here for party supplies.


Should you use a party planner for your 50th birthday party?

There’s no hiding that perfect 50th Birthday Parties take a fair amount of planning. But we know that effort is always worth it.

But if you’re looking to take the stress out completely, should you consider using a party planner for help planning 50th birthday party ideas?

We are big believers in leaving things to the experts wherever possible. And that is the case for parties too.

A party planner will organise everything, and they will also be up to date on all the finer details that make parties extra special.

If you’re looking for the ultimate party check out party planners in your area here. Find 5 reasons why a party planner can help here too.


Organise Party Decorations

When you are party planning decorations are an important part of creating the right atmosphere. It will totally transform your party space. 

Streamers, balloons and flowers are just a few details that will create a party atmosphere. If you are stuck for decoration ideas, search online for inspiration.

Make sure your decorations are tied to your party theme directly. Checkout Pinterest for ideas on how to make your theme come to life as well. 

Do your shopping online. It can save you a lot of time and frustration when looking for specific decorations. You can also find some gems from smaller suppliers online that you might not be able to find in stores near you.

Where your budget is tight, try making your own decorations. 

For the perfect party decorations for your 50th birthday party check out suppliers near you here.


Plan Fun Party Entertainment

Are you planning entertainment of some sort for your 50th birthday party? If you are, make sure it fits with your theme. 

Book your entertainment early. All the good entertainers need long lead times as they book out quickly. Plus, as most parties fall on weekends they book up their Fridays,  Saturdays and Sundays well in advance

Do your research and meet up with the entertainers long before the day of the party. Talk to them about your requirements.

Read reviews online and try to get recommendations from others who have used them.

Not sure what sort of entertainment? Here are a few ideas that will impress your guests:


  • Fireworks
  • A DJ or a band
  • Scavenger hunt
  • Petting zoo
  • A themed dance-off
  • Karaoke
  • Fortune teller
  • Outdoor cinema
  • Murder mystery.


Find the best entertainers in your area here.


Make a detailed plan .. and a Plan B with a 50th Birthday Party Checklist

Plan ahead. This is probably the single most important thing. Create party planning lists to keep you on track. Use our ‘Planning a 50th Birthday Party Checklist’ in this article to prepare.

And don’t forget to tick off each item as you go. 

It will help you stay organised and cut down the stress levels so you feel in control.

Your list for party planning should include all the equipment, furniture, decorations, food, entertainment and everything else you need to do. 

Tick each item off as you go.

When you are the caterer, you can buy a lot of food a week in advance. Even cook it beforehand and reheat it when ready to serve. 

Checkout the 10 things to check off your birthday party planner checklist here.


Conclusion … Don’t forget to order the cake 

This is just a final public service reminder .. order the cake early when holding a birthday party. 

All the best cake makers are busy, so the sooner you get your order in the better.

Finally …

You have got this. Everything is set up. The party space looks amazing. Relax. Get dressed and have fun with your guests. 

Check out our Ultimate Guide to throwing amazing parties for more ideas to make your party extra special.

planning surprise party

Planning a Surprise Birthday Party: A Quick & Easy Step-by-Step Guide

Surprise birthday parties can be so much fun to organize and throw! It’s no wonder more people are planning a surprise birthday party than ever. If you have been thinking of throwing a surprise birthday party for someone you know, but not sure where to start, don’t worry. 

Since we’re party planning specialists we created this guide to planning a surprise birthday party. Everything you need to know is right here. 

Think of this as your planning a surprise party checklist.

Do you enjoy planning all types of parties? Then take a look at our Party Planning Ultimate Guide!


Where to start with planning a Surprise Birthday Party?

Planning an adult surprise party can be a lot of fun, but you need an event to trigger the a party. So what reasons are there to throw a surprise party?

