11 Best Food Trucks in Melbourne to Cater Your Next Event


These days, Food Trucks are popping up more and more on Australia's event must-have lists. We've compiled the best Food Trucks in Melbourne for you.

Parked up at them at your favourite sites all across our major cities in convenient locations, adding a tasty option to culinary hot spots.

The food is always of the best quality and many career chef's hit the open road cooking their favourite foods after leaving top kitchens!

Food trucks for weddings, parties and other events are a great touch to bring a casual vibe.

Checkout our list below for the best Food Trucks in Melbourne this event season:


It's Time for Coffee

Who doesn't love a great cup of coffee?

It's Time 4 Coffee is specialised in providing just that through their mobile coffee catering service, and their bar and dessert catering.

They're ready to cater your next affair, whether it's a corporate event or a wedding. They offer a wide selection of assorted sweets, such as mini cakes and macarons, that are also largely available as vegan and gluten-free options.

Available to travel anywhere in Sydney, Melbourne, and Victoria, It's Time 4 Coffee is a delicious option to perk up your next function.



Happy Camper Pizza

Happy Camper Pizza provides a pizza experience like no other!

Their 1960's vintage trucks and caravans with wood-fired pizza ovens makes pizza that tastes bellissimo!

This family-run business based in Melbourne launched in 2013 and quickly became one of Melbourne's favourite food truck spots. They offer catering for events of all sizes with their traditional wood-fire Italian classics like Margarita and Capricciosa, as well as some unique recipes like Smoked Salmon.

Happy Camper Pizza has a tasty slice for everyone with their gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan options, and dessert pizzas if you have a sweet tooth.




Berty&Co provides high quality food and service that will leave you feeling perfectly satisfied. 

Only serving fresh, honest, and clean food, Berty&Co has something for everyone with their vegan, gluten-free, and vegetarian options.

Berty&Co takes the time to make their own stock, spice blends, and relish to ensure they only offer food you can be proud to eat. 

Their menu includes classic options like fish & chips, as well as unique dishes like their corn & feta fritters.

Based in Victoria, Berty&Co are available to cater your next party or corporate event. 



Smokey Boiz

Smokey Boiz is the go-to stop for delicious BBQ!

Available at your favourite food truck park-ups and festivals, get a taste of Smokey Boiz and try their popular Philly Cheesesteak roll or one of their equally amazing vegetarian options.

Smokey Boiz is available to cater your next event with a full sit down dinner that is guaranteed to satisfy everyone. Follow Smokey Boiz on social media to see where they are in the bayside Melbourne area!


Nem n Nem

Nem N’ Nem food truck brings Vietnamese street foods to the Melbourne scene!

Brother and sister, Ken and Kathy, bring high quality delicious dishes that leave you in awe.

Providing both a unique eating experience and amazing cuisine, Nem N' Nem give you a perfect taste of Vietnamese street food. To start, try their homemade spring rolls, fried wontons, and their amazing dumplings.

Follow it up with a bao burger, and finish off with a coconut panna cotta!

Nem N' Nem are committed to bring good quality and tasty Vietnamese food into the Australian diet. From their hearts to your plate.



Senor Fresh

Señor Fresh is Melbourne's #1 gourmet vegan-friendly smoothie van!

Señor Fresh's smoothies are protein packed and have no added sugar, and they come in biodegradable packaging!

Perfect for anyone, Señor Fresh caters to those with coeliacs, vegans, and health conscious individuals, without the high price!

Also available for private bookings, enjoy Señor Fresh guilt-free. Try their Sun-of-a-beach smoothie or their vanilla parfait! Thirsty? Try Señor Fresh!



Street Crepes

Street Crepes is Melbourne's #1 crepe provider! This family owned business offers sweet, savoury, and gluten-free crepes with their own unique recipes.

Currently available in Coolaroo, Altona, Essendon, Melton, and Grazeland, Street Crepes are ready to deliver to you the finest quality of crepe cuisine and service.

Find them on Instagram, Facebook, and UberEats when you're ready to get a taste of heaven.



Fancy Hanks

Fancy Hank's barbecue restaurant serves delicious slow cooked American BBQ like no other!

Serving you free range meats cooked for up to 22 hours in their custom built smoker with house-made sides and condiments by their award-winning chefs, Fancy Hanks knows how to do BBQ right.

Located on Bourke St., Fancy Hanks offers a wide selection of delectable BBQ classics. Everything at Fancy Hanks is really good. Try their smoked fried chicken, or their country style pork ribs!

