8 Superhero Party Ideas That Will Power up Your Kids Party!

All children are into–and want to be–a superhero at some point in their lives. They will be passionate about this too; from Spider-Man to Batman down to your PJ Masks and Mighty Pups. And, they’ll want to spend so much time sharing this passion with you, their friends, and did I mention you too? They love it so why not celebrate their birthday with some superhero party ideas at their party?

It’s totally worth it. You’ll throw a Superman party for your little super dude. But, everyone’s kid is into superheroes (funny, that) so how can you ensure your day will be different?

Here are 9 superhero party ideas to power up your kids birthday party:

1. The Superhero: Do Your Research

Nothing is more annoying that a parent who doesn’t know their Batmans from their Supermans.

Before you do any party prep make sure you’re familiar with your little superfans favourite superhero (trust me, they’ll have an opinion) and spend some time online doing your research.

For starters, Batman is part of the DC universe and his common foes are the Joker, the Penguin and the Riddler. He technically doesn’t have a superpower but more has access to lots of lots of money to build contraptions such as the Batmobile, Batarangs and other Bat-related gadgets.

My point is if you’re little person says that Batman can fly its ok to quickly put them in their place by telling them that he cannot and instead he technically he uses a grappling gun to get around.

2. The Invitations: Welcome Kids to a Superhero Training Day

Yes, birthdays are exciting to be invited to but imagine you were invited to an official superhero training day? Mind is blown. Get out. Cancel all other outings. This is a serious thing I need to go to.

It not only gets the kids excited about the day but it also sets the tone and theme for you to model your activities around. You need to ensure that each child is a better superhero when they leave than when they came in. How are you going to achieve this?

3. The Entertainer: Set an Entrance and a Crime

I’ve seen this done really well before and it’s essentially why I’m writing this article.

The entertainer–a Spider-Man character for reference–at the appropriate time entered the party venue by jumping over his car, climbing under a fence, hiding behind trees, tumbling down a slide and generally shooting his web-shooters all over the place. The kids went mental. I went mental. It went down so well.

When he arrived the kids were enthralled with his tales of adventures and crimes, and, the more involved your kids are the more you can sit back and relax knowing not one of them is bored.

Speak to your entertainer and share superhero party ideas for your day.

4. Face Painting: Make Them a Hero for a Day

Lots of entertainers will do face painting and balloon sculpting as part of their day. It’s an easy tie-in to the superhero theme by getting them to do face-painting in line with their favourite characters.

Here are some examples of simple face-painting ideas:

Because once they know about the job they need to do they need to get dressed and ready to be a superhero for the day!

5. The Venue: Make Rooms for Games

Some of the superhero party ideas and games you, or your entertainer, could play include:

  • Make your own superhero mark (arts and crafts)
  • Pin the star on the shield (Captain America alternative)
  • Superhero treasure hunt (use cutouts from Pinterest)
  • Catch the villain (e.g. Dad is the villain)
  • X-Ray vision (hold a bag with an item and try to guess what’s inside)

There are literally thousands of twists and ideas of common party games you could play online and, like with the entertainer, make sure that the winners are all becoming better superheroes!

6. The Prizes: Go Gadgets and Contraptions

You don’t need to get expensive prizes or go OTT with custom-made gifts here but put a little bit more thought into the continuing the theme of the day. For example, they are on a training day to become superheroes, and, what do superheroes need? Gadgets and contraptions!

Fill your pass-the-parcel with the tools your little superheroes need to level up their outfits. This could include shields, power balls (e.g. bouncy balls), detective pads (e.g. notepads), eye masks and face paint.

And, don’t forget to hand out official certificates do all your graduating superheroes.

7. The Catering: Use Comic Book Signs and Effects

Like above, this is a chance to add some flair to the food table with little signs and new names for the common party food. It should get the kids excited and the parents giggling.

Here are some examples:

  • Potato chips are now ‘Captain American shields’
  • Carrot sticks are now ‘Hammers of Thor’
  • Strawberries are now ‘Super Snacks’

You can get a lot more creative with your superhero party ideas than that with your baking I’m sure but you get the point. And, be sure to set up little signs using the ‘Pow!’ and ‘Bam!’ comic cutouts to call out your tasty creations.

8. The Decorations: Follow the Theme

The key here is to follow the heroes colours and not go out and get expensive custom decorations.

For example, Captain America is red and blue (obvs). Batman is black and I’ll allow yellow. Hulk is green. And, the common insignia here are stars, shields, webs and so on.

Just keep all of this in mind when you are selecting your plates, cutlery, streamers, balloons, banners and so on and you’ll be setting up a proper ‘lair’ for your celebration.

9. The Cake: Get Inspired

Whether you’re going to bake the cake yourself–or get the help of a professional–there are lots, and lots, of places online that you can get inspiration and superhero party ideas for your cake.

Do not repeat this but you’ll need to rip off all the trademarks and copyrights of the big players (e.g. Marvel and DC comics) to get this right. Also, do not be afraid to mix it up and have a Batman (DC) next to a Hulk (Marvel) as the black and green will go nicely together even if the two are on different teams.

Look, keep it simple as well as the decorations are key and not the cake layers.

Bam! Ka-Pow! and Bop! Your Superhero Party Ideas on All Your Birthday Creations!

(Hopefully) I haven’t created more work for you here. You will already be getting outfits, cooking food, baking cakes and more for your kids big day so how can you sprinkle your superhero party theme on to all your activities? Get creative and open up your kid’s imagination.

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