4 Pinterest Birthday Ideas for a Picture-Perfect Kids Party (Phew!)

First things first before the Pinterest birthday ideas. We’re optimistic party planners, but let’s be frank. If Primary School is real life, Pinterest parties are in fact a showreel. Yes, they’re a series of spectacular images. They’re also often curated, styled, set up and crafted especially for the worldwide web. (Keep that in your skyrocket if the icing on your cake is melting or the DIY piñata bottoms out on you before the kids have had a chance to crack it come game day).

Most Pinterest party parents have thrown everything but the kitchen sink at their party (or at least getting the pictures right). On second thoughts, you may have thrown a great Pinterest worthy party before now, but you didn’t take the best photos.

Ask yourself: Is it the party you want, or the pics to post you’re after? It’s ok to want both. We’re here to tell you it’s often two very separate things. We’ve got some ideas that’ll help you have a great party and take great & Pinterest worthy pics too!

You CAN, we all CAN, have a Pinterest worthy party! (Thanks SmartPhone for your 4000-megapixel camera, fit with an ultra-zoom lens, adept with portrait mode and max factor beauty filters). Pick a colour and turn everything that shade with your magic wand. Voila! The end.

If only it were that easy. *facepalm*

You’re in good hands. We’ll make sure you’re in tip-top shape to pull off a party of Pinterest worth and to make your life easy breezy along the way with these tips.

1. Pick Your Palette (Or Party Poison)

This can be as simple as a colour, or as complex as the Great Gatsby Grandeur. It might be as jazzy as a Glitterati party or as tasty as a donut derby. Get our drift? There are no rules to break. You’re not running the country, it’s mums (n’ dads in charge). Think colours, textures, characters, icons, landscapes, holiday destinations, a favourite food. The Pinterest birthday ideas list is a never-ending story (a theme in itself)!

Before you crack the winning code for the upcoming birthday bae, agree on a top 3. This way, the little ones get some input, but you’ll have some time to crunch some serious numbers. You’ll have the space to think about what it will take from you and your wallet to bring it to life. There will be a long list of pros and cons, and it’s the job of the mummy’s and the pappa’s to figure out the front runner.

Disclaimer Numero Uno: Generally speaking, most things ‘on trend’ or ‘in fashion’ will set you back more than you bargained for. Stay creative and clear of blockbuster movie characters if you’re trying to stick to a budget.

2. Tighten the Space Reigns

For Pinterest worthy pics, it’s without a doubt best to set up a special party station. By all means, if you want to turn your 5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 story treehouse into a jungle be our guest. Experience and common sense tell us, the better-on-budget option will be to set up a small section of the house (or the yard). That’ll help you stick to the theme like glue, rather than turning your whole home into the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. You’re cleaning bill will thank us in the morning too!

You might’ve noticed, Pinterest in 2 dimensions. What you’re looking at is usually a special scene set up or a table topped tickety boo with all the decorations. It’s not a 3D virtual tour of complete premises. So we say, GO THEME HARD and HEAVY, but in a confined space.

After the invites are out, your confined space is ready to be designed full of themed paraphernalia to match. From special drinks and decorations to serviettes and sweet treats, and from tablecloths to the cake and from games to the goodie bags!

3. Don’t Do It Without Dress Ups!

TOP PINTEREST BIRTHDAY IDEAS ALERT! Let the guests’ parents do some hard yards. That’ll yield brilliant results in your favour. A swarm of miniature cowboys and Indians running around is really going to bring to life the Wild Wild West in your backyard filled with hay bales. Likewise, a Frozen harem of Princess Elsas is certainly going to make your ice sculpture centrepiece stand out a little more. Bring some lightness to the shade and request any adults attending to be in theme too. It’s a nice way to lighten the mood and a gentle way to lighten the adult cling-ons too 😉

4. Get Your Party Pics Pinterest Perfect

Stop trying to do everything yourself! Outsource, outsource! Get the sweet sixteen-year-old next door to be the designated party photographer. Chances are they know how to move their way around your smartphone better than you do (and may have some Pinterest birthday ideas as well). Or better yet, they have the latest and greatest tech while you’re still supporting your husband’s hand-me-down handset. Kids these days talk in images and emojis, so they’re adept in capturing moments that you’ll want to share.

Make sure to get some snaps before the wildlings arrive. Brief the photographer to snap all the party details before the kids get their grubby mitts on the cupcake tower or pull down your tinsel curtain handy work.

Don’t forget, fill the photographer in on the running order of cake cutting and game playing so they don’t miss the key moments like blowing out the candles.

Now Go Forth and Get Your Pinterest Birthday Ideas on the Best Pinterest Prettiest Pinboards

The best kids photos are the ones that consider the kid’s eye view. So, take photos from different angles to keep it fun! And, get creative with your shots, getting up high or hiding and surprising people are en vogue and will always produce some super fun shots. In short, be silly and creative.

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