Looking for a vegan option? Try their vegan plate of smoked pumpkin and BBQ mushrooms with their jalapeño & peach sauce.

Fancy Hanks, BBQ done right!



Food Family Passion

Food Family Passion is a cute and tasty coffee and waffles food truck located in Victoria!

Serving barista made hot & iced drinks alongside freshly made waffles, Food Family Passion is definitely a must-try!
Also offering customized catering for all kinds of occasions.

Try Food Family Passion's delicious pear tarte tartin alongside a cup of their fresh coffee, or one of their many seriously delectable waffle options!




Fiesta Mexico

Fiesta Mexico is the best place to find colourful, delicious, and authentic Mexican food!

These Mexican cravings specialists offer an amazing menu with options such as their tacos served with fresh made & gluten-free tortillas!

Try Fiesta Mexico on one of their beer & taco nights where you get to taste best of both worlds.

Additionally offering catering for all kinds of events, Fiesta Mexico is always there for you with authentically delicious Mexican cuisine!



Crepes for Change

Crêpes for Change is an amazing Australian crêpe food truck dedicated to providing employment to youths and the homeless.

Catering all kinds of events across Victoria, Crêpes for Change reinvests their profits in a hospitality training program designed to bring confidence and skills that can be applied the future endeavours of Australia's homeless and unemployed youths.

In addition to their beautiful social contributions, Crêpes for Change offers incredibly delicious crêpes guaranteed to leave you feeling completely satisfied.

There's nothing better than treating yourself AND doing good for your community when you support Crêpes for Change. 



A unique, tasty and casual food truck can take your next event from mundane to memorable.

Food Trucks aren't the same as they used to be. Many are manned by fully trained chefs with years of experience who have dreamed of running their own business and catering events and parties just like yours!

Checkout all the food trucks available in Melbourne to cater your event on Project Party.

Pepita's Sydney Food Truck

9 Best Food Trucks in Sydney to Cater Your Next Event

Dope Fusion Sydney Food Truck


Food Trucks have been growing more and more popular on Australia's event must-have list for years now. We've compiled the best Food Trucks in Sydney for you.

You've seen them at sites all across our major cities, parked in convenient locations, adding a tasty option to culinary hot spots.

Their food is restaurant grade and many career chef's have left the small confines of top kitchens for the open road cooking their favourite foods!

Food trucks for weddings, parties and other events are a great touch to bring a casual vibe.

Checkout our list below for the best Food Trucks in Sydney this event season:


Pull’n Shots

Need something memorable and delicious for your next occasion? Pull'n Shots is one of Sydney's best coffee cart caterers!

This professional team specialises in creating individualised coffee carts for a variety of large scale and intimate events.

Not only do they make exceptional coffee beverages, they also ensure to be your aesthetically pleasing bespoke coffee provider for your next event.

Whether you choose their adorable Ape 50, their classic vintage Mini truck or one of their more trendy pop-up bars, Pull'n Shots is the perfect addition for any event!

Pull'n Shots Food Van Sydney


Looking for award winning German sausages for your catering needs? Volkswurst is the best place to go!

Located in Sydney, this catering company provides an authentic German experience with top notch food, music, and vibes.

Their handcrafted sausages made with free range pork and the best imported German spices are insanely tasty. They are filler-free, preservative-free, gluten-free, lactose-free, and guilt-free!

These delicious German sausages are available to you for your next corporate or private catering needs.

Luckily, Volkswurst also offers their experience through their Kombi food trucks for those who can't wait to get a taste!

Pepita’s Ice Cream Van

Looking for a cold treat? Pepita's offers the most delicious dairy-free, plant-based, and gluten-free sweet treats that are perfect for everyone!

Whether you're craving some fresh tangy flavors like passionfruit sorbet, or something sweet and creamy like some mocha ice cream. No need to sweat, Melanie & Theo have just what you need to satisfy your palate!

All of their products are made naturally with fresh herbs and fruit with a coconut and cashew base. Located in New South Wales, the shop is open Wednesday to Sunday from 2pm to 8pm.

If you can't make it there, Pepita's is always available for catering and events, and Pepita's Van can be found on Curl Curl Boardwalk on the weekends!

Avenue 22

In the mood for some top grade smoked meat? Avenue 22 is one of Sydney's tastiest spots for American barbecue meat that melts in your mouth.

Available to cater any size party or event, Avenue 22 is a must!

Their juicy, fall off the bone brisket is to die for and one of their most popular options. Make sure to look out for their pop-ups around the Sydney area.

