17 Easy-to-Make DIY Photo Booth Props & Accessories

The photo booth at a wedding has a natural gravitational force that pulls in the most reserved of guests and transforms them into a rockstar. So, if you want to set up your own magical photo booth then you’ll need a bunch of photo booth props that your friends and family can fight over.

If you’re looking to set up your own photo booth—and you can outsource it—note that less is more with your props. You certainly don’t need all of the following items as it would take you a long ass time to make so just focus on a few different items and things that can connect guests to the newlyweds.

Here are 17 photo booth props and accessories that you can make, or find, at home:

Setting up Your Photo Booth Space

A photo booth needs to own a dedicated area of space at your wedding venue. Your guests will enter and gasp at the dinner settings, delicious wedding cake and the assortment of photo booth props.

To set up your photo booth you’ll need:

1. A Backdrop

You could do as far as a decorative privacy screen, or up-styled old doors, or keep it as simple as multi-coloured streamers on a string. You just need a pretty backdrop for your guest’s photos.

2. Signage and Decorations

You could consider a ‘Selfie Zone’ sign pointing to the booth surrounded by colourful bunting, balloons, flowers and decorative fans in your wedding theme. Keep it classy AF of course.

3. Frames

I don’t know what it is about the human psyche but nothing feels more real than peering through a photo frame for a photo. Double photo glory. Get an old frame and spray it or go all out and make your own Insty style border.

4. An Old Suit-Case

Taking a photo at a booth really brings out the kid in all of us. For me, nothing is more satisfying than sifting through a tub of lego to find that yellow block you need. The same feeling can be made here where people can fist through an old suit-case to find that twirly moustache required.

5. A Polaroid Camera and Memory Book

A standard digital camera on a tripod with a timer is key to capture the thousands of pouts, smiles and tongues but it is nice to keep a Polaroid on hand for people to paste their moment on the night and write a comment next to it. It will also fit in perfectly with your retro/kitsch theme.

Photo Booth Dress Ups

Once you have your photo booth setup locked and loaded next you’ll need to provide the zany dress-ups! And, chances are your guests have spent a fair deal of money—or at least time—on their looks so they won’t be keen to get messed up with wigs and hats.
Instead, you’ll need:

  • Good stock cardboard (colourful and glittery preferred)
  • A bunch of printable stencils (check out Pinterest)
  • A glue gun
  • A pair of scissors
  • A bag of skewers or sturdier sticks.

Then get cracking on your ‘props on a stick’ creations. Here are my suggestions:

6. Hats and Hair

As mentioned, your guests won’t actually want to put on a wig at the risk of messing up their fantastic hair. Crate some mullets, big do’s, clown mops, ponytails, top hats and the like for them to use.

7. Lips

Lips are an absolute must. I’m actually questioning whether this should be above hats and hair now… Regardless, think big red lips, mouths open and tongues out. Bring out the Jagger in all your crew.

8. Bowties

A good proportion of your guests will (or should) be wearing a bowtie or tie so you can get creative here with wild and bright colours to hide their boring black or blue jobs.

9. Moustaches

Unlike bowties, moustaches will (or should) be lacking in your guests unless you’re getting married later in life or have a lot of hipster friends. So many options though to go with from long and twirly, droopy handlebars, long bears, goaties, black, white and grey. Keep them all party-appropriate, please.

10. Glasses

Finally, for this list, the only item I’d suggest you could consider going out and buying from Vinnies or a $2 shop would be glasses. You could spray them all in one colour (gold, of course) and they’d look awesome. Alternatively, you could go the stencil route but maybe with three eyes

Photo Booth Props and Accessories

Your dress-ups are really only as good as their accessories! These next items will help your guests to display their actual moods and dreams. You can go with a mix of cutouts and actual items here but less is more and only a handful of people will be in one shot at a time.

Here are some popular props I’ve seen:

11. Microphones and Instruments

Let’s get all your hidden Beyonce’s on their microphones and Slash’s on their guitars. BE AWARE, these props may end up on the dancefloor later in the night.

12. Champagne Bottles

You will want to go with big-name brands and bottles only here e.g. the Veuves and the Moëts. Actually, a bottle of Passion Pop might go down a treat…

13. Fans and Umbrellas

Nothing says ‘I am a sophisticated individual’ more than holding an umbrella or fan over your head. It’s timeless and classy and that’s what you want your wedding to be.

14. Big Gloves and Bunny Ears

Do you know those big #1 gloves that people wear to baseball games? Order that along with some bunny ears, or antlers or alien antenna online.

15. Cameras, Mobiles, Cupcakes, Ice Creams, Pipes etc.

You get the point. There is really a million things that could work here. If the bride or groom work in construction then maybe some tools could work but cameras and mobile phones will be popular.

Photo Booth Moods and Emotions

Finally, not sure if you’re aware but a photo is just a still. A moment in time. Is that person actually having fun? What exactly are they thinking? You can help them display their inner emotions with a speech bubble or emoji.

Here are a couple of thoughts for the most dedicated of photo boothers:

16. Speech Bubbles, Memes and Likes

Give people the chance to have a laugh at the expense (literally) of the newlyweds with a speech bubble that states ‘only here for the cake’ or just a chance to shout out their names.

17. Emoji Faces

I will admit that I’ve only seen this online but you could consider some simple emoji faces. You don’t want people hiding behind them but they do look cool to hold.

Get Your Wedding Crew Together to Create Your Photo Booth Props

You can spend as much or as little time as you have with your wedding preparations on creating photo booth props and accessories. My tip, get your wedding party together for a ‘crafternoon’ to have a few drinks, a good laugh and everyone on the scissors. Everyone will share some great ideas.

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