9 Unexpected Pieces of Party Equipment to Hire to Make Memories

To quote; “never forget those memories of your life that made you both laugh and cry.” And, with the right piece of party equipment to hire for your next party, you’ll bring those happy (carnivals and fun parks!) and sad (that loss at the arcade!) memories flooding right back.

The following list of party equipment to hire is certainly not unusual by any stretch of the imagination but they are usually overlooked at people’s house functions. But, for a very reasonable fee, they’ll ensure you create fond memories of your party. You’ll forget the dollars and remember the memories.

Here are 9 of our favourite party equipment to hire that you should invest in:

1. Popcorn Machine

I’m talking old school, wheeled in on a cart and with those paper baggies of crunchy goodness. A popcorn machine will fit in with so many party themes like circus, a night at the movies, the 60s or 70s parties and so on. And, you can go OTT and add this to your candy bar for a definite winner for a night.

Side note, interestingly it’s known that 100% of the world’s population enjoy popcorn as a delicious snack. Fact, just trust us on this so no need to go and check that tidbit.

2. Fairy Floss Machine

OMG, a fairy floss machine brings back so many memories for me as a kid waiting in line at the school fair for my stick of sugar. It’s not only so incredibly delightful to eat but there was something truly magical about watching it be made. You literally wave a stick around a tub and voila!

With this party equipment to hire, you’ll also need to invest in an expert to prepare it for you but that will free you up for more important things to do (i.e. eating fairy floss).

3. Mechanical Bull

I know that a jumping castle is the go-to for parties for both kids and adults.

But, how do you win on a jumping castle? While it’s not a competition it’s nice to get your guest’s creative juices flowing with some creative party equipment to hire. A mechanical bull will allow you to announce the day’s longest rider and for them to strut around the party as winners.

4. Karaoke Machine

I love this idea because amongst us right now are wannabe rock stars and hidden talent. A karaoke machine will unearth your groups Masked Singers® and Australian Idols®.

In my opinion, the karaoke machine is the ultimate courage tester. I’ll stare at that machine all night like it’s mocking me and daring me to have a go. “No”, I’ll say. “I need more time”, I’ll scream. But, deep in my heart I know I will give and belt out some Johnny Farnham for all to enjoy.

You will get some incredible laughs and gasps with this machine but not much room for a chat.

5. Chocolate Fountain

I have never actually seen one of these in action but I’ve heard the tales of those who have. Tales of people taken away to Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. Of people succumbing to the wickedly gooey goodness at a Halloween party. And, I’ve never ever heard a bad word from one…

Note, be careful of little wandering hands and your good pillows being left out.

6. Arcade Games

I spent too many days in my youth at Timezone playing Double Dragon, Donkey Kong and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle arcade games. The arcade music, flashing lights, tickets and tokens, squeals and cheers are all important memories for me and I love that environment.

An arcade machine is not everyone’s cup of tea but for an evening it can be an absolute delight.

7. Spit Roast

If your party is going to be held outdoors, and during the colder months with a roaring fire, then you cannot go past a spit roast for the night’s meal.

This party equipment to hire will double as the night’s congregation point. There will be lots of opinions and poking and smelling of the incredible aromas. And, as the host of the meat fest you’ll receive so many wonderful compliments from your guests on the quality of the food.

8. Giant Lawn Games

These are now a common sight at a lot of weddings as they are the perfect way to keep guests occupied between the service and the reception. But, you can hire the following for all your events:

  • Jenga
  • Connect Four
  • Bean Bag Toss
  • Naughts and Crosses
  • Checkers
  • Ring Toss
  • Darts

The list goes on but there are plenty of options to fit with your party theme.

9. Foosball Table

Finally, chances are you grew up with a pool table, ping pong or a foosball table. You honed your skills over the course of your youth in the garage or games room. You then took those skills to your local once you were of an appropriate age to really test them out.

Well, now’s your chance to show everyone how good you are at a thing that they care so deeply about by hiring a foosball table. Not only will it be fun to play but you’ll hear memories of that time so-and-so went to Europe or about how exactly to pronounce the word ‘foosball’.

Laugh, Cheer and Cry You’re Way Into the Late Hours With These Party Equipment to Hire Ideas

My number one tip when selecting a piece of party equipment to hire? Play to your strengths. It’s your night, you’re the host and you won’t want to be outshone. So, don’t go to leftfield with something you haven’t used before. Get that piece of equipment that you can dominate on.

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