You're not going to want to miss out!

Avenue 22 BBQ food truck Sydney

Dope Fusion

Dope Fusion is the GRAND ROYALE of street food! Located on Sydney's Northern Beaches, Dope Fusion offers catering, delivery, and amazing customizable cuisine.

They have jerk prawns, beef bulgogi, hamo chicken, octopus, and an amazing vegetarian fable that you can have in a taco or roll, on rice, or on fries.

They also offer fresh homemade lemonade to wash it all down with! (It's seriously delicious) Make sure you check out their specials board for some additional wicked options.

Now come on, Honey Bunny, let's go to Dope Fusion!

Dope Fusion rice bowl

Bar Positano

A deli, caffè and bar all in one, Positano is Sydney's first and best choice for Italian street food.

They have everything you could want, from coffee and gelato to pastries and shakes.

Positano is a mobile service, so make sure to check out where they are so you can try their irresistible menu! Positano is also available to cater private, corporate, and public events with a customizable and incredibly delicious menu.

If you're craving something more substantial, Positano also offers delicious pizzas! They're cooked in the hand-made brick oven that can be found in their aesthetic instagrammable van!

Bar Positano Sydney food truck

Latin Corner

Do you know where to find Sydney's #1 South American gourmet mobile food and entertainment hub?

I do, at Latin Corner! Offering a wide range of deliciously famous South American dishes! Eat alongside Latin music and performances, it's no wonder why everyone's talking about Latin Corner.

All of their amazing cuisine is authentically crafted using home grown ingredients to ensure a taste of home. Latin Corner is available to cater any and all functions and events with chefs born and raised in South America.

To top it all off, they also offer free parking (space is limited)!

Latin Corner Sydney Food Truck

Il Nido Trattoria

Come on over and enjoy an authentic Italian meal at Il Nido! This family owned Italian restaurant, located in Wollongong's northern suburbs, offers home-style Northern Italian cuisine.

Come and taste some Italian cuisine from their wide array of options, like their exquisite homemade gnocchi or their delicious parmigiana.

Il Nido is available to host all your events and functions with food and drinks, just like your Nonna's house!

il Nido Trattoria Pizza truck

Ultimate Indulgence Dessert

Get ready for the best dessert experience of your life at Ultimate Indulgence!

Only available on the weekends, this dessert truck offers a number of options guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Ultimate Indulgence offers fresh waffles, poffertjes, and gelato for all of your guilty pleasures.

If you want a little extra, try adding Nutella, strawberry, or some crushed Oreo's and whipped cream to your dessert!

The ultimate indulgence waffle taco is a great option because you can taste all that Ultimate Indulgence has to offer in one bite!

Why not indulge your cravings with Ultimate Indulgence?

ultimate indulgence waffles



A unique, tasty and casual food truck can take your next event from mundane to memorable.

Food Trucks aren't the same as they used to be. Many are manned by fully trained chefs with years of experience who have dreamed of running their own business and catering events and parties just like yours!

Checkout all the food trucks available in Sydney to cater your event on Project Party.

Best Perth Food Trucks

10 Best Food Trucks in Perth to Cater Your Next Event

Barista Honeys truck


Food Trucks have been growing increasingly popular on the Australian event scene for years now. We've compiled our favourite Food Trucks in Perth.

You've seen them parked at sites all across our major cities adding a tasty option to culinary hot spots.

Their food is restaurant quality and many experienced chef's have left the stuffy confines of top restaurant kitchens for the open road cooking their favourite foods!

Food trucks for weddings, parties and other events are a great touch to bring a casual vibe.

Checkout our list below for the best Food Trucks in Perth this event season:


Barista Honeys

Barista Honey's serves coffee & hope in every single cup. With every purchase, Barista Honeys gives back to an NGO assisting medics, veterans, and first responders.

Barista Honey's is the best place for coffee, bagels, and treats that taste amazing and leave you feeling fulfilled.

Enjoy an amazing cup of coffee alongside lovely customer service.

Barista Honeys is ready to cater your next function with their classic Perth beach style van and aesthetic. And, of course, their amazing coffee and treats!

Barista Honeys juice

Dirty Swine

The Dirty Swine's Asian-inspired American low n' slow is an amazing spot for pork based dishes! Best known for their pork belly, Banh mi thit, Bao, and Thai pork salad, you're guaranteed a satisfying meal.

You can find the Dirty Swine's food truck at public events around the Perth area, at their lunch bar, or at your next event as your caterers. Every bite is filled with flavour and charisma, unlike any other!