Some of our favourite occasions to throw a surprise party are

  • Celebrate an accomplishment - Did the guest of honor recently get into medical school, receive a significant job promotion, or finally accomplish a life goal?
  • Someone we love is moving back home after a long time away
  • Celebrate someone who has just left hospital
  • Acknowledge a tough year for the birthday boy or girl
  • Someone’s milestone birthday! We love it for 18, 21, 30, 35, 40, 50.

Ok, now we have a few good reasons to throw a surprise party, let’s focus on organizing a surprise BIRTHDAY party!

A surprise birthday party is tricky to pull off. Not everyone is a big fan of surprises. 

However, if everything goes right, the skeptical guest of honor will have the time of their life. 

Surprise Birthday Party Themes 

A birthday party doesn’t need a theme, but all parties are so much better and have a more festival atmosphere where there is one.  

So what are some great birthday themes that you can do at time of the year?

  • Beach - if it is cold, no one has to go in the water, but visiting a great restaurant or bar and grill while taking in the ocean breeze is a wonderful way to spend the day.
  • Southern BBQ - Who doesn’t love biscuits, spiked iced tea, fried chicken, apple or peach pie, or mac and cheese? Plus, 
  • Plant party - This is a new type of party that has been popping up recently. Essentially, everyone brings a plant or gardening supplies for the guest of honor who loves plants - A plant party is also a GREAT idea for a new homeowner or first apartment.
  • Fave TV Show/Movie/Videogame - Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Twilight, Naruto, One Piece, World of Warcraft, Skyrim, GTA
  • Christmas in July - Christmas is a beloved holiday for many people, but they have to wait a whole year to celebrate it! So celebrate it in the summer and get a suntan with Santa!

If you’re struggling to pick a theme we have you covered. Project Party’s Theme Builder has all on trend party theme ideas in one place.

Pick your theme and be matched straight away with party suppliers who specialise in bringing that theme to life.


Pick the perfect venue for your Surprise Party

Once you have the party theme picked out, now you must figure out where the party should be.

Picking the perfect venue is important for any party, but it is especially important when planning a surprise party.

Should the party be at a restaurant, someone’s home, outside at a park, an amusement park, etc? 

The location will determine the types of food at the party, so there’s many things to keep in mind.

Some things to consider when picking the surprise party venue:

  • Manageable space - You want a space where you can manage the surprise properly! That means houses are a great option. Ir, if it’s at a public venue, then a small room or section away from other patrons.
  • Accessible - Make sure the venue is accessible easily for guests, but also for the birthday person!
  • Catering - How are you planning on feeding all your guests? Make sure the cuisine is appropriate for the occasion, time of day and guests
  • What if I’m on a budget? - For the budget conscious there’s no reason to worry, having surprise parties at a home address are often the most fun! Alternatively, many venues offer free room hire for free so call around.

If you're on a budget it doesn't mean you have to sacrifice the experience! Check out our article on how to throw a champagne party on a beer budget here.

For all the best venues near you for your surprise party checkout Project Party’s venues finder here.

If you are planning on making the party food yourself, use this handy Party Planning Food Calculator


Picking the surprise party date

Planning an adult surprise birthday party means picking the perfect day!

To ensure that the guest of honor shows up for their own surprise party, find out when they have a day off with no errands or family events scheduled. 

Once you find the perfect day, ask your friend to keep that day open. Tell them you want to go out that day. 

Mark the day in their calendar and remind them of the “outing” often if they are forgetful.


Important items for your surprise party planning checklist

Now the day, location, and theme has been decided, it’s time to make a checklist of all the items you need. 

We all know the basic items for throwing a party, which are: streamers and decorations, plates and utensils, party cups, balloons, gifts, invites, food, drinks, the main dessert, birthday hats and/or plastic jewelry, etc. 

But what items are missing from every surprise birthday checklist?

