9 Amazing Catering Ideas for Parties That Will Impress Your Guests

When you think of ‘catering’ for a party, you likely think of fancy events—but we’ve compiled a great selection of food and beverage suppliers who offer more casual alternatives to catering ideas for parties.

If you’re looking for stand-up or sit-down meals for your party-goers then you should consider one of the awesome caterers in your area who will make sure that all your guests eat well on your big night. Just because your event is less structured doesn’t mean that you can’t benefit from someone else doing the cooking.

Here are a few of our fave catering ideas for parties.

1. Food Trucks

Pick a theme and there is surely a food truck that is aligned and ready to cater your party. There’s your different cuisines from Japanese to Mexican, old faves like burgers and pizzas, plenty of chip specialists, BBQ and bratwurst munchies, and even vegetarian and vegan options.

You can ensure that the food being served up is always fresh, fun and different with food trucks and, rest assured, they are ideal for those party selfies that you invariably want to take.

2. Grazing Boards

There are 3 reasons that grazing boards are so popular at the moment: cheese, cheese and more cheese! On top of that, while grazing boards will ensure that everyone is fed, they are also satisfying on the eye and simple to set and forget. They really look after themselves. You’ll be the talk of the town!

Out tip: check out Amazing Grazing Co.’s catering ideas for parties.

3. Donut Walls

Donut’s are timeless, but did you know that they have been around for over 150 years? It’s a testament to the popularity of this simple ring-shaped delight. And now, times that by 100, add sprinkles and place them at easy grabbing height on a wall. Unbelievable and I will vouch that these are usually the most talked about items at any of the events I’ve been to where they are present.

Out tip: The Donut Wall Company has what you’re looking for.

4. Pizza Ovens and Spit Roasts

I’ve rolled these two into one as I’m speaking specifically about hiring a pizza oven or spit roast for your event. As part of the package, you will get the food you need in line with the number of guests that you have as well as advice, catering ideas for the party and how best to prepare and manage your time.

The benefit of both of these is that you get to be involved and everyone gets to see and smell the benefits of their hard work. You can also customise your food, too; for example, you might go and buy some crusty bread rolls, prepare some home-made coleslaw, get some smoky bbq sauce, or prepare some oven-baked sweet potato fries.

Note: a level of maturity and responsibility is required to monitor these potentially dangerous cooking items. So, maybe consider cooking roles prior to booking.

5. BBQ and Paella Chefs

And, I’ve separated these options from above because, let’s face it, your Brazilian BBQ and paella skills are subpar and no one wants you sweating and swearing all over their food.

However, both Brazilian BBQ and Spanish Paella food are incredible when done right (again, thankfully, not by you). They also make for a fantastic experience in your backyard when you’ve got specialist caterers preparing and cooking the food right in front of you. It’s a stretch, but its kind of like you did it yourself?

Out tip: speak to Brazilian Barbecue Catering for catering ideas for parties.

6. Coffee and Dessert Vans

These are typically more of a one-man van than your food trucks. They do one thing and they do it damn well. They are also used to handling big crowds, better than your coffee machine is, and will have the amount of food required on hand to cater to everyone as well.

Our tip: speak to Pepitas Ice Cream Van for delicious treats on demand.

7. Drinks Vans

I was going to say that the time of your party (e.g. morning, noon or night) is the difference between coffee and alcoholic drinks vans but hey, you drink when you want to drink. Not my business but if you do so, do it right. Get someone who can come and mix the drinks that the party needs.

There Are Catering Ideas for Parties Like Yours!

If you want a more flexible meal plan—or if you’ve got yourself in too deep and somehow your group of 30 has doubled—there are a bunch of catering ideas for parties that can separate your night from the usual box of fish and chips. The above selection is by no means exhaustive but I hope it gets you thinking next you need to serve coffee to the masses.

Want to get a food truck? Browse Food, Drinks and Desserts suppliers in your area now.