8 Ready-To-Go Virtual Party Ideas for Kids Entertainment

Keeping your child’s attention on a screen with relatives virtually can be a game in itself. How long can we last? Not long. Will they concentrate? Only with bribes. If you want your little one to spend some meaningful with the family you need to get creative with some virtual party ideas for kids.

Turn it into a party and keep them engaged for more than 2 seconds with an activity and, who knows, maybe they’ll talk to grandma during the process. And, to truly make it a party atmosphere, you’ll need to bring in multiple friends and families kids. You might also need to bring some wine…

These are the top 8 virtual party ideas for kids that have worked for me…

Little Picasso Painting

While no expert artist is required to run this party you might want to at least find someone who is more artistically inclined. Someone who’ll dole out some meaningful artistic encouragement.

Get them to share their preferred method for the day–such as paint on A4 printer paper–but also a theme for the session. You could use themes such as family, the outdoors or favourite soft toys. It’s great to get them thinking about what they could paint and to bring an example with them.

On the day I’d suggest setting up the iPad behind the child (if it’s not too distracting!) so that you leader can monitor the art and give feedback such as “why are the cows red, Charlie?” And, make sure to have a final presentation of their artwork with a chat on their creations to celebrate it.


Of all the virtual party ideas for kids, this one is made for a grandparent to facilitate.

Get them to choose a simple baking recipe–something sweet but healthy like a slice–for your kid to prepare and that you should have most of the ingredients for already.

On the day you can either have the ingredients ready for your child to drop in a bowl or you can enjoy the chaos of letting them measure everything. It’s really up to you and your level of patience. Get your party leader (i.e. Grandma) set up on an iPad to run the session and of course, make sure you are around to monitor the cooking. Be sure to bring a good attitude as it will be very messy but also very funny.


There is a reason that storytime is so popular at your local library… it’s a break.

But it’s also nice for your child to hear their favourite stories from the perspective of someone else. A new insight. It’s also a super sweet way to get your family involved in your little one’s routine.

On the day simply get your leader to read their book virtually but make sure the focus is on the pages and the words for comprehension. You might want to get multiple people involved to act out certain storylines or to use silly voices to interact with the listeners.

Rock Stars

Virtual party ideas for kids are a great chance to make a lot of noise in your household.

On the day get all your instruments out–the tambourines, drums, recorders (LOL)–and then choose some songs on YouTube for everyone to sing and play along with.

The great thing about this activity is that it gets your child thinking about the songs that they love to sing to and ensures interaction. But, also look to steer the activity in a good direction by selection songs beforehand so you’re not left to play Baby Shark 10 times in a row…

No instruments? All good, get out the pots and pans.


I’m going to suggest this one but not actively encourage it myself.

I have a very low tolerance for glitter. I can’t cope with my hands sticking to a table to chair where the craft has happened well after the fact. Fortunately, my partner loves to make the mess so over to them.

Get them to prepare for this one. If you have a plan you can direct the activity as much as you need to cope. For example, “we are going to be making a rocket today, Mandy. So, watch me as I glue this thruster onto the main engine and let’s cut out the nose cone together.”

And so on, but this will limit OTT free time mayhem. On the other hand, your leader online may really enjoy watching the disorder unfold so be careful who runs this session.

Dance Battles

This should be easy to set up if you are tech-savvy.

Get your leader to share their screen and computer sound on Zoom with the other attendees. They can find a cool YouTube video (my recommendation is the recoded Just Dance videos or any hip hop sessions) and share it with your dance crew aka the kids.

On the day you’ll get everyone to dance along with the video but be sure to formalise it with accolades and encouragement after they bust their fierce moves on the DF. Kids will love this.

Little Athletics

As we all know, even from a young age kids are ultra-competitive.

Get them to burn off all their built-up energy with an obstacle course that can be easily set up in all households or the backyard. You can tape it out on the floor and include:

  • Running
  • Star jumps
  • Spinning around
  • Touching your feet
  • Hopping

Just cover off on all the required gross motor skills and you’ll be fine…

On the day just run through a tutorial and then let them go! I suggest multiple times for this one.

Science Experiments

There are hundreds of science experiments for kids ideas on Pinterest for you to browse.

Get your leader to find something simple to do with common items around the house. A classic is, of course, the volcano experiment which should be simple to set up in the backyard.

On the day just watch their eyes as they are not only creating a science experiment but also creating actual science. Fun and learning is the best combination! Also, this is awesome if you love answering lots and lots and lots of relevant and completely irrational questions that they’ll throw out there.

Do Yourself–and Your Child–a Favour a Book in One of These Virtual Party Ideas

The attention span of your child is roughly 3 to 5 minutes per their year so of course, long chats online are going to be understandably difficult. That’s why planning one of these virtual party ideas for kids not only makes the occasion more formal for them but, importantly, more engaging too.

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