Here are a few essential items that may be forgotten:

  • Lighter
  • Candles
  • Wet wipes
  • Drinks without booze
  • Bottle waters/water
  • Party makeup
  • Fancy plastic glassware
  • champagne/a fizzy drink for toasting
  • A cute background for pictures
  • Party poppers
  • Heavy objects to secure items and keep them from blowing away (if party is outside)

These items are commonly forgotten, so be sure to have them with you. If you’re looking for decorations and planning ideas you can checkout party projects suppliers page for inspirations and photos from their recent parties.

Click on Party Planning Checklists to discover checklists for all kinds of parties


Keeping the party going! Making a surprise party planning schedule

A surprise party should have a few essential events. Depending on the personality of the guest of honor, the party should either be quick or can take a few hours. 

No matter how long it is, here’s a simple run sheet you can use for all parties:

    • Guests arrive by certain time
    • Pick up or meet with birthday boy/girl
    • Text all guests to hide
    • Walk in!
    • After initial surprise, everyone grabs a drink and greets/hugs the guest of honor
    • Sit down for food/snacks
    • Games part 1
    • Open gifts
    • Dessert and Birthday song
    • Eat dessert and have drinks
    • Games part 2
    • More small talk and catching up
    • Quick clean up and guests depart

This is a barebones schedule of a fun surprise birthday party. The actual party will take 2 ½ hours or more. 

This schedule doesn’t include decorating time or the organisation before the party.

Since you’re planning and organizing the party, you are automatically the host. The host keeps the party moving onto the next activity without rushing too fast, controls the atmosphere, assigns tasks, and coordinates guests and food. 

You have a big responsibility! If you need a little help playing host, check out How to host a party.

Feel this party is getting out of control and you ned a hand planning your party? Check out our article that answers the 5 reasons a party planner can help here.

You can find all the best party planners in your area to make throwing a party a breeze right here on Project Party.


Getting the birthday guests to the party!

Make sure everyone knows the address, cross streets, and closest off-ramp beforehand. Put these directions on the invite and send a group text with the info as well.

If meeting at a venue, let everyone know where they can park and if there is extra parking in the back. 

If the party is at a restaurant, make sure everyone knows what name it is under. The restaurant may seat them if enough people arrive.


Getting the birthday boy/girl to the party

If you planned an outing with your guest of honor in advance, then getting them to the location of the party should not be a problem. 

The most important part of getting the guest of honor to their surprise party is making sure they look nice. Everyone at the party will take pictures, so it’s essential the birthday boy/girl looks great and their clothing, makeup and hair look on point. 

So if you see they just put on any old outfit, encourage them to change and fix themselves up more. 

Wear nicer clothes than the ones you would usually wear so they see how they should dress. Or have makeup or a nice outfit ready for them in your car/home so they can change quickly after they first walk in and are surprised.

If the birthday boy/girl is meeting up at the location separately, pick a venue on the nicer side.

If they get suspicious why they have to dress nicer than usual, make up something about yourself that you want to celebrate.


How to clean up a surprise party quickly when it's all over

Cleaning up after a birthday party is no fun, no matter how amazing it was. But there are a few tricks to know to make cleaning up easy and quick. 

  • Use cheap plastic table covers and throw them away when party is over
  • Give everyone a task so the area is cleaned faster and no one person is left doing all or most of the cleaning
  • Use paper plates, cups, napkins, and utensils
  • Have a large tote bag ready so the birthday gifts can be placed in the bag


Conclusion ... surprise parties are the best!

So don’t be afraid to throw a surprise party for a friend, family or acquaintance. It might seem daunting but with a plan you can make a really memorable experience.

Surprise parties are some of the most special events, and the joy on the guest of honour's face makes all the planning worthwhile!

We hope this guide to planning a surprise birthday party helped you out and made it easier for you.

If you have any questions or would like to leave a suggestion or a comment, write a comment in the section below and we will answer it as soon as we can!

Check out our Ultimate Guide to throwing amazing parties for more ideas to make your party extra special.

sorella food truck

9 Best Food Trucks in Brisbane to Cater Your Next Event

sorella food truck


If you're looking for the special touch to add something to your wedding day, or wanting to spice up a boring corporate event, it's hard to go past hiring a Food Truck.