The Dirty Swine's Badass Feast is a great option so you can try everything on their menu for a single fee of $55 within a 2 hour service time!

dirty swine thai salad


Geláre is the best spot for uniquely delicious and all-natural ingredient ice cream!

Made with fresh milk and cream sourced from their own dairy farm, Geláre offers a distinctive premium ice cream range. It is perfectly paired with their handcrafted waffle cones.

Geláre also offers choices of sundaes, pancakes, and real fruit smoothies. Geláre's secret formula for rich and creamy ice cream perfectly combines Italian and American style ice cream, guaranteed to leave you wanting another scoop.

Geláre's 1960's H-Van carries almost their full range of sweet treats that can be enjoyed anywhere!

Whatever the function is, Geláre is ready to support your catering needs with their delicious one of a kind ice cream.

Gelare Australia truck

Green on the Go

There's something for everyone at Green On the Go! Offering wholesome & well-balanced takeaways, Green On the Go has options for breakfast, lunch, and everything in between.

Their menu items include a large selection of vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free options that are both delicious and beautiful to look at.

Find them from Monday to Friday at Crimea Reserve, Morley, or at one of their varying locations during the weekends which can be found on their Facebook or Instagram page.

Green On The Go truck

Base WF Pizza

Invite some Italian culture to your next event! Base WF Pizza's authentic Italian pizza dough recipe is guaranteed to be the best pizza you'll ever taste.

Offering both private and corporate catering, Base WF Pizza is ready to serve you amazing wood fired pizza, wherever your hungry stomach is. Their perfectly crafted menu includes options like a classic Margherita pizza, as well as a Nutella pizza for dessert.

Made with high quality ingredients fresh from local markets and imported directly from Italy, you are guaranteed a one of a kind pizza experience.

No one caters to Perth like Base WF Pizza!

Base WF Pizza wood fire

El Aleman Loco

El Aleman Loco is the best spot for German-Spanish fusion cuisine! Their perfectly constructed dishes are 100% gluten-free, and available as vegetarian and vegan options.

El Aleman Loco is available to curb your hunger at markets, events, and festivals as a mobile food stall.

"The German", a delicious combination of fries and sausage is a great option to get a taste of what El Aleman Loco is all about.

Check them out on Facebook to see when it'll be your turn to taste something insanely delicious.

El Aleman Loco food

The Spanish Casa

Get everyone together for paella and tapas with The Spanish Casa! This family run business brings together Spanish Sudamerican and Italian heritage through the medium of food.

Only using the best quality of ingredients, the Spanish Casa's menu includes gluten-free paellas. Enjoy tapas treats like empanadas and prawn skewers, and an amazing selection of sweet treats like crema catalana.

The Spanish Casa's reputation is built on exceptional customer service and tasty cuisine, making them a perfect option for your next catering needs.

spanish casa truck

Little Pink Van

Little Pink Van has been independently serving Perth since 2009 with their gourmet organic coffee and fresh soft serve ice-cream!

New to the menu is their delicious range of yummy toppings and wafer cones that pair perfectly with their full cream fresh soft ice-cream.

Little Pink Van lets you satisfy your cravings AND feel good about helping the environment. Their coffee cups, lids, drink cups, straws, cleaning cloths, and even their biros are all carbon neutral and environmentally friendly!

The Little Pink Van coffee


Jumplings is a Japanese style pan-fried dumpling food truck that will leave you feeling full and satisfied!

Available to cater your next event in the Perth area, Jumplings' menu is made with locally sourced ingredients that help support local businesses.

Try their special of 5 pieces of Jumplings served with cabbage, sesame sauce, Jumplings' truffled ponzu sauce, and coriander garnish. It's a delicious taste of everything that Jumplings has to offer!

Jumplings vegetable dumplings

Merlion Seafood

Merlion Seafood is a Singaporean street-food food truck bursting with authentic Singaporean flavours!

Try their signature sambal chilli fish mantou burger & chips or their salted egg yolk calamari salad with rice!

Merlion Seafood is the best and only spot in the Perth area for the freshest Singaporean style seafood! They are also available to cater your next event.

Check them out on Facebook for more information and photos that will leave your mouth watering and stomach craving Merlion Seafood!

Merlion Seafood Fish


A unique, tasty and casual food truck can take your next event from mundane to memorable.

Food Trucks aren't the same as they used to be. Many are manned by fully trained chefs with years of experience who have dreamed of running their own business and catering events and parties just like yours!

Checkout all the food trucks available in Perth to cater your event on Project Party.