8 Do’s and Don’ts of Using a Drone for Wedding Photography

You’ve decided that your wedding is the right fit for using a drone for wedding photography. It’s outdoors, you’ve got lawn activities planned and the scale and majesty of your venue can only be captured from the air.

Yes, drones are ideal for stunning aerial photography and can superbly capture action-based shots but they won’t take the majority of your wedding photos. In prepping your wedding day photo lookbook you’ll need to plan to capture those few unique—and surprising—moments only possible with a drone.

Here are our tips if you’re using a drone for wedding photography and want the best bang for your buck:

1. Do Get Footage on Arrival

Drones are king at capturing activities, people and venues and your arrival will tick all those boxes.

Potentially you could start above the groomsmen nervously standing around and then zoom over to the bridal car arriving and unpacking the crew before hovering the bride as she wanders down the aisle.

The above sequence is challenging to capture on the ground in one go, but with a drone, it would make for a totally epic and theatrical start to your wedding video.

2. Don’t Get (or Extremely limit) Footage During the Ceremony

The above arrival scenario also works for drone footage because you don’t need sound. You would just cut your wedding music over the top of it and be done.

That’s because drones are loud. They buzz and hum and can be quite distracting. You don’t want this incessant noise while you’re trying to read your vows and you don’t want your guests staring up at it. Leave capturing your beautiful words on film to the ground crew.

3. Do Take a Group Photo

Capturing all of the most important people in your worlds is important on your day and makes for a great memory to look back on in the future. It’s a moment in time taken right after the ceremony before you wander off for some alone photo time.

How do they usually take it? Standing on a hill? Perched on a shaky chair? Drones have been created specifically (amongst other things) for the up-high shot of large crowds. It’s sort of what they do best. And, because they can get so high up it means you can do more than just bunch, everyone, together. Maybe you could put them all in the shape of a heart? Aw.

4. Don’t Take Your Photos Inside or Up-Close

Unless you’re getting married in an enclosed sporting field or some sort of giant dome it’s best not to consider using a drone for wedding photography inside for a number of reasons. The main ones being the noise (for emphasis), take-off space, piloting skills and the general danger of having a large object with spinning blades around human beings.

They are made for the outdoors so use them there. Also, don’t get your beautiful faces too close to them. If you want a close-up just go the standard route of a selfie.

5. Do Get Creative

Using a drone for wedding photography offers a unique opportunity to take photos at vastly different angles. This gives you a chance to be really creative and take some shots that your friends and family wouldn’t have seen before.

Some of our favourite shots include you both lying down:



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Spelling out words or form shapes:



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Or living-on-the-edge type shots:



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This is your once chance to utilise the drone and show people the badass couple you are (or that you have a good sense of humour) so go for it!

6. Don’t Forget to Have a Wet Weather Plan

While taking some unfamiliar shots will produce unique footage please don’t plan your whole shoot around the drone. On a rainy and windy day, your air-bound photographer can crash or fly into your guests. So in case of bad weather, it’s better not to use it at all.

Certainly have a few shots and ideas up your sleeves for the drone but base most of your photographic planning around the traditional equipment and manpower as potentially—and wishing you all the best on your day—bad weather persists, you’ll be inside anyways.

7. Do Get Familiar With the Drone Features

In addition to a different perspective, drones have a range of different features that you may be able to take advantage of.

Your particular drone may be able to track your movements automatically, or fly between planned way-points, or take a photo with a particular gesture, or pick-up and reduce speed quickly. For example, you may get your drone to track all the movements of your flower girl for your own amusement.

8. Don’t Forget to Plan Ahead

Which nicely links to my last point. Do not forget to do some planning ahead of the day. This is important in two ways.

Firstly, get to know your pilot, their skills and the equipment. They will give you ideas and an understanding of ways that your drone could be used on the day.

Secondly, get to know your wedding location (ideally, with your pilot) to get the creative juices flowing and seek out those particular shots you’ve been dreaming of.

The Skies the Limit With Drone Photography!

Yes, that header is super lame but works so I’m keeping it. The point is if your planning on using a drone for wedding photography with the right prep and know-how you can get some really innovative footage that will cause many oohs and aahs. So, assuming you have the right location I’d say give it a whirl (sorry not sorry)!

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