You've seen them popping up more often through Australia's cities and town, serving tasty morsels out the side of their moving kitchens.

Project Party have compiled a list of the tastiest and most unique food trucks in Brisbane ready to cater your next event.

These trucks never fail to deliver the most high quality and memorable meals, and their funky aesthetics add and extra something to every event.

Whether it's for a milestone birthday or a community event, you'll never be disappointed when these meals on wheels pull up.

Checkout our list below for the best Food Trucks in Brisbane this season.


Sorella & Co.

Sorella & Co. bring delicious and contemporary Italian cuisine to the table like no other!

Offering bespoke wedding and event catering, owners Hayley and Rachel are always excited to be a part of something memorable.

On top of their top notch event planning and food, they only use fresh produce, meats and products that are ethically and locally sourced by Australian businesses.

Sorella & Co. actively works towards reducing their carbon footprint, which is why all of their products are biodegradable and eco-friendly!

Prepare for a delicious meal that you can feel good about with Sorella & Co.


sorella pork belly



Bris Vegans

BrisVegans is the best plant based catering and food truck option in Queensland!

Offering catering for markets, corporate and private events, BrisVegans is ready to get you planted with a tasty and delicious menu. Try their faux goulash or their spanakopita bites with tzatziki!

Their dishes are guaranteed to leave you feeling both completely satisfied and guilt-free!

BrisVegans menu will have you hunting them down for a taste over and over again, they're seriously that good!


Bris Vegans truck


Koma Sliders

It's Korean, It's American, it's Koma Sliders! Koma Sliders is Brisbane's best slider catering food truck.

Established in 2013, this slider-licious combo of Korean and American cuisines creates the perfect dish to satisfy your hunger.

Try their Fusion Bulgogi Beef Sliders, or their marinated BBQ sliced rib eye served with sweet sesame slaw, cheese, caramelized onions, coriander, and spicy mayo. Koma Sliders additionally offers catering services for weddings, birthdays, and corporate events, guaranteed to wow your guests.

Koma Sliders, serving smiles across Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and beyond!


Koma Sliders ready to serve


That Greek Truck

Brisbane foodies, this one's for you! Get your souvlaki fix from That Greek Truck.

Best known for their juicy BBQ prawns, served on a bed of lettuce and tomato and drizzled with lemon juice, That Greek Truck is your one-stop truck for authentic Greek cuisine, Yia-Yia style. That Greek Truck offers catering for all kinds of events, and gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian options!

There's a delicious meal waiting for you with That Greek Truck!


that greek truck eating


Go fish, go fresh, Seaviche!

Serving South American delicacies to the Gold Coast, Angelo & Diana created Seaviche as their creative way to show locals what they love the most: their Latin heritage, family, fresh food, and seafood!

Seaviche additionally offers catering for all kinds of events, guaranteed to leave your guests satisfied and wanting more.

Seaviche is committed to creating new & exciting dishes inspired by their Latin heritage, and always delivering consistency, excellence and passion!



Doin' Donuts

In the mood for something delicious? Doin Donuts is the perfect place to cure your sweet tooth!  

Offering an ever-changing array of flavour filled donuts, Doin Donuts is the best food truck for your next event.

Serve your guests some sweet treats that they will remember forever! These handmade donuts are the perfect dessert option! For ultimate indulgence, try their Donut Ice Cream sandwich!

With all the variety Doin Donuts offers, there's something just right for everyone!

Try their Lemon Meringue donut, or their classic Nutella donut! Or why not just try them all?

Doin' Donuts truck


The Tasty Pocket

The Tasty Pocket is Brisbane's source for original pita pocket Slingers and tasty Greek feasts!

Offering both takeaway and catering for weddings, private parties, and corporate lunches, The Tasty Pocket serves food full of flavour, colour, and excitement!

