8 Drinking Games Rules That You Can Play at Your Next Dinner Party

While compiling our list of 6 Dinner Party Games for Adults That Don’t Need a Board for our recent blog we–in the process–compiled a list of drinking games rules that while don’t need cards or a board they are much more enjoyable with alcohol and shouting and good-natured ribbing.

But honestly, you don’t need alcohol to enjoy any of these games. All can be played with a group of people and all you need to do is remove the penalty of either sculling your beverage or downing a shot and you’re all good. Literally, you will be feeling a lot better in the morning.

Here are 8 drinking games rules for parties that will loosen up any dinner:

Make A Rule

The drinking games rules are as follows; everyone must make up a rule of their own and it must be adhered to for the rest of the night (or your life, your call). Every time someone breaks one of the sacred rules they must pay the penalty of drinking.

Some examples of rules could be:

  • No words starting with a certain letter are allowed to be said.
  • If someone places their thumb on the table quietly then everyone must do so.
  • You can’t use people’s names when addressing them.
  • No touching the table at all times.
  • You have to ask the owner of the home for permission before opening a drink.

The more ridiculous, the better of course.

Slip It In

The drinking games rules are as follows; before all your guests arrive for your fancy AF dinner party you will need to brainstorm a phrase for each player to ‘slip’ into a conversation without anyone realising it. The phrases need to be out-of-the-box common but not overly ridiculous.

Some examples of phrases could be:

  • I went sky-diving last week and loved it.
  • I have never eaten bananas before.
  • I’ve decided I want to become a professional singer.
  • I am a DJ on the weekends now.
  • I watch videos of snakes on YouTube for fun.

If you successfully slip your phrase into the convo without anyone realising it–for about 5 minutes or so– then everyone else drinks. Otherwise, if picked up by someone then you drink. Simples.

Celebrity Hunt

The drinking games rules are as follows; this game will be played in a circle with players to go one after another. You might have played this one on a long car trip whereby the starting player says the name of a celebrity such as ‘Tom Hanks’. The next player has to think of a celebrity whose first name starts with the last letter of the previous celebrity. In this example, you might say ‘Sam Smith’.

If anyone takes too long to answer (5 seconds or so is enough here), has no answer, repeats a name or speaks not when it’s their turn, they must face the punishment, i.e. drinking time.

2 Truths and a Lie

The drinking games rules are as follows; like above, this game will be played in a circle with players to go one after another. Each player, on their turn, has to state three things about themselves. Two of the statements will be truths and one will be a dirty lie.

Some examples of statements could be:

  • My favourite drink is [insert truth or lie]
  • I can play [insert truth or lie]
  • I’ve met [insert truth or lie]
  • I’ve been to [insert truth or lie]
  • I’ve kissed [insert truth or lie]

Everyone else will have to guess which are the truths and which are the lies as a group before the player reveals the results. If the group is correct then the player drinks otherwise all drink.

I Went On a Trip And I Brought A…

This is another car game tailored for drinking…

The drinking games rules are as follows; again, this a one player at a time game. And, you can play this game either alphabetically or just randomly. Up to you and both are funny in their own ways but, honestly, the alphabet aspect might prolong the game a big.

For the alphabet version, the players will go around in a circle with each stating ‘I went on a trip and I bought a’ and finish the sentence with something starting with their letter. For example, A could be ‘I went on a trip and I bought an aeroplane’. The next player must then remember and repeat the same statement before continuing with their item starting with B. And, so forth.

Every time someone forgets, or stumbles, or takes too long they must down their Beveridge!

Would You Rather

The drinking games rules are as follows; each player takes it in turn to propose a ‘would you rather’ question to the group. For example, the player could ask ‘would you rather lose the ability to speak or to hear?’ for everyone.

The player who asked the question will be count do from three before declaring that everyone ‘shows’ their answer with the hands. The first option will be a closed fist while the second option will be an open palm. No one can change their answer once placed.

Everyone who voted for the less popular answer will have to drink. Easy and a nice and quick game to play with friends. You might even learn a thing or two about some people…

Kiss, Marry, Kill

Now, we are in proper late-night drinking game territory. All the shackles have been appropriately loosened and things are edging towards ‘wild’. This the last ebbs of shamelessness you can bring out this game (as well as its less appropriate name).

The drinking games rules are as follows; each player is given (it really doesn’t matter by who and everyone can get involved here) three people. Real, fictional or otherwise it doesn’t matter.

The player must then decide which one to kiss, to marry, and to kill. One the answers are given everyone can proceed with cheering, booing and likewise. Look, there is no real right or wrong answers here.

Beer Pong

Honestly, I just liked the picture for the blog. You know the game.

Drinking Game Rules #1: There Will Be No Winners at Your Next Dinner Party

That’s because everyone is the winner in our drinking games rules! You all drink. Yay! The only real losers of the night will be everyone who nurses a hangover the next day. Or anyone who spills too much sensitive information. Or anyone who misbehaves themselves. Ok, so there will be losers…

What’s your favourite drinking party game that doesn’t need a board? Please share below.