10 Reasons Why You Must Hire a DJ for a Wedding

The dance floor is the perfect place for you, your partner and close friends and family to shake off all the hard work you’ve put into your hard-work planning your big day. You’ll just want to grab a drink, close your eyes and forget about all your worries which is why you must hire a DJ for a wedding (spoiler).

Want to justify your investment? Here are 10 reasons why you must hire a DJ for a wedding:

1. They Have a Deep Musical Knowledge

Unbelievably, the DJs job is solely to make sure that people have an awesome experience at weddings and events. And, they do this “job” every weekend for couples just like you.

In their “off-time” they listen to the latest hits and the golden oldies preparing for all types of people from different backgrounds to ensure they can get any wallflower shaking their butt.

My point is that cousin Julie has a full-time job and—no offence Julie—limited knowledge of music. She likes what she likes and good on her. But, your DJ would have heard thousands of songs and requests and they would know what works best for every situation.

2. They Have All The DJ Equipment

Yes, obviously when you hire a DJ for a wedding you’ll expect that it includes their gear.

It’s the alternative I want you to think about… If you don’t have a DJ you’ll at least need to get some decent speakers to rock the crowd as unfortunately you UE Boom won’t suffice. Additionally, more hire gear means lugging around more hire gear which is both painful to your friends and your back.

3. They Have Lighting and Other Cool Things

I don’t think people appreciate the impact good lighting has on people’s moods and actions. A good dancefloor provides people with the opportunity to break free from their personalities and become their inner rockstar. No one can do this under some old fluorescent lighting.

A good DJ wants to create a great experience for you. They’ve invested in tools such as lighting, laser shows, smoke machines and so on so that you’ll be given an unforgettable night and not just a bunch of songs that you like to listen to.

4. They Will Free up Your Party Planning Time

If you’re planning your wedding I’m sure that you have a list of tasks that need to be checked off before the big day. Don’t make that list longer by creating a playlist of tracks to fill the hours of dancefloor time.

Hire a wedding DJ for a wedding and leave it to the expert to deal with.

5. They Will Be Professionalism and Attire

A DJ is no longer a scruffy dude in a sweatsuit hunkered by a box of records or CDs. They are one of your professional wedding party team members ready to hit the theme and tone of your night. They are willing to behave and dress as you require so get them on board early to prepare.

6. They Can Deal with Requests

In personally running your music then requests will be your biggest bugbear. No, you don’t want to hear your uncles favourite Aerosmith song. No, you don’t want to hear Britney for the second time. No, you’ve never heard of that new club banger your 17-year-old cousin loves at the moment.

Leave the no-ing, yep-sureing and sorry-i-can’t-hear-youing to a professional DJ.

7. They Can Help With Your First Dance

The first dance with your new partner for life is—in my opinion—the biggest part of the day.

Just you and your boo on the floor in front of everyone either cutting out some rehearsed moves and just hitting some feelings. It can be scary and confronting but of course exciting and exhilarating and you don’t want to think about anything else apart from your partner.

You can make sure it’s seamless by getting your DJ involved with the planning and execution of your first dance and they can help with any other activities you might want to run during the night as well.

8. They Will Read the Crowd’s Response

As I write this I like to think of myself as an amateur DJ.

I certainly wouldn’t take over the duties but at a few backyard events, I’ve been happy to run some tunes for everyone. What have I learnt? Big groups of people come with a big load of opinions and preferences. This is fine, everyone likes what they like so I get it. But, if the majority of your group are looking for a place to seat when a certain song comes on then you’re not hitting the mark.

When you hire a DJ for a wedding they will certainly be keen to hear your songs choices but they will also be ready to save the day at the decks when things don’t hit the right beat.

9. They Can Be the Master of Ceremonies

As mentioned, DJs are seasoned professional, have all the AV gear required to run a wedding at their fingertips, have seen all the ups and downs or weddings over the years and have the added benefit of being totally sober. They are a wedding MC dream come true.

Even if you want a good friend to run the majority of your wedding you can still employ the DJ to do the bits and pieces of corralling the crowd off and on the dance floor. This will free up your mate to do the important jobs like being your personal beverage carrier.

10. They Are the Last Person Standing

In my history of attending weddings, I’ve never met a DJ on the clock.

That’s not to say their time is free—it’s not and it’s their time is important—but I’m sure if no other plans then for a negotiated hourly fee they will be willing to stay and party until the last party-goer is finished dancing. No need to put your playlist on backup in case you want to kick on!

It’s Really a No-Brainer… You Must Hire a DJ for a Wedding

I’ve capped this article at 10 reasons but really there are plenty more reasons why you should hire a DJ for a wedding. This is really a case of factoring in your investment and consideration of your personal sanity and enjoyment on what will be the biggest day of your life.

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