Try their delicious haloumi pocket served with lettuce, tomato, garlic sauce, & fries!

Owner and chef Justin brings delicious Greek dishes to the table at an affordable price. The Tasty Pocket, a perfect meal for everyone!


tasty pocket pita

Calamari Bros

Calamari Bros is the best spot in Brisbane for tender, flavour packed calamari!

Try their salt and pepper flavour mix or their classic crispy fried calamari garnished with chilli and served with hot fries!

Calamari Bros is always ready to serve you good food, good smiles, and a good time all in one!

Calamari Bro's perfectly seasoned and prepared calamari dishes go perfect with a squeeze of lemon right on top, making it a perfect snack or meal for anyone!


Calamari Bros truck


La Parrilla

La Parrilla is the best South American gourmet take out restaurant and private caterer in Ipswich!

Offering a delicious selection of grilled meats, slow cooked asado, wings, burgers, ribs, and much more, it's all served with traditional Latin sides and salsas.

Started by husband and wife duo in 2016, La Parrilla has been filling stomachs with amazing BBQ in Ipswich and Brisbane.

Keep an eye out for their food truck travelling around Brisbane and Ipswich, you are definitely going to want to have a taste of everything they're offering!


La Parrilla truck



A unique, tasty and casual food truck can take your next event from mundane to memorable.

Food Trucks aren't the same as they used to be. Many are manned by fully trained chefs with years of experience who have dreamed of running their own business and catering events and parties just like yours!

Checkout all the food trucks available on the Gold Coast to cater your event on Project Party.


11 Best Food Trucks in Melbourne to Cater Your Next Event


These days, Food Trucks are popping up more and more on Australia's event must-have lists. We've compiled the best Food Trucks in Melbourne for you.

Parked up at them at your favourite sites all across our major cities in convenient locations, adding a tasty option to culinary hot spots.

The food is always of the best quality and many career chef's hit the open road cooking their favourite foods after leaving top kitchens!

Food trucks for weddings, parties and other events are a great touch to bring a casual vibe.

Checkout our list below for the best Food Trucks in Melbourne this event season:


It's Time for Coffee

Who doesn't love a great cup of coffee?

It's Time 4 Coffee is specialised in providing just that through their mobile coffee catering service, and their bar and dessert catering.

They're ready to cater your next affair, whether it's a corporate event or a wedding. They offer a wide selection of assorted sweets, such as mini cakes and macarons, that are also largely available as vegan and gluten-free options.

Available to travel anywhere in Sydney, Melbourne, and Victoria, It's Time 4 Coffee is a delicious option to perk up your next function.



Happy Camper Pizza

Happy Camper Pizza provides a pizza experience like no other!

Their 1960's vintage trucks and caravans with wood-fired pizza ovens makes pizza that tastes bellissimo!

This family-run business based in Melbourne launched in 2013 and quickly became one of Melbourne's favourite food truck spots. They offer catering for events of all sizes with their traditional wood-fire Italian classics like Margarita and Capricciosa, as well as some unique recipes like Smoked Salmon.

Happy Camper Pizza has a tasty slice for everyone with their gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan options, and dessert pizzas if you have a sweet tooth.




Berty&Co provides high quality food and service that will leave you feeling perfectly satisfied. 

Only serving fresh, honest, and clean food, Berty&Co has something for everyone with their vegan, gluten-free, and vegetarian options.

Berty&Co takes the time to make their own stock, spice blends, and relish to ensure they only offer food you can be proud to eat. 

Their menu includes classic options like fish & chips, as well as unique dishes like their corn & feta fritters.

Based in Victoria, Berty&Co are available to cater your next party or corporate event. 



Smokey Boiz

Smokey Boiz is the go-to stop for delicious BBQ!

Available at your favourite food truck park-ups and festivals, get a taste of Smokey Boiz and try their popular Philly Cheesesteak roll or one of their equally amazing vegetarian options.

