11 Perfect Pinterest-Worthy First Birthday Party Themes

Let’s face it, your super sweet baby’s first birthday party isn’t really for them. Darn-it, you survived a year! You earned this shindig! Which is why when your browsing for first birthday party themes and ideas you should (our little secret) really make it all about you and your Pinterest feed.

Just jokes (mmm, aha, yeah?) but planning a party for a little one’s very first trip around the sun is about photo-opportunities. You will want your little ray of sunshine to literally look like a little ray of sunshine or something equally as cute for their big day.

So here are our favourite cutesy first birthday party themes to inspire you:

1. Donut Grow Up

Cake smashing is out and baby doughnuts are in.

Not only is this theme ridiculously quick and easy to pull off but you’ll also save a tonne of money by opting for doughnuts instead of a cake. On top of the dessert items, you’ll just need a lot of balloons, lots of bright pastel colours and doughnut related partyware.


2. Boho Baby

Okay, for our first birthday party themes this idea is aimed more at the mummies.

For this theme gold, mint and coral are the types of colours you’ll want to build your set around. I’m thinking lots of flowers, rustic pieces, fresh fruits and pretty white materials. And we’ve thought about the nap/play situation and you should definitely invest in a small tent for the baby.


3. Some Bunny’s One

Adorable play on words? Check! Cute bunny-ear headbands? Sure! Knocking out Easter and a first birthday all on one go? Why not!

Though this theme tends more toward little girls than boys, it still might be a fun idea for all. Get a bit earthy with the decor and the foods but this is your time to shine with an over the top and multi-layered cake with a smaller version for smash time.


4. Perfect Little Princess Party

Of course, she’s your little princess! She has been since before she was born!

Show everyone just how cute and adorable your little princess is with this perfect little princess theme and let everybody sparkle! Start with pink and then add tutus, tiaras, cupcakes and elaborate candle wear (haha). You’ll need all the little men to be princes or let them get involved too.


5. Never Grow Up

Just because he’s turning one doesn’t mean he can’t have a good time with this Peter Pan theme! He won’t get it but you will!

The boy who never grows up can have all kinds of wild boy fun with this great boy-centred birthday theme! This is one of the most fun first birthday party themes in that it combines the forest (i.e.. greens, florals and woods) with pirates (i.e. golds, boats and skull and crossbones).


6. Our Little Dino

Because come on… what kid doesn’t love dinosaurs?

Both little boys and girls love big adventures, and this “dino”-mite dinosaur theme is perfect for cake-smashes and messy fun! Get the sandpit out for a dino dig and put dino footprints on the ground and you could have herbivores and carnivores labelled food and… you get the idea.


7. A Rockin’ Good Time!

Okay, this one may turn into a good theme for the grown-ups, but even if your little one just wants to dance, this one’s perfect! They can be the star of their own show (because you know in their minds they already are) and rock out with this vintage-style rocker theme, whether Mum and Dad want to go retro-50s or rock out 80s hair-band style! Dads LOVE this one!


8. Sugar Pie Honey Bunch

Everyone knows how sweet your little one is, whether a boy or a girl.

Why not take the simplest route possible and save yourself some hassle, Mumma, with this sweetie-themed cake party idea! Get yourself–or a professional–baking and make sure there are lots of old-style lollies filled glassware around. Sugar-laden overdose is the idea here…


9. Into The Wild

You’ll go wild for this wilderness-themed birthday!

Perfect for the warmer months, everyone will love this one for the outdoorsy appeal! Woodland animals (Aussie or overseas is all good), tree and cubby houses for the older kids and the opportunity to get twiddling and carving on some twigs and bark for signage for Dad.


10. Enchanted

Sprinkle her special day with fairy dust and glitter when you go with a pixie or woodland fairy theme!

Cute, fun, and the perfect pastel theme for your little Tinkerbelle’s big day! There is nothing more timeless–and nothing will get more smiles–than your little cherub in fairy wings. Use that image as the base and build your theme around it. Annoy everyone with OTT glitter usage!


11. My Little Monster

Some kids just love when things are a little spooky as well as silly!

A monster theme is perfect for a Halloween birthday, or any little one who doesn’t think monsters are scary because monsters are cool! It’s the perfect opportunity for you to get silly and creative with the decorations and partyware. Bright, bubbly and crazy are the go!


Bring out the Kid in You When Choosing Your First Birthday Party Themes

You will end up spending a good amount of time setting up your child’s first birthday party themes so you might as well make it as fun as possible. Think of a party theme that you’d enjoy and get as creative as possible. You won’t regret it at all.

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