Smokey Boiz is available to cater your next event with a full sit down dinner that is guaranteed to satisfy everyone. Follow Smokey Boiz on social media to see where they are in the bayside Melbourne area!


Nem n Nem

Nem N’ Nem food truck brings Vietnamese street foods to the Melbourne scene!

Brother and sister, Ken and Kathy, bring high quality delicious dishes that leave you in awe.

Providing both a unique eating experience and amazing cuisine, Nem N' Nem give you a perfect taste of Vietnamese street food. To start, try their homemade spring rolls, fried wontons, and their amazing dumplings.

Follow it up with a bao burger, and finish off with a coconut panna cotta!

Nem N' Nem are committed to bring good quality and tasty Vietnamese food into the Australian diet. From their hearts to your plate.



Senor Fresh

Señor Fresh is Melbourne's #1 gourmet vegan-friendly smoothie van!

Señor Fresh's smoothies are protein packed and have no added sugar, and they come in biodegradable packaging!

Perfect for anyone, Señor Fresh caters to those with coeliacs, vegans, and health conscious individuals, without the high price!

Also available for private bookings, enjoy Señor Fresh guilt-free. Try their Sun-of-a-beach smoothie or their vanilla parfait! Thirsty? Try Señor Fresh!



Street Crepes

Street Crepes is Melbourne's #1 crepe provider! This family owned business offers sweet, savoury, and gluten-free crepes with their own unique recipes.

Currently available in Coolaroo, Altona, Essendon, Melton, and Grazeland, Street Crepes are ready to deliver to you the finest quality of crepe cuisine and service.

Find them on Instagram, Facebook, and UberEats when you're ready to get a taste of heaven.



Fancy Hanks

Fancy Hank's barbecue restaurant serves delicious slow cooked American BBQ like no other!

Serving you free range meats cooked for up to 22 hours in their custom built smoker with house-made sides and condiments by their award-winning chefs, Fancy Hanks knows how to do BBQ right.

Located on Bourke St., Fancy Hanks offers a wide selection of delectable BBQ classics. Everything at Fancy Hanks is really good. Try their smoked fried chicken, or their country style pork ribs!

Looking for a vegan option? Try their vegan plate of smoked pumpkin and BBQ mushrooms with their jalapeño & peach sauce.

Fancy Hanks, BBQ done right!



Food Family Passion

Food Family Passion is a cute and tasty coffee and waffles food truck located in Victoria!

Serving barista made hot & iced drinks alongside freshly made waffles, Food Family Passion is definitely a must-try!
Also offering customized catering for all kinds of occasions.

Try Food Family Passion's delicious pear tarte tartin alongside a cup of their fresh coffee, or one of their many seriously delectable waffle options!




Fiesta Mexico

Fiesta Mexico is the best place to find colourful, delicious, and authentic Mexican food!

These Mexican cravings specialists offer an amazing menu with options such as their tacos served with fresh made & gluten-free tortillas!

Try Fiesta Mexico on one of their beer & taco nights where you get to taste best of both worlds.

Additionally offering catering for all kinds of events, Fiesta Mexico is always there for you with authentically delicious Mexican cuisine!



Crepes for Change

Crêpes for Change is an amazing Australian crêpe food truck dedicated to providing employment to youths and the homeless.

Catering all kinds of events across Victoria, Crêpes for Change reinvests their profits in a hospitality training program designed to bring confidence and skills that can be applied the future endeavours of Australia's homeless and unemployed youths.

In addition to their beautiful social contributions, Crêpes for Change offers incredibly delicious crêpes guaranteed to leave you feeling completely satisfied.

There's nothing better than treating yourself AND doing good for your community when you support Crêpes for Change. 



A unique, tasty and casual food truck can take your next event from mundane to memorable.

Food Trucks aren't the same as they used to be. Many are manned by fully trained chefs with years of experience who have dreamed of running their own business and catering events and parties just like yours!

Checkout all the food trucks available in Melbourne to cater your event